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10 Local Businesses to Partner With to Find Coaching Clients

Last updated on June 6, 2023

As life and health coaches, much of our business is spent customizing programs for our clients and continuing to gain knowledge and expertise. The other part of our business? Finding new and prospective clients. 

One of my favorite ways to find clients is by networking with other companies in the health and wellness industry and those associated with my coaching niche. I have found that when these companies are local, the connections have developed into long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships that have grown my client list, expanded my industry experience, and brought unique opportunities to my business! 

How to Partner With Local Businesses to Attract Clients

A great first step in partnering with a business is already being a customer or client there yourself. Think of the places that you enjoy going to or that benefit your health. Reach out to them, explain how their business has served you, and let them know that you are interested in partnering with them. This might look like getting involved in an event, hosting a talk, or giving their customers a special offer or service. 

Make sure that your offer to support the business is genuine. The goal is for these to be mutually beneficial partnerships that gain you both more clients in the long run. A company is not going to want to give recommendations to someone they do not know or have never met before. Start with a genuine relationship, and great opportunities are sure to follow! 

10 Local Businesses That Can Help You Find Coaching Clients

Here are ten businesses in your local area that can help you to find more clients.

1. Gyms and Fitness Centers

Gyms are one of the first places people think of when hoping to improve their overall health and wellness. There constantly seem to be new boutique-style fitness centers popping up, like yoga and barre studios, cycle bars, and HIIT centers. Oftentimes, these businesses host fitness events which can be a great opportunity to talk with someone and network! 

Some coaches partner with local fitness centers to secure a free day pass or training session for their clients as part of their coaching package. 

2. Chiropractic Offices

Chiropractic offices view patients from a more holistic lens—making them an excellent partnership for life coaches! Similarly, integrative and functional health offices also have a more whole-person view which can make them a great business to work with. I have worked for chiropractic offices and functional medicine groups that partnered with coaches to further support and guide their patients.

3. Health Food Stores and Co-ops

Our local food co-op frequently hosts events and looks for local business owners to help sponsor them! I have seen coaching sessions raffled off as prizes, discounts given out to attendees, and great networking opportunities between business owners. These businesses also tend to have community bulletin boards where you can offer a free discovery call or one of your introductory services. 

4. Doctors’ Offices

Do you have a specialty that closely corresponds with a medical profession? Recently I was at an OB appointment and saw local referrals for birth coaches. I asked a few more questions and found out the office was recommending a former patient who built a strong relationship with their provider—and now they’re getting frequent business just from asking for referrals when the patient was a good fit for their service!

5. Health Spas

Clients at a health spa are generally individuals that are intentional about their health and happy to invest money in their wellness. I know several coaches that have collaborated on a wellness retreat for a health spa and hosted daily classes as part of the getaway. 

6. Libraries

Local libraries often have openings in their event schedule for speaking and educational events. This is a great option for hosting an affordable event or networking with other people locally.

I have also seen libraries partner with health and wellness initiatives like fitness classes, farmers markets, meditation courses, and career coaching events. Think of a valuable resource or skill that your community needs that you can offer and promote at your local library!

7. Boutique Wellness Companies

Salt meditation rooms? Infrared saunas? Float tanks? These are all companies that serve clients that are looking to improve their health in some way. Oftentimes they have welcome packets and gifts for new customers that your business could be highlighted in! 

8. Event Centers

Are there any local event centers in your area that host holiday events, craft shows, markets, or fundraisers? Whether you look into becoming a sponsor, hosting an event at the center, or having a booth at an event, these can be great opportunities for exposure for your business and brand! 

9. Think Big

Is there a local business headquarters in your city? Maybe you know the owner of a local, medium-sized business? Try reaching out to them and offering your service on a company-wide basis. This is a great introduction into corporate coaching and scaling your business. 

10. Entrepreneur Meetups

Most medium- and large-sized cities have entrepreneur meetups on a quarterly or even monthly basis! Sometimes these are associated with a paid membership, but others are free to attend. These are great opportunities to talk and network with other business providers in your area from a variety of different industries. People at these events are looking to network with other companies as well, so it can sometimes be easier to introduce the idea!

Start with a genuine relationship, and great opportunities are sure to follow! 

Networking can be hugely beneficial and can open your business to new opportunities and clients. These ten business categories are a great place to get started with partnering locally and growing your client list. When partnering with local businesses, make sure to build them on genuine, personal connections so that you AND your partners reap the greatest benefits.

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Kaelyn Hansen - Integrative Health Coach - Guest Author
Kaelyn Hansen

Kaelyn Hansen is a registered nurse and integrative health coach working with women to achieve and sustain holistic wellness for themselves and their families. She is passionate about simplifying wellness and getting back to the basics. You can find more of her work and contact Kaelyn at

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