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The Best Tech Sales Certifications

Last updated on February 20, 2024

In a world where financial freedom seems difficult to achieve, the choice of a profession that offers not just stability but the promise of substantial earnings becomes crucial. Among these coveted careers is tech sales, an arena known for its sky-high earning potential.

To stand out in this competitive landscape, a tech sales certification can be your gateway to specializing in this lucrative prospect. After extensive research, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of the best tech sales certifications available. Whether you’re a fresh-faced graduate or an experienced worker seeking a career transition, this article will guide you toward the most sought-after certification programs in tech sales.

  • Springboard Best Comprehensive Option
  • NASP – Best for Professional Development
  • AA-ISP – Best for Beginners
  • Hubspot Best Free Option
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What Does A Tech Sales Representative Do?

A tech sales representative is a skilled professional responsible for promoting and selling technological products or services to businesses and individuals. Their primary role involves understanding the needs and challenges of prospective clients and showcasing how the tech solutions they represent can address those needs. 

Some of their responsibilities include product demonstrations, negotiating pricing and contracts, and building strong relationships with clients. 

If you’re contemplating whether tech sales is a good career, just consider that recent reports highlighted tech sales as one of the fastest career paths to a six-figure salary.

How To Get Into Tech Sales With No Experience

Do you want to break into tech sales, but have no relevant experience? Fret not, as this market welcomes newcomers with open arms. There are numerous entry-level positions that can get you started in this industry.

Here are a few steps that can help you make your way to your first tech sales job:

  • List your previous sales experience
  • Highlight relevant technical and soft skills (communication, strong interpersonal skills, collaboration, using sales tools, etc.)
  • Get familiar with the tech industry
  • Network
  • Earn a tech sales certification
  • Hone necessary skills through courses

If you want a shortcut to entering this field, you can sign up for a course that will act as an information hub and save you time and energy on research. Devin Campbell’s Get a Job in Tech Sales: A Step-by-Step Guide gives you a complete roadmap for securing a tech sales position. From choosing the right tech company and writing your resume to nailing the interview, this course walks you through every essential step for breaking into this industry.

Do You Need a Tech Sales Certification?

You don’t need a certification to get a job in tech sales. The reason some opt for certification is to validate their knowledge and level of expertise, increase their marketability, and hone the necessary skills for this career. 

Certification programs typically cover topics such as communication, negotiation skills, customer service, problem-solving, promoting, and product knowledge. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Tech Sales Training Programs

How do you select the right course for you when countless options are vying for your attention? By considering factors such as pricing, duration, and level of expertise, you can find a certification program that aligns with your goals. 

Program Cost

Tech sales training programs can be quite expensive, with price tags of over $5,000. However, if your budget doesn’t allow for this type of investment, you can also find more affordable options at around $500. If you’re looking for free tech sales training, you can sign up for the free introductory Tech Sales course from Course Careers which can help you determine if this career is suited for you while also learning a thing or two about the industry.

Course Length

Courses last anywhere from a couple of days to several months. It all depends on how comprehensive the course is and what the curriculum demands of you. For those who need more flexibility, we recommend self-paced courses that don’t have any time limitations. 

Level of Expertise

Certification programs can be targeted at individuals without any prior experience or at sales professionals looking to become top performers. Your level of expertise will be another determining factor that will narrow down your options. If you’re completely new to this field, you might also consider courses that address the job-seeking process, as this can help you secure a job more easily in this competitive market.

Best Online Tech Sales Certifications

Comprehensive Option: Springboard

The Tech Sales Bootcamp from Springboard is well-suited for both beginners and experienced sales tech reps who want to boost their expertise and earn a reputable credential. This is a self-paced course, but you need to attend one live class per week with an expert instructor. 

Springboard – Tech Sales Bootcamp

A notable advantage is that you’ll receive 9 months of career support, including 1-to-1 calls with your career coach, resume review, and mock tech sales interviews. We recommend this course to those seeking an interactive learning experience jam-packed with useful information and exercises. 

  • Course Length: Self-paced (around 3 months)
  • Program Cost: $7,000
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Professional Development Option: NASP

The Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) certification is highly regarded in the sales industry and it can boost your professional profile. It is issued by the NASP (National Association of Sales Professionals) and is designed for professional sales reps looking to improve their sales performance. 

National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) – Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)

The program focuses on enhancing emotional intelligence and communication skills by using proven sales strategies employed by Fortune 500 sales teams. The course requires that you log in every day, but the time commitment is minimal—approximately 30 minutes on weekdays and even less on weekends.

  • Course Length: 6 weeks
  • Program Cost: $695
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Beginner Option: AA-ISP

The CISP (Certified Inside Sales Professional) program offers a unique combination of prestigious accreditation and hands-on sales experience, so it can be an excellent choice for individuals entering the field without prior experience. To enroll in a program, you need to become an AA-ISP member. 

AA-ISP – CISP (Certified Inside Sales Professional)

Coursework encompasses audio recordings, tests, and practice simulations. Through the 10 modules, you’ll learn the sales skills and strategies for passing the role-play exam which leads to certification. The accreditation is valid for 3 years after which you’ll need to maintain the accreditation by earning at least 5 Continuing Sales Education (CSE) credits annually. 

  • Course Length: 8-12 weeks
  • Program Cost: $875 + $145 membership fee
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Free Option: HubSpot

HubSpot’s Inbound Sales Course is a concise course free of charge that can be a valuable addition to your sales credentials portfolio. It is a self-paced course that takes only 2-3 hours to complete.

Hubspot logo
HubSpot – Inbound Sales Course

The course provides instruction on basic aspects of the sales process, including effective strategies for prospecting and building relationships with potential clients, techniques to capture and hold their attention, and the art of conducting successful sales calls and delivering effective presentations.

  • Course Length: 2-3 hours
  • Program Cost: Free
  • Mode of Delivery: Online


If you’re already proficient in sales and you want to pass on your knowledge to others, you might consider a career in sales coaching. This rewarding profession allows you to share your experiences and insights with individuals interested in this field while also building your wealth. 

What can help you venture into sales coaching is sales coach certification programs. Not only will the training hone your coaching skills, but it will boost your credibility as well. If you’re interested in sales coaching, make sure to check out our list of top sales coach certifications, including the highly sought-after iNLP training and super affordable Transformation Academy certification program. 


  • What is the tech sales average salary?

The average salary of a tech sales representative is $100,416 per year, according to Glassdoor.

  • Do you need a certification to be a tech sales rep?

Certification isn’t mandatory, and it solely serves to help you increase your knowledge in the field and help you hone your skills.

  • How much does a tech sales certification cost?

The cost of tech sales certification ranges from around $600 to over $7,000.


The tech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, so pursuing a tech sales job is a golden opportunity for embarking on a highly lucrative career path. Even if this field seems intimidating at first, online courses and certification programs can enable you to acquire the necessary skills and expertise.

Pave the way for a successful career in tech sales with one of these comprehensive courses. If you’re feeling any hesitation about getting started, programs like Devin Campbell’s step-by-step guide provide straightforward advice and eliminate the need to second-guess your every move.

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