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Brendon Burchard Coaching Certification – Everything You Need To Know

Last updated on February 6, 2024

Brendon Burchard has made a permanent mark on the high performance coaching industry. He was the first online personal growth trainer to create, produce, and sell an online course that earned over a million dollars at launch. Forbes, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and Success Magazine named him one of the most successful online coaches in history, not to mention that he authored the best-seller High Performance Habits book. 

In addition to launching courses, writing books, and hosting his ultra-popular podcast, Brendon delivers a coach certification program as well (those are some high-performance skills right there). If you’re interested in learning from the best in the business, join us as we review the Brendon Burchard Coaching Certification.

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About the Brendon Burchard High Performance Coaching Program

The Certified High Performance Coach program is a 4-day live online event hosted by Brendon Burchard himself. This is the first and only science-backed, high performance-based coaching course in the world. 

Previous coaching experience isn’t required, so you can start from scratch and gain credibility through the world’s top high performance coach training. However, the program isn’t limited to beginners since the insightful training provides unique high-performance coaching methodologies you can’t learn anywhere else.

Besides getting certified and mentored by Brendon Burchard, the program offers:

  • Foundations of high performance – The fundamental principles and frameworks that define high performance coaching.
  • Insights into proven coaching techniques – Development of coaching skills through hands-on training, role-playing, and real-life scenarios.
  • Coaching diverse clients – Learning to coach individuals from various backgrounds, from entrepreneurs and executives to athletes and parents.
  • Access to 12-session outlines – Step-by-step guide on how to support clients toward sustained high performance in a 12-week coaching program.

The program isn’t accredited, but it brings enough recognition even without this credential.

Note: If you decide to pursue the gold standard in coaching, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation, our top selection for comprehensive ICF-accredited life coaching course is Coach Training Alliance. Our review can provide you with more details about the program and its benefits.

Pros and Cons of the Brendon Burchard Coaching Program

To determine whether or not this certification aligns with your criteria, we will provide a summary that covers its key aspects, including benefits, duration, pricing, and feedback from students.

4-Days of Skill-Based Live Training

During the Certification Week, you’ll be immersed in a four-day intensive training led by Brendon Burchard. You’ll get to experience live training sessions and interactive role plays to learn directly from the world’s best high-performance coach. Over these four days, you’ll begin to master the coaching process, hone the key high performance coaching skills, and ask Brendon any questions that you might have.

12-Week Coaching Program

Probably the biggest benefit of this coaching program (apart from getting trained by Brendon and receiving a certification) is the done-for-you 12-week coaching program. You will receive complete session blueprints, client assignments, personal evaluation forms, editable enrollment and renewal scripts, various tools, and more. The step-by-step guidance and plethora of coaching materials will ensure that you can implement this program into your existing practice right away or use it to launch your high performance coaching business. 

Continuing Education

Your learning journey doesn’t end after the 4-day training, as you’ll receive a support system for continually mastering your craft. Your education continues through monthly follow-up virtual training sessions delivered to you for an entire year and ongoing membership to their exclusive community.

Life coaches in virtual training

In addition, you’ll get the full recordings of your Certification Week to review what you’ve learned at any time. 90 days after you get certified, they’ll check in on you and answer your follow-up questions.

Marketing Tools

Building a business requires killer marketing skills, and this program will set you up with a library of marketing tools to skyrocket your program launch. These specialized marketing resources were designed and employed by Brendon Burchard and include webinar presentations, direct mail letters, and postcards.

How Long is the Brendon Burchard Coaching Certification Course?

The Certification Week lasts for 4 days and earns you a certificate after the completion. The event is virtual so you can take part in this training no matter where you are. 

After you complete the 4-day program, you will receive ongoing training for a year. 

How Much Does the High Performance Coaching Course Cost?

The cost of this program is $10,000 if you pay in full. You also have the option to make payments in three installments of $3,433 or six installments of $1,799. The tuition fee covers the 4-day certification training, monthly ongoing training, materials, coaching tools, and certification.

If you wish to renew your certification after the first year, there’s an annual fee of $497 for ongoing training and community access. Another requirement is that you must attend the 4-day virtual certification week every other year, which is included in the renewal fee, with the option to attend annually at no extra cost.

As a part of the certification’s 100% guarantee policy, you can apply for a refund by the end of day 1 of training if you’re dissatisfied.

Note: If this fee is a little heavy on your wallet, you can seek more affordable alternatives, such as Transformation Academy. Their library of niche certifications will ensure you find the best course for you at a fraction of the cost. Check out our TA review to find out what this academy offers.

Brendon Burchard Coaching Certification Reviews

Surprisingly, there aren’t any written testimonials about graduates’ impressions of the program. However, you can watch a video with coaches’ feedback on the training. The video is available on the official website.

Is the Brendon Burchard Coaching Certification For You?

If you want to learn from the best in the high-performance coaching industry, there’s no better choice than Brendan Burchard and his coaching certification program. He provides you with a ready-to-go, world-class coaching program with 12 sessions while also introducing you to the teachings and the psychological aspects of coaching. The downside of this program is its price tag since it won’t suit everyone’s budget.

Here are some suggestions for follow-up steps if you’re still on the fence about the Brendon Burchard Coaching Certification:

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