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Best Business Coaches for Small Business

A business coach for small businesses helps owners develop the relevant skills and the mindset needed to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship.

Whether you’re:

  • a small, family-owned business struggling with stagnant sales,
  • a tech startup facing challenges with team dynamics and leadership, or
  • a consultant running a small business and feeling overwhelmed by the workload,

these coaches can help you identify the root causes of your challenges and devise strategic solutions to overcome them. 

Keep reading to discover the top small business coach to watch out for this year. 

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Top Small Business Coaches

These coaches have been selected for their expertise in various industries, their track record of success in coaching small businesses, and their ability to connect with and inspire clients from all walks of life.

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Alan Melton


Alan Melton founded Small Business Coach Associates, a platform he established in 2002 after selling a successful business to a publicly-held company. 

His experience spans founding and growing several businesses, with his leadership skills being recognized when his business was listed as one of the Inc. 500’s fastest-growing companies. 

Melton’s approach to business coaching emphasizes affordability and the need for expert assistance, especially during challenging economic times for small business owners.

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

Beverlee Rasmussen


Beverlee Rasmussen is a highly respected small biz coach and the founder of Systems Business Coach.

With over 15 years of experience in business coaching, Rasmussen has helped numerous small business owners get organized, become profitable, and achieve financial freedom. 

She is praised particularly for her approach to systematizing small business operations and creating an environment where business owners can thrive even in challenging economic conditions. 

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

Henry Lopez


Henry Lopez is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, small business coach, consultant, and the host of the highly acclaimed “The How of Business” podcast. 

Henry has 35 plus years of diverse business experience, bringing a wealth of knowledge from his successful careers in I.T., sales, sales training, and business ownership. 

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

Robert Scott

Robert Scott is a business coach and consultant who specializes in helping small business owners achieve their goals through his company, Coachfirm. 

His services are known for addressing the unique challenges faced by small businesses, focusing not just on operations and strategy, but also on the mindset and attitudes of the owners toward their businesses.

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

Dave Schoenbeck

Dave Schoenbeck has built a considerable portfolio of achievements as a business coach and executive. He has over 30 years of experience across various roles, including as a co-founder of a division of a Fortune 500 company that he helped grow into a multi-billion dollar retail empire. 

His work today focuses on translating complex business methods and strategies into actionable plans that can dramatically improve financial results for his clients.

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

Michael D Morrison

Michael is the founder of BOSS (Business Ownership Simplified for Success), an initiative that provides small business owners with the tools, resources, and coaching they need to grow and manage their businesses. 

His services include individual coaching, workshops, live webinars, masterclasses, and more, all designed to help small business owners enjoy more freedom and better work-life balance.

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

Sophie Clyde-Smith

Sophie is a dedicated mentor and business coach for female entrepreneurs. She provides a range of services, including 1:1 coaching, power hour sessions for focused guidance, and workshops for deeper insights into business planning.

Her approach combines mindset coaching with strategic business planning, helping her clients overcome common entrepreneurial challenges like self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

Website | Instagram | LinkedIn

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Common Questions About Small Business Coaching

How much should I pay a business coach?

Generally, you might expect to pay anywhere between $500-$5,000 per month for professional business coaching services. 

Hourly rates for business coaches tend to range between $175 and $250, with executive business coaches possibly charging around $400 per hour. 

Some coaches might offer small business coaching packages, such as eight 90-minute sessions over 5-6 months, costing between $800 and $2,000 for small businesses. 

Are there free business coaches for small businesses?

Yes, there are free business coaching services available for small businesses, often provided by nonprofit organizations, government programs, or through online platforms that offer initial consultations or mentoring from experienced business professionals. Check out Jen Kane’s free 45-minute consult

Want to Be a Business Coach for Entrepreneurs?

If you want to become a small business coach, check out these certification programs

Our top pick is Transformation Academy’s Entrepreneurship and Business Life Coach Certification. It’s a self-paced online course designed for individuals interested in helping clients develop and grow their entrepreneurial ventures. 

Upon completion, you’ll receive a life coach certification accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency, along with the option to request 20 CPD or CEU credits. 

Here are a few more business coaching resources to help you get started:

…and more

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