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Top Career Coaches For Women

If you’re a working mom, a fempreneur, or a woman in tech grappling with feelings of being stuck or burnt out, talking to a career coach who understands women’s challenges can be a real game-changer.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top career coaches who can not only guide you through transformative career transitions but also empower you to break through any self-imposed barriers that may be holding you back.

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What Does a Career Coach Do?

Here’s how a career coach can help you: 

  • Goal Setting: They can assist you in defining clear, achievable career goals.
  • Strategy Development: Together, you’ll create a roadmap to reach your goals, taking into account your personal and professional life balance.
  • Confidence Building: Coaches provide encouragement and strategies to boost your self-confidence, essential for taking bold steps in your career.
  • Negotiation Skills: They can prepare you for salary negotiations, ensuring you’re compensated fairly for your work.
  • Networking: Coaches can help you with expanding professional networks and connect you with mentors and opportunities in your field.
  • Resilience Training: You’ll learn to navigate setbacks and maintain momentum toward your goals.

Best Career Coaches For Women

In a world where career paths are as varied as the women walking them, a select group of career coaches stands out for their exceptional ability to guide, inspire, and empower. Below are some of the best ones.

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Brooke Taylor

Brooke Taylor is a transformational career coach for women, known for her impactful coaching programs and workshops. She has garnered recognition for her work and was named a “Top Career Coach to Watch” by the Australian Business Journal in 2021.

Brooke’s career coaching journey is distinguished by her prior experience at Google, where she held roles in sales, go-to-market strategy, and people management.

Her transformational group coaching programs and workshops have reached thousands of women globally, including top female executives from renowned companies like Goldman Sachs, BCG, Salesforce, American Express, Coinbase, and Meta.

Website | Instagram | LinkedIn 

Kathy Caprino

Kathy Caprino is a certified professional career coach, internationally recognized executive trainer, writer, speaker, and host of the podcast Finding Brave.

As a Senior Forbes contributor and a top media source on careers and leadership, Kathy has established herself as a prominent figure in her field.  

Her approach to career coaching is holistic. She helps address not just the outward aspects of career advancement but also the internal challenges women face in the workplace. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn 

Adrienne Partridge

Adrienne Partridge, Ph.D., is a somatic career and leadership coach who works with high-achieving and heart-centered female leaders. 

Her approach is deeply rooted in understanding the neuroscientific underpinnings of effective leadership and career success.

In addition to her work with female leaders, Adrienne Partridge offers services for organizations looking to improve leadership skills and career development. These include individual coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements that cover career growth strategies, effective communication, and leadership in the workplace. 

Website | Instagram | LinkedIn 

Rosie Zilinskas

Rosie Zilinskas is the founder of “No Woman Left Behind,” an initiative launched in 2021 to elevate women worldwide through education, mentorship, and community. 

She is recognized as a leadership coach, international bilingual speaker, corporate trainer, author, and podcast host specializing in career progression. 

With a 30-year tenure in the corporate world, including significant roles at AIG and Prudential, Rosie’s career exemplifies the power of consistent growth and perseverance.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn 

Val Nelson

Val Nelson is a career coach who specializes in helping introverted women and highly sensitive people (HSPs) find meaningful, sustainable work that fits their natural inclinations. 

Val has built a coaching practice that offers individual coaching, group sessions, and courses to support people in finding their calling, especially during mid-career transitions.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn 

Kathryn Sollman

Kathryn Sollmann is a career coach dedicated to helping women find flexible work that fits their lives, especially when balancing work with caring for children and aging parents. 

She helps women find personal successes outside the traditional “climb the corporate ladder” mindset and encourages them to take advantage of today’s flexible work options to create career paths that support both personal and family needs.

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn 

Elaine Lou

Elaine Lou is a distinguished business and career coach for women of color and allies. Her approach focuses on empowering in leadership and executive roles to lead fulfilling lives without compromising their well-being. 

Elaine has been recognized for her contributions to the field, including being named the #1 Thought Leader by LA Weekly and a Top Communication Voice by LinkedIn. 

She has also been featured in prestigious publications like Forbes, Money Magazine, and LinkedIn News for her career advice.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn 

Eliana Goldstein

Eliana Goldstein is a millennial career and success coach in Brooklyn, NYC. Through her coaching programs, Eliana aims to address common feelings many young professionals experience, such as low self-confidence, job dissatisfaction, and the desire for a more meaningful career path.

Her methods are tailored to help clients find their “why,” define their career goals and equip them with the tools and strategies needed for success.

Website | Instagram | LinkedIn 

Rebecca Kirk

Rebecca Kirk is a spiritual career coach who focuses on helping mid-career professionals at a crossroads, feeling stuck, or searching for greater purpose and balance. 

She combines traditional career coaching with spiritual practices to support her clients in awakening both their working lives and their spiritual selves. 

Her approach is designed for those who are either curious about spirituality or already on a spiritual path, looking for careers that align more closely with who they truly are and their deeper life purposes​.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn 

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Common Questions About Career Coaching for Women

Here are some common questions people have about career coaching:

How much should I expect to pay for a career coach?

On average, you might expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 per session for a career coach. Some career coaches may offer package deals for multiple sessions, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 or more, depending on the scope and duration of the coaching provided. 

What is the difference between a career mentor and a career coach?

A career mentor typically offers ongoing, long-term guidance without charge. A career coach, on the other hand, provides a paid and often short-term engagement focused on achieving concrete goals.

Is a career coach a life coach?

A career coach focuses on career-related goals and challenges, whereas a life coach addresses a broader spectrum of a client’s life, including personal growth, relationships, finances, health, and more.

Career Coaching Programs and Resources

Want to learn how to become a certified career coach? Start your journey by exploring these reputable career coach certifications:

  • Coach Training Alliance – The Art & Science of Coaching Career Transitions: This program offers specialized training for guiding individuals through career changes. Learn more and enroll here: Coach Training Alliance.
  • Transformation Academy (TA) – Career Coach Certification: Gain the skills to empower others in their career paths with this comprehensive certification. Details are available at Transformation Academy.

For additional resources in career coach training, consider the following:

And, if you’re looking to provide women with more holistic support, check out:

  • Primal Health Coach Institute (PHCI) – Women’s Strength Training Specialist Certification: Focuses on physical well-being as a cornerstone of professional success. Find out more at Primal Health Coach Institute.
  • Transformation Academy – Master Self-Care and Boundaries Coaching Certification: Equips yourself to guide women in establishing healthy boundaries and self-care practices, essential for personal and professional growth. Learn more at Transformation Academy.

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