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Center for Coaching Certification Reviews, Pricing, Duration, and What To Expect

Last updated on March 15, 2024

If you’re aspiring to be an exceptional life coach, a key move is to build your coaching brand through certification. The gold standard in certifications comes from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Aiming for ICF accreditation is a tough climb for life coaching programs. They need to prove their commitment to strict academic, professional, and ethical guidelines set by this institution. One program that’s made the cut and stands out in the crowd as a top-notch coaching program is the Center for Coaching Certification.

Let’s take a closer look at this program, including who they are, how they can give your coaching career a boost, and what Center for Coaching Certification reviews have to reveal.

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About Center for Coaching Certification

The Center for Coaching Certification (CCC) was founded in 2009 and has been a trusted certification provider ever since. The CCC is more than a life coaching program; it is a hub for coach training and mentor coaching, a resource center, a treasure trove of up-to-date coaching insights, and a source of ongoing support for coaches.

Their coaching programs span from initial certification to advanced levels, so coaches of all levels can get certified. The CCC provides ICF-accredited training for various coaching specialties, including academic, addiction, business, career, executive, leadership, and wellness coaching. 

The Center for Coaching Certification Philosophy

The Center for Coaching Certification is a firm believer in upholding high-quality and ethical standards across the coaching profession. That’s why they are dedicated to enriching the coach training experience by prioritizing quality, professionalism, and support. Their philosophy centers on training coaches to deliver client-focused coaching guided by ICF’s Core Values and Code of Ethics

Center for Coaching Certification Accreditation

All programs delivered by the CCC are accredited by the ICF. The CCC’s coaching certification programs are tailored to develop the ICF’s Core Competencies. In addition, the Center holds accreditation from the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) for offering Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Their Professional Coach Program is also approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). 

Note: If you want to explore other ICF-accredited life coach training options, our recommendation is to check out Coach Training Alliance. Their approach to coaching is practical, and they set you up with robust knowledge and techniques in business and marketing in addition to coach training. 

Pros and Cons of Center for Coaching Certification

We’ve covered the basics, but now it’s time to dig a little deeper and break down this program’s offerings, benefits, fees, training durations, and last but not least, testimonials from graduates.  

A-La-Carte and Cohort Options

The Center for Coaching Certification offers diverse training programs at different levels. You can choose between an a-la-carte approach to membership or a start-to-finish coaching certification that supports you in earning a credential with the ICF. 

life coaches going through Coach Training World Reviews

The a-la-carte options are:

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • Certified Master Coach (CMC)
  • Certified Advanced Coach (CAC)

If you’re just getting started, the Certified Professional program is your initial stage, and it’s a requirement for the Certified Master Coach program. 

The available credentialing cohorts are as follows:

  • Foundational Cohort (ICF-accredited Level 1) – For earning ICF’s Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential
  • Growth Cohort (ICF-accredited Level 1 to 2) – For transitioning from the ACC to the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential
  • Advanced Cohort (ICF-accredited Level 2) – For earning the PCC credential

Both the Foundational Cohort Level 1 and Advanced Cohorts include the Certified Professional Coach program.

Niche Training

Establishing your niche helps your clients know about your focus and specialty. Another awesome thing about CCC is that it helps you choose your preferred coaching field and build your expertise while pursuing the ICF credential.

Niche training is available in the Certified Advanced Coach program. You are allowed to pick one of the following specialties:

  • Academic Specialist
  • Addiction Specialist
  • Business Specialist
  • Career Specialist
  • Executive Specialist
  • Holistic Specialist
  • Leadership Specialist
  • Life Specialist
  • Wellness Specialist

Interactive and Versatile Learning Experience

As you might expect from ICF-accredited training, CCC programs are highly engaging, demanding, and diversified. The classes are a combination of live lessons, individual research, practice assignments, and interactive webinars. You’ll engage in group work and take part in practice sessions to hone the craft.

How Long is the Center for Coaching Certification Program?

Programs are held live, with most being completely virtual and some that combine online instruction with face-to-face. The CCC provides a schedule for all classes included in your chosen program so you can pick the dates and times that work for you. However, you need to be sure that you’ll be able to attend all classes, as that is a prerequisite for getting certified.

Here’s an overview of the estimated duration for each training option:

  • Certified Professional Coach (30 hours of coach training) – Around 1 month
  • Certified Master Coach (35 hours of coach training) – Around 2 months 
  • Certified Advanced Coach (35 hours of coach training) – Around 2.5 months
  • Foundational Cohort (60 hours of coach training) – Around 6 months
  • Growth Cohort (125 hours of coach training) – Around 4 months
  • Advanced Cohort (125 hours of coach training) – Around 8 months

How Much Does the Center for Coaching Certification Training Cost?

The costs mirror the diverse range of available programs in life coaching generally and range from $1,995 to $9,780. The pay-in-full fees according to programs are as follows:

  • Certified Professional Coach – $1,995
  • Certified Master Coach – $2,195
  • Certified Advanced Coach – $2,195
  • Foundational Cohort – $5,890
  • Growth Cohort – $5,890
  • Advanced Cohort – $9,780

Note: Are ICF-accredited programs a bigger investment than you expected? If you’re not ready to take the plunge, consider the alternative of more affordable certification programs. Our top budget pick is Transformation Academy. They are accredited by the Continuing Professional Development  Agency (CPD), and they have an incredible variety of niche certifications. Be sure to head to our TA review for more information. 

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Center for Coaching Certification Reviews

CCC provides considerable resources, but it also requires a lot from its students. The question of whether the program is worthwhile becomes clearer once you look into reviews from graduates. Let’s take a gander at several testimonials. 

On the CCC’s website, you’ll find numerous video testimonials.

Their Facebook page has dozens of reviews and a 4.9-star rating. Here are a couple of samples:

A training experience par excellence! Outstanding format and such valuable content taught in webinars and practicum. Sarah Roberts is a very knowledgeable, interactive, and engaging trainer. The entire experience far exceeded my expectations!

Jan Silver Maguire 

Outstanding intensive coaching certification program! Very organized, comprehensive, and relevant material and training. Cathy Liska is AWESOME! Professional, fun, engaging, and extremely experienced!!!

Alisa Atkinson McDonald

The class was amazing, I learned so much about how to ask powerful questions and how to dig deeper with people to help them understand themselves and what they really want.

Rita Kittle

At SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory, the CCC has nearly 120 reviews with an impeccable 5.0 rating. Grads mainly praise the instructors and their approach to training as well as the program’s comprehensiveness:

The Certified Master Coach program provides excellent preparation for the ICF credentialing process. All of the activities and conversations in the course are purposeful. The program provides great value for your time and financial investment. – Sherri Kong, Leadership Coach

Sherri Kong, Leadership Coach

This is the second program I’ve completed through the Center for Coaching Certification (CCC). Most recently completing the Certified Master Coach (CMC) program, exceeded my expectations, both in content and instructor facilitation with Maravi Melendez-Davis. Maravi’s encouragement, patience, support, and instructional style throughout the entire program are beyond measure; while keeping the program progress on track, she offered room for everyone to participate within their comfort level and learning style; her feedback was incredibly valuable and productive, allowing for even more learning opportunities and growth both during the program and beyond. I highly recommend the CCC CMC program and Maravi for those looking to pursue the next level of coaching.

Stacy Harris

The Certified Professional Coach (CPC) training was superb, well done, and effective. The instructor of my recently completed CPC course was always prepared, supportive, positive, on-time, flexible, and knowledgeable. Subsequent resources made available after Certification are on-target for new Coaches – full of business development tools and continuing education opportunities. I highly recommend the training provided by the Center for Coaching Certification.

LEAP Vocational Consulting LLC

Is the Center for Coaching Certification the Life Coach Training Program For You?

It’s an undeniable fact that the Center for Coaching Certification is an excellent coach training program. The CCC is focused on adhering to the ICF’s high standards, and they teach coaches how to do the same. They can be your gateway to ICF credentials, improving your coaching capabilities, and maybe even getting specialized certification in your coaching niche. 

But for some, choosing a certification program is more than checking certain boxes. They want a program they resonate with, and whether or not you resonate with CCC is up to you to decide. 

If you need more time or information before you make any commitments, here are some recommendations that might help: 

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