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Best Coaches for Executives

Last updated on March 21, 2024

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a select group of 10 life coaches who specialize in supporting executives just like you. These coaches understand what you’re up against in your role and are dedicated to helping you navigate it with clear, confident, and resilient steps.

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Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach for Executives

Hiring a life coach for executives can help you in many ways, including:

  • Stress Management: Gain techniques and strategies for managing stress to boost your mental well-being and prevent burnout.
  • Accountability: Get support in staying focused and motivated in pursuing your objectives.
  • Work-Life Balance: Learn to set boundaries and balance work and personal life.
  • Decision Making: Receive guidance, new perspectives, and tools to improve your decision-making skills.
  • Conflict Resolution: Adopt strategies for resolving conflicts constructively while maintaining positive relationships.

Now, let’s introduce you to some amazing executive coaches who can help you change your life for the better.

Top Life Coaches for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

Here’s our curated list of the top 10 professionals in coaching for executives. Each coach has earned their place through impressive experience working with leaders and executives, with many of them having firsthand corporate experience themselves.

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Jen Kane

Jen Kane Life Coach

Jen Kane is a certified life and mindset coach for entrepreneurs. She specializes in helping high-achieving women regain balance in their lives and thrive with confidence and resilience.

She also hosts the “Hey, Take a Breath!” podcast, where she talks about self-love, mindfulness, and everyday struggles.

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Brett Baughman

Brett Baughman - Featured Coach

With over two decades of experience, Brett helps executives unlock their full potential and live more fulfilling lives through business, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and breathwork coaching. He has worked with business leaders, Fortune 50, 100 & 500 executives, and top athletes.

Brett also hosts retreats for profound transformation, combining the power of immersive nature experiences with his coaching to facilitate profound professional growth. 

Website | Instagram | LinkedIn | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Vivien Roggero

Vivien Roggero - Featured Coach

After a successful career in IT and executive leadership across various countries in Europe and Asia, Vivien faced a series of life-altering challenges in 2020, including the loss of his father to COVID and a high-conflict divorce. 

These experiences catalyzed his transition into coaching, where he now dedicates his life to helping others navigate significant life changes and pursue a life of purpose, joy, and freedom.

He is the creator of the One Freedom™ framework, designed to help individuals identify their core freedoms and apply this understanding to create a life aligned with their values and goals.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Gia Storms

Gia Storms - Featured Coach

Gia Storms is a leadership coach with a rich background in strategic communications and marketing. She spent 15 years in senior roles before transitioning to leadership development and executive coaching.

Gia’s coaching philosophy involves pushing clients to dream big, take risks, and move into action to achieve meaningful outcomes, whether they’re looking for a new career or facing a major transition.

Website | Instagram | Udemy | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Alex Terranova

Alex Terranova - DreamMason Inc. - Featured Coach

Alex Terranova is a leadership and executive coach with a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential. 

Since founding DreamMason Inc. in 2015, he’s coached hundreds of executives on achieving financial success while balancing work and family life. 

Alex shares insights into leadership journeys on his DreamMason podcast.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Shad Morgheim

Shad Morgheim - Featured Coach

Shad Morgheim’s journey into coaching began after he left the corporate world, turning a setback into an opportunity for growth and fulfillment. 

As a leadership and lifestyle coach, he helps individuals lead with authenticity and live a life with purpose. His approach emphasizes taking small but consistent steps toward reaching desired goals.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Dalida Turkovic

Dalida Turkovic - BMC Academy - Featured Coach

Dalida Turkovic founded the Beijing Mindfulness Centre and BMC Academy to support individuals through mindfulness-based education. Her coaching integrates mindfulness practices to help clients navigate challenges with self-compassion and resilience. 

She works with clients in various settings and has trained in accredited International Coach Federation (ICF) programs, earning a PCC certification.

Her work spans across sectors, including executives in the automotive and IT industries, business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, teachers, and mindfulness enthusiasts.

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Podcast | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Pam Aks

Pam Aks – What’s Within U – Featured Coach

Pam Aks is a mindset coach who empowers coaches, leaders, and entrepreneurs to shift their mindset from “Can’t” to “Yes, I can!” 

Her journey into coaching began from personal experiences, dealing with negative self-talk and stories that limited her self-belief.

Overcoming these through coaching herself, she discovered the power of changing one’s narrative and has since dedicated her career to helping others do the same.

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Rodney Mueller

Rodney Mueller - Featured Coach

Rodney Mueller brings decades of leadership experience and his unique Perfect Aim Method™ to executive coaching. This method upgrades goal-setting to achieve outcomes with precision and speed.

Rodney’s background includes serving as a drill sergeant in the US Army Reserve, where he became one of the youngest to attain the rank of E-6 Staff Sergeant. This experience has influenced his coaching approach, emphasizing discipline, precision, and high performance. 

Aside from his professional work, Rodney also hosts the Absent Father Podcast, drawing from his own experiences and desire to assist others in dealing with the impact of growing up without a father. 

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Catherine McCourt

Catherine McCourt - Fearless Future Inc. - Featured Coach

Catherine McCourt is a certified business coach and transformational life coach who helps sales leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs build a holistic roadmap to sustainable revenue.

For those considering a career in coaching or seeking to make their coaching business profitable, Catherine advises starting with people you know and charging what you feel you are worth based on the skills and experiences you bring to the table. 

She emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself in the process and the potential of starting with a niche to create consistency in messaging and mission​.

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Podact | Life Coach Magazine Feature

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How to Find the Right Coach for You

Here are a few steps that can help you find the perfect executive coach for you:

  • Define Your Goals: Clearly outline what you hope to achieve through coaching, whether it’s improving your executive skills, achieving work-life balance, or finding meaning.
  • Assess Your Needs: Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and identify areas where you need guidance and support. Understanding your needs will help you find a coach with the right expertise and experience.
  • Assess Coaching Style: Consider what style resonates best with you and aligns with your learning personality. 
  • Interview Potential Coaches: Schedule initial consultations with a few coaches on your list. Use this opportunity to talk about your goals, ask about their approach to coaching, and get to know them better.

We hope this article will help you find the right coach to support you on your journey!

Be sure to visit our Life Coach Directory and check out our list of coaches at Life Coach Magazine for more resources.

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