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CreativeMind Reviews, Cost, Pros, and Cons

Last updated on February 6, 2024

CreativeMind University has a life coach training unlike any other. Their methodology is based in a Jungian approach to life coaching, and they blend it with Eastern spirituality and social neuroscience. 

Are you intrigued by their life coaching certification? If you’d like to find out all the details, you’ve come to the right place. 

Join us as we delve into every aspect of this reputable coach training program, from its pricing and length of the certification program to its benefits and disadvantages. We’ll also look into CreativeMind reviews to get an inside scoop from graduates and share some alternatives if you want to diversify your options.

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About CreativeMind Coaching

CreativeMind is a coaching company founded 15 years ago by the husband and wife duo Debra Berndt Maldonado and Dr. Robert Maldonado. They leveraged over 50 years of collective experience in psychology and coaching to develop a deeper coaching approach that blends Eastern wisdom and Jungian psychology. The focus of their training is on helping individuals reconnect with their inner wisdom to overcome past limitations and live a more conscious life.

They have a comprehensive certification program that leads to a Certified Jungian Life Coach designation. Hundreds of graduates have already earned certification through this program. Debra and Robert also host a popular podcast called SoulSessions by CreativeMind

The CreativeMind Coaching Philosophy

The CreativeMind philosophy is rooted in psychological theory, focused on inherent potential, and driven toward deep transformation. Even though they have a theory- and evidence-based foundation, their philosophy goes beyond intellectual understanding. CreativeMind provides tools that lead to a direct experience of your creative nature and combine Jungian theory, Eastern spirituality, and social neuroscience. CreativeMind is more than life coaching. They strongly believe that if you want to make a lasting change, the CreativeMind Method should be a way of life.

CreativeMind Coaching and Accreditation

The Jungian Life Coach Training program from CreativeMind holds accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF). Completing the program earns you 105 CCE hours.

The ICF is considered the gold standard in coaching, meaning that this certification carries global recognition. The accreditation also gives you additional assurance of the program’s quality.

Pros and Cons of a CreativeMind Coaching Certification

If you’re considering becoming a Certified Jungian Life Coach, the first order of business is to find out the cost, length of the program, and impressions from graduates. Let’s break this down for you.

The CreativeMind Method™

Through this program, you’ll master the distinctive CreativeMind Method™. This method is inspired by Carl Jung’s Individuation concept, which aims to help individuals overcome conditioned survival thinking and unlock their potential. 

Integrative Life coach with client - What’s the Best Integrative Life Coach Certification Program?

This life coach training model takes you beyond the conscious ego and delves into the deeper layers of the unconscious, spiritual aspects—that’s how a lasting transformation is made. Some of the techniques the method embodies are shadow work, meditation, visualization, dream interpretation, and emotional wisdom.

Business Strategy Training

The program also prepares you for the competitive coaching industry with expert business training. You will receive step-by-step instructions, strategy, and guidance on how to launch and develop a thriving coaching business. Among the many relevant topics the business course covers, you’ll learn about building your legacy, attracting clients, creating content, and marketing your practice. 

Hybrid Model: Self-Paced Learning + Live Sessions

The program is delivered in the form of self-paced learning and live calls. In this way, the course adapts to your availability but also offers a strong sense of community and support. CreativeMind emphasizes the importance of the personal transformation that aspiring coaches undergo through their direct experience of the work. That’s why this training program includes private coaching sessions dedicated to you and your growth. Besides the one-on-one sessions, you’ll also engage in live group calls where you’ll collaborate with peers and practice your skills.

Lifetime Membership

Your immersion in CreativeMind doesn’t end with certification. As a graduate, you’ll become a part of a like-minded community. The best part about it? Your membership won’t have an expiration date. Once you become a Certified Jungian Life Coach, you’ll have access to lifetime community and networking opportunities with other graduates. You’ll also be listed in their coach directory. 

How Long is the CreativeMind Program?

The Jungian Life Coach Training is a robust and intensive program lasting 12 months. A year-long training will ensure you master every aspect of successful coaching, including coaching skills, the Jungian approach, and business building. 

The program is broken down into two phases. During the initial phase of the program, you’ll undergo training in coaching skills and the coaching method. The second phase is dedicated to honing your skills, fostering a success mindset, and developing your business. Private coaching is provided throughout all 12 months. You’ll only need to spend 3-5 hours a week in total throughout the program.

How Much Does CreativeMind Coaching Training Cost?

The cost of the CreativeMind’s Jungian Life Coach training is $16,997. The package is all-inclusive, and it covers live classes, private mentoring, self-directed study materials, coaching intensives, a private forum, and a lifetime membership.

CreativeMind Reviews

There’s so much we can learn about coaching programs from reviews. Coaches who’ve already dedicated a year of their lives to this training know best what the program offers. So, let’s take a look at some insightful reviews from CreativeMind graduates. 

We found many inspirational reviews on their website, praising the depth of training and inner transformation they’ve experienced. Here’s a small sample:

I was already coaching, but I found Jungian Coaching useful because it helped me streamline my methods and tools and armed me with the science behind how it all worked. It made for even greater confidence which translated to confident selling and more clients.

Jennifer Duclair

I have been able to confront so many hurdles and challenges in my life in a much more liberating way, knowing that I don’t have to fix anyone or anything, but rather let situations mirror to me the opportunity of continuing this profound inner work.

Lexa Hillyer

Working with Debra and Dr. Rob, I have more than tripled my 6-figure income. As my journey inward continued, more career opportunities came my way.

Joanne Newborn

I have found my path to that deeper part of myself and my true Self through the CreativeMind Coaching program. I feel like I have truly found my purpose and my tribe.

Cindy Schmidt

Whatever your field of work, the mind drives everything we do and this coach training teaches you how to practically apply this to your business. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to help their clients find a lasting transformation.

Anouska Taylor


If you’re not sure yet about signing up for CreativeMind, you can cast a wider net and take other life coaching programs into account. We have a couple of favorites that we’ll happily share with you:

Is CreativeMind’s Life Coach Training Program For You?

Do you believe that coach training should go deeper than just positive thinking and work with the root of our conditioning to create lasting change? Do you resonate with the Jungian philosophy but also value an evidence-based approach to coaching? Then CreativeMind could be the perfect coach training program for you.

CreativeMind isn’t the typical in-and-out type of course. It’s an experience and a journey that will change you, your business, and how you coach. If you want that kind of all-in type of training, this program can be everything you’ve hoped for.

However, the training is on the pricier side, so if it exceeds your budget at the moment, we recommend checking out our list of the best life coaching certifications, featuring more affordable options like Transformation Academy and Coach Training Alliance.

If budget is not an issue, but you’re still unsure whether or not this is the program for you, here’s what you can do:

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