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Top Dating Coaches for Women

A dating coach can help level up your dating skills and your success in finding romantic partners. 

They provide useful guidance on a range of topics, from creating a winning online profile and effective communication strategies to understanding body language and planning dates. 

Unlike therapists, dating coaches do not delve into deep emotional issues or past traumas. They also differ from relationship coaches, who typically focus on resolving conflicts within established relationships. 

You might find it helpful to consult a dating coach if you’re constantly disappointed by your dating life or if you’re struggling to meet new people and forge meaningful connections. 

If you’re a career-focused single mom, a recent divorcee, or a young professional looking for the right coach, be sure to keep reading!

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Dating Experts for Women Seeking Love

These professionals know the struggle of navigating the complex world of dating and are equipped to guide you through it with 10x more confidence. 

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Michelle Joiner

Michelle assists single Christian women in finding partners that align with their spiritual values and life goals.

She offers one-on-one private coaching and an online course called “The Christian Dating Playbook: 90 Days to Finding the One.” 

Her goal is to transform the conventional waiting in dating to a more proactive and enjoyable journey towards finding a life partner. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Jiveny Blair-West

Jiveny Blair-West is a highly regarded dating and attraction coach based in Australia. She holds certifications in life coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Meta Dynamics, Timeline Therapy, and IFS inspired coaching.

She works with clients from all walks of life, helping them overcome barriers that prevent them from having fulfilling love lives. 

Her approach involves educating them on the dynamics of modern dating and empowering them to navigate the dating world with clarity and confidence.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Crista Beck

Crista Beck is a seasoned dating coach and matchmaker with over a decade of experience.

She is the author of Break The Glass Slipper: Free Yourself of Fairy Tale Fantasies and Find True Love in Real Life, where she addresses common misconceptions about romantic relationships and guides people towards realistic and healthy dating practices.

In her practice, she uses a variety of tools and methodologies, including communication dynamics, Gestalt, Bioenergetics, and Reichian modalities to help her clients heal and find love.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Kelsey Wonderlin

Kelsey Wonderlin is a licensed therapist and dating coach who specializes in helping women build confidence, strategically date, and attract suitable partners. 

She has developed resources like the “Magnetic Dating Lab” and free guides that focus on the practical aspects of dating, such as improving dating profiles and handling ghosting. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Lily Womble

Lily Womble is a distinguished dating coach and founder of Date Brazen. 

Before stepping into dating coaching, she was one of the top matchmakers in the U.S., having set up nearly 400 dates. 

After her extensive experience as a matchmaker, Lily created Date Brazen to help women break free from disempowering dating patterns through carefully crafted coaching strategies.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

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How to Become a Dating Coach

If you want to pursue this coaching niche, be sure to check out the best certification programs (Hart Coaching Academy, Michelle Manley Coaching, and more). 

For relationship coaching, check out the following programs and resources:

  • Relationship Coaching Institute – Includes foundational courses on relationship coaching, as well as advanced training for enhancing intimacy and connection. Head to our RCI review to learn more.
  • Coach Training Alliance – Teaches essential skills for assessing relationship dynamics, identifying the strengths and limitations of each partner, and more. Learn more in our CTA review.
  • Fisher Relationship Coach Academy (FRCA) – Offers a comprehensive 12-week program conducted by Dr. Fisher, a licensed psychologist with extensive experience in couples counseling.
  • Transformation Academy – TA’s Relationship Workshop Facilitator program is a self-paced, 10-hour online course designed to help individuals run their own relationship workshops. Check out our TA review.
  • Center for Thriving Relationships – This program is led by a married couple with a deep background in coaching and psychotherapy. They offer over 50 scientifically-backed tools to enhance couples’ coaching.

Plus, The Coaching Tools Company’s collection of relationship coaching tools.

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