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5 Best Done-For-You Coaching Programs

Last updated on February 20, 2024

Starting a new coaching business can be overwhelming, and the challenge of having to create a coaching program from scratch without clients in sight doesn’t make it any easier. Should you spend time developing a signature course when you’re uncertain about what will resonate with your clients? There’s a simple solution—done-for-you coaching programs. 

While it’s important to develop your own program aligned with your beliefs and unique approach, starting with a DFY program can bridge the gap. It allows you to begin with coaching and learn from your initial clients while refining your own system. Let’s discover the best done-for-you coaching programs that you can set in motion straight away.

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What Is a Done-For-You Coaching Program?

A done-for-you coaching program is a pre-packaged solution created by someone else, typically an experienced coach. It is designed to equip new coaches with the tools and resources they need to launch their businesses and start earning money right away.

These programs feature a range of resources, including customizable coaching modules, coaching guides, worksheets, and marketing materials. With the help of these comprehensive programs, you can focus on acquiring clients and avoid the time-consuming process of developing your own program and curriculum.

Benefits of Done-For-You Coaching Programs

There are many benefits of resorting to done-for-you coaching programs. Here are just a few:

  • Saving time – Instead of spending months creating your program without any guarantee of having clients to sell to, you have the option to start coaching by putting your own branding on an existing program. This eliminates unnecessary delays and enables you to dive into coaching without hesitation or time-consuming preparations.
  • Based on proven practices – Done-for-you coaching programs are designed by coaching professionals who have already tested what works. You can rest assured that the resources you receive are developed based on proven practices that deliver tangible results in the coaching industry.
  • Ready-made materials for clients – You’ll receive worksheets, handouts, and assignments you can use with your clients, so you’ll get access to content for keeping your clients engaged and accountable. 
  • Marketing resources – The programs don’t just focus on providing you with coaching materials, but also on helping you promote and scale your business. Rather than wracking your brain trying to figure out which marketing tactics to use, you can utilize the done-for-you marketing materials from the program.
  • Customizable – When you purchase a done-for-you program, you have the freedom to add your unique touch to it. You can fully customize the program to align with your brand and reflect your individual style.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Done-For-You Coaching Program

Numerous factors come into play when deciding which done-for-you coaching program will best fit your coaching business. Here are a couple of crucial elements you should bear in mind. 

Coaching Niche

Even though done-for-you coaching programs are customizable, it is simpler to personalize a program that falls under your niche. If you want to build expertise in health coaching, for example, you should seek a program tailored to your field of interest. This will minimize the effort on your side and give you some insightful ideas on how you can structure and deliver your niche-focused coaching program. 

Program Cost

The price tag is usually one of the deciding factors and might instantly narrow down your choices. When you’re just starting out, every cent counts. Even if you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in a done-for-you program, there are budget-friendly options that offer a comprehensive package. The price varies from under $100 to $5,000, so whether you have a modest budget or are willing to invest more, you can find a done-for-you coaching program that accommodates your budgetary criteria.

Course Length

Done-for-you programs can be in the form of a 30-day course, a 6-month course, or a year-long coaching program. It will be easier to customize a course that aligns with your objectives and timeframe. If a program is more extensive than you had in mind, you can always turn the extra sessions into free bonus gifts, sign-up gifts, newsletter topics, and more.

Best Done-For-You Coaching Programs

Lifestyle and Business Coaching Option: Coach Glue

Coach Glue has a wide range of done-for-you coaching courses, including Burnout to Bliss, Digital Nomad Lifestyle, and Money Empowerment Bootcamp. The courses are mostly focused on business growth and client success, and they are well-suited for coaches who want to cover topics such as mindset, productivity, and entrepreneurship. 

Coach Glue Done-For-You Courses

Within the package, you’ll receive already-written course lessons, homework ideas, journal prompts, Facebook livestream themes and copy, sales copy, social media graphics, blog posts, and email templates. The content may vary slightly depending on the course. 

You can also take advantage of their free resources, such as coaching forms, guides, and printable marketing and profit planners.

  • Course Length: Not defined
  • Program Cost: $297

Life Coaching Option: The Coaching Tools Company

If you’re an aspiring life coach, the Coaching Tools Company might have the perfect coaching program for you. Their affordable 3-month brandable coaching program in a box encompasses a detailed framework, checklist, coaching process, exercises, tools, step-by-step user guides, and bonus marketing materials to kickstart your business.

The Coaching Tools Company – Renew You Love Your Life! Coaching Program (Brandable and Done for You)

The resources are easy to follow and customize, and you can use them for complete coaching programs, one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, or webinars. The marketing resources include marketing copy, social media posts, social media graphics, printable posters, and inspiring weekly quotes. 

  • Course Length: 3 months
  • Program Cost: $197

Niche Health Coaching Option: Rachel Feldman

Rachel Feldman is a successful business coach for health and wellness coaches whose done-for-you coaching programs have helped these professionals build their businesses from the ground up. Her library of DFY courses is tailor-made to accommodate various coaching forms, such as workshops, programs, challenges, and courses.

Rachel Feldman Done For You Programs Shop For Health Coaches

Some of the most popular complete coaching programs are 30+ days mega programs, 1-30 days gateway programs, and health and wellness courses. The courses cover a plethora of topics, from holistic life and meditation to weight loss and sugar repair. 

Most packages contain courses, e-guides, handouts, a launch plan, a pricing guide, a pre-launch checklist, questionnaires, Facebook post templates, done-for-you promotional sales pages, and a plethora of other marketing material. 

  • Course Length: Varies from 1 day to 6 months
  • Program Cost: $77–$2,997

Diversified Health Coaching Programs Option: The Health Coach Group

The Health Coach Group stands out with its incredible variety of health coaching programs with a diverse range of coaching niches and program types. They have everything from 7-day courses to year-long programs to long-term membership programs. 

The Health Coach Group Customizable Done-For-You Coaching Programs

The done-for-you subscription program is a membership business model designed for coaches. You can offer the Natural Health Immersion and Live Your Best Life programs as subscription services to your clients, with content that spans more than 2 years (each program is a one-year subscription).

All programs come with course content and materials for engaging clients as well as marketing and business support in the form of templates, email content, weekly topics, marketing plans, and more.

  • Course Length: Varies from 7 days to 2 years
  • Program Cost: $597–$4,697

Health Coaching Female Clients Option: Dr. Kim Foster Vibrant Woman Project

Life coaching statistics show that over 75% of coaching clients are females, which explains why many coaches narrow their target audience to women. If you want to specialize in health coaching for women, Dr. Kim Foster’s Vibrant Woman Project can be the ideal done-for-you program. 

Dr. Kim Foster Vibrant Woman Project DFY Program

Dr. Kim Foster is an MD who changed her profession to become a health coaching expert. Her Vibrant Woman Project is a 90-day, done-for-you coaching program for women’s health and well-being. It addresses body image, nutrition, hormones, self-care, relationships, happiness, and more.

This all-inclusive package comes with a 12-module program, including slide decks and workbooks, session outlines and coaching guides, a welcome pack for clients, marketing materials, and social media templates. You can modify every element, including the name of the program. 

  • Course Length: 90 days
  • Program Cost: Single payment of $797 or 3 months of payments of $295

Additional Tools for Starting Out as a Life Coach

Life Coaching Programs

Life coaching is a profession that asks for continual personal and professional development. If you want to work on your life coaching expertise and enhance your coaching confidence, enrolling in a life coaching certification program can be a wise move. Besides learning the art of life coaching, certification can build your credibility and help you position yourself as a professional in the field.

Life Coach in certification program - transformation academy review

When it comes to our top picks, we recommend Transformation Academy as the best budget-friendly coaching program with a wide array of niche certifications. We’ve researched this program in-depth, so be sure to check out our review.

For comprehensive and hands-on coach training, our top selection is Coach Training Alliance. Our CTA review dives into their offerings and advantages. Read the full article if you want to learn more about this sought-after life coaching program.

Life Coaching Software

If you’re seeking done-for-you tools that can simplify your business processes, life coaching software can be a life savior. Coaching platforms can automate every aspect of your business, including creating coaching programs (some even come with ready-made coaching program templates), invoicing, collecting payments, booking sessions, and so much more. 

If this sounds like something you’d love to introduce to your practice, be sure to check out our list of the best coaching software.


A life coaching career is a journey, and there’ll be plenty of time for creating a signature coaching program. If you want to save time and energy and learn more about your clients’ needs and desires before committing to designing a program yourself, a done-for-you coaching program can be the perfect solution. With customization options and diversified material, you can make these ready-made programs your own and begin coaching hassle-free. 

If you want to invest in your coaching capabilities, Transformation Academy and Coach Training Alliance are our go-to options for effective coach training.

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