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Best Energy Certification Programs

Last updated on February 24, 2024

Self-discovery and self-healing can lead to profound transformation and empowerment in people’s lives. If you dream of becoming the guide who shows people the way toward that life-altering metamorphosis, energy coaching may be a career that’s perfectly designed for you. 

Do you want to establish a coaching practice and build a reputation as a professional energy coach? An energy coach certification can help you start this rewarding career.

Read on to learn about the best energy coaching training programs with our list of the top certifications.

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What Is an Energy Coach?

Energy coaching is a transformative approach that guides clients toward achieving balance, revitalization, and healing in their mind, body, and spirit. The purpose of energy coaching is to empower clients to become their own healers, using energy exercises and processes that tap into their intuition, creativity, and spiritual expansion.

What does an energy coach do? Well, the journey of energy coaching begins with an exploration of the client’s current emotions, thoughts, and experiences. The coach navigates the client’s transformation with the help of questions and exercises geared toward gaining clarity and awareness about their energy patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that may be blocking their well-being. With this newfound awareness, clients can shift their energy and release any blockages.

How To Become an Energy Coach

Getting certified isn’t an indispensable step, since there’s no regulatory body that requires life coaches to have a certification. However, a training program that gets you certified is the most structured and straightforward path to learning all about energy coaching while also obtaining proof of your expertise.

What’s the Best Intuitive Life Coach Certification Program?

Being a certified energy coaching expert, you’ll be able to market yourself better and attract more clients as a result. But that’s not all. Through training, you’ll tap into your own energy, do your own healing, and enhance your coaching capabilities so you can confidently step into this field. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Energy Coaching Certification

How can you know which certification is for you? To choose wisely, you’ll want to consider the following essential factors. 

Program Cost

First of all, you should take into account how much you are able or willing to invest in your training. The fees tend to vary widely, so you might want to commence the search with a certain budget in mind. Online courses are usually more affordable than in-person ones, and they offer more flexibility and better variety. 

Course Length

Courses can take days, weeks, or months. Some programs are designed as intensive few-day-long courses, while others take their time and arrange the content into digestible units. If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to attend scheduled classes, you can always choose a program that is self-paced and learn on your own terms. 


You will come across both accredited and non-accredited reputable certification programs. So, which should you pick? It’s important to understand that accreditation isn’t mandatory, and you can find instructive and all-encompassing programs without accreditation. However, if you’d like to boost your list of credentials, accreditation can be a nice addition. The gold standard for accreditation in the coaching industry is the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Best Energy Life Coach Programs

Top Pick: With Heart Communications

With Heart Certified Energy Coach™ Certification is an ICF-accredited training program that added its unique touch to energy coaching. They will show you how to coach in line with their foundational principles: integrity, discipline, radical compassion, and intuitive connection. The program is not only about coach training but also about leadership development.

With Heart Communications logo

Apart from the comprehensive lessons and student group calls, your training will also include 3 months of one-on-one private sessions with a Certified With Heart Energy Coach™. The icing on the cake is that With Heart™ marketing experts will help you build your brand and create your coaching business. 

The program is divided into two terms: With Heart™ Leadership Training Program and With Heart Certified Energy Coach™ Training. In both segments, you’ll be able to take part in in-person 3-day retreats. 

  • Course Length: 10 months
  • Program Cost: Available upon request
  • Accreditation: ICF
  • Mode of Delivery: Online + in-person retreats (retreat costs aren’t included)

Individual and Group Coaching Option: Coaching Institute

The Energy Coach Certification by Coaching Institute will teach you how to support clients through discovering their inner truth and higher self, and also how to improve your own energy, deepen your spiritual presence, and enhance your creativity.

They will train you for both individual and group coaching, and their approach is highly interactive. You’ll learn through live classes, workshops, and live weekly practice labs and meditations. Mentorship classes with the founders are another highly valued addition.

Modules cover topics like energy, healing with intuition, meditations for inner peace and healing, and how to empower clients to live a balanced and purposeful life in connection with the universe. The training will also introduce you to their signature Activation™ Method Coaching, a type of life coaching that emphasizes spirituality and creativity while valuing clients’ authentic selves and inner strengths. 

If you’d like to test out their approach, you can sign up for free access for 72 hours to the level 1 coursework, insight into three Activation™ Method coaching strategies, and a free online live meditation.

  • Course Length: 6 months of live classes, but you can graduate at any time
  • Program Cost: Available upon request
  • Accreditation: None
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Multi-Tiered Learning Option: Life Energy Coaching

Life Energy Coaching offers a wide array of options and several learning levels in the sphere of energy coaching. Level 1 includes two programs, Love Your Self and Financial Freedom, which tackle the two most common energy-blocking obstacles: lack of self-love and financial dependence.  

Life Energy Coaching logo

After you complete Level 1, you can further your journey through Level 2, which delves into knowing yourself and knowing your purpose. The last level, Level 3, is focused on enhancing the abundance mindset and encompasses three distinct programs: Love Your Business, Enlightened Wealth, and Conscious Relationship. 

These programs will help you reach the highest proficiency in the field of energy, but if you’d like to earn a life energy coach certification, you can enroll in their certification program. It covers energy transformation, coaching techniques, and business building in 6 modules.

If you’d like to work more on your transformation, you can take part in their group energy coaching, human energetics program, or transformation video programs.

  • Course Length: 7 months (Life Energy Coach Certification)
  • Program Cost: $9,997 (Life Energy Coach Certification)
  • Accreditation: None
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Spiritual Energy Coach Option: Transformation Academy

Do you want to work on the spiritual aspect of energy coaching? The Spiritual Life Coach Certification by Transformation Academy is the most affordable and streamlined way to do it.

Transformation Academy logo

This training combines coaching strategies with energy, soul, and spirit. What we love about Transformation Academy is that it sets you up with done-for-you templates, worksheets, intake forms, and questionnaires that you can use right away with clients. 

Alternatives (non-niche)

Do you want to take your learning beyond energy coaching? Maybe hone your mindfulness coaching skills or intuitive life coaching? There are numerous life coaching specialties that are open to you if you want to explore more.

Our top pick for niche life coaching training or boosting your general life coaching capabilities is Coach Training Alliance. Their programs are highly comprehensive, they are focused on hands-on training, and they hold ICF accreditation. If you’d like to know more, read our CTA review.


As an energy coach, you can do meaningful work. Nothing should stand in the way of your true calling, so the next step is to find a certification that matches your coaching vision and allow yourself to tap into your coaching powers. 

Not ready to tie yourself down to energy coaching? Or do you maybe want to enhance energy coaching with another life coaching specialty? You can explore more options in the life coaching field at Coach Training Alliance or Transformation Academy


  • How much does an energy coach make?

Energy coaches fall under the umbrella of life coaching, so the average energy coach’s salary ranges between $62,500 and $245,000 per year, according to iPEC.

  • Do you need a certification to be an energy coach?

You don’t need certification as a prerequisite for entering the energy coaching industry; however, certification is what differentiates a self-proclaimed energy coach and a certified energy coach. Certification also helps with attracting clients and ensuring them of your expertise. 

  • How much does an energy coach certification cost?

Costs vary and can range from less than $200 to over $10,000.

  • Does accreditation matter in an energy coach certification program?

Accreditation matters in terms of building your reputation and earning recognition among clients and fellow coaches. 

  • What is the most recognized coaching certification? 

Prospective clients are hardly familiar with every coaching program available; in fact, most coaches don’t keep up with the wide variety of courses. So, instead of emphasizing the name of the program, it’s simpler to pursue an accredited certification from reputable institutes such as ICF or the Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency. That’s a quicker way to gain international recognition.

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