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7 Best Group Coaching Software

Last updated on February 8, 2024

If group sessions or memberships are essential components of your coaching services, basic automation platforms won’t cut it. What can make your day-to-day responsibilities a whole lot easier is a platform that includes group coaching or membership features.

We’ve already reviewed top-notch life coaching software designed to automate your coaching business, and now, we’ll shift our attention to a more specific aspect—group coaching software. Let’s delve into the popular coaching platforms that support group coaching functionalities.

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Top Pick: Paperbell

As software designed and developed by coaches, Paperbell ensures that your coaching business is streamlined from top to bottom, and that includes group coaching. You can use this platform to showcase, deliver, and sell your group coaching sessions. It’s also super intuitive and has a stunning interface and a reasonable price tag. 

Paperbell - The All-in-One Coaching Software for Busy Coaches


  • Group coaching
  • Scheduling
  • CRM
  • Custom shop page
  • Custom landing pages
  • Client portal
  • Contracts
  • Payments
  • Digital downloads
  • Intake surveys
  • Reminder emails
  • Integrations (Google Calendar, Zoom, Skype, Zapier, PayPal, etc.)

Streamline your group coaching admin tasks by automating email communication with your clients. You can set up triggers so that the entire group receives messages upon purchase and before or after each call.

If your group coaching packages include a membership in a social media group, Paperbell has your back. You can incorporate access to platforms like Facebook groups and Voxer into your group coaching.

You can limit the number of participants in Paperbell, and it will automatically close registration once it reaches your desired number. Instead of managing enrollment manually and keeping track of the limit, Paperbell will keep an eye on the scheduling process. 

Find out all about this powerful software in this review. If you wish to know how Paperbell stacks up against competitors, refer to our Paperbell alternatives article.


Paperbell’s pricing is based on monthly membership rather than the number of clients, and all features are included. Thus, when your business scales, your cost stays the same. With an annual subscription, the cost is $47.50 per month, and the first 2 months are free of charge. 

You can also give Paperbell a test run by signing up for a free account that supports managing one client. Here’s the best part: the free account is for as long as you like, with no time restrictions.

Group Engagement Option: CoachAccountable

CoachAccountable is a feature-rich software with many different benefits for group coaching. It stands out with its many options designed to keep clients engaged. From competitions to joint projects, you can design an interactive journey for your clients.

Coach Accountable logo - CoachAccountable Reviews, Pricing, and Features – The Ultimate Guide for Coaches


  • Group coaching
  • Scheduling
  • Client management
  • Course creation and sales
  • Team management
  • Contracts
  • Payments
  • Activity history
  • Reporting
  • Integrations (Zoom, Zapier, Stripe, PayPal, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Apple iCal, etc.)

This platform promotes joint accountability and friendly competition among participants by allowing them to keep track of their goals and achievements as well as the progress of their peers. Group metrics track progress toward shared goals to create a sense of unity among group members.

You can also divide tasks among group members using the Group Projects feature to promote teamwork within the coaching groups. It’s totally up to you to organize clients into admin-only groups or choose the level of privacy for client interactions. 

For a full rundown of CoachAccountable’s features, check out our CoachAccountable review and find out how it differs from other software’s features in our CoachAccountable alternatives article.


With every pricing plan, you’ll get a fully-featured system, so the cost depends only on the number of clients. It begins at $20 per month for 2 clients, so it’s more suited for small coaching businesses. Each client within a group is registered as one client.  

A free trial is available for 30 days, so you’ll have enough time to figure out whether this is the software for you.

Advanced Analytics Option: Delenta

Delenta is quite a popular life coaching software, especially if you’re looking for nifty add-ons like advanced analytics and a mobile app for enhanced client experience. It packs a lot of features, including allowing you to schedule group sessions. It also has an integrated video conferencing functionality so you can deliver group sessions straight from the platform. 

Delenta logo - Delenta Reviews – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?


  • Group coaching
  • Scheduling
  • CRM
  • Landing page builder
  • Creating and selling courses
  • Custom branding
  • Contracts
  • Payments
  • Community
  • Reports
  • Mobile app
  • Integrations (Zoom, MailChimp, PayPal, Outlook, Stripe, Zapier, Google Calendar, etc.)

Delenta’s toolbox has everything you need to deliver group coaching. You can allow clients to book group sessions with you, limit the number of participants, and collect payments.

You will also be able to keep track of all your coaching hours and group sessions through Delenta’s analytics and coaching log.

The group coaching feature also enables you to create one-time and recurring coaching sessions and add participants who will be automatically notified of the upcoming meeting.

Head to our Delenta review for a full feature overview or our Delenta alternatives post, which offers an in-depth comparison with other sought-after software.


The Starter package costs only $19 per month when paid annually, but to access group coaching management features, you need to upgrade to the Pro plan, which is priced at $39 per month. This plan is limited to 40 clients.

The platform is very generous, with a free trial that lasts a whole month (30 days). Plus, for a limited time, Delenta is giving our readers a 50% discount on monthly or annual plans with the code LCM50.

Membership Option: Simplero

Simplero is best known for its sale-enticing features and email marketing functionalities, but when it comes to group coaching, we’re focusing on its membership option. You can create a membership site where your clients can enroll in your coaching programs, so it’s perfect for coaches who mainly focus on these types of services. Another advantage is the ability to create groups and forums on-site to keep your clients engaged and accountable. 

Simplero logo - How Simplero Will Help Your Coaching Business


Simplero membership sites are the home of all the content for coaching packages. You can use membership sites to deliver courses, set up a forum, create a member directory, and share engagement badges with clients. 

With worksheets, quizzes, and a members-only blog, your clients will have exclusive access to a supportive community that you can organize according to different groups. 

Since Simplero has a lot of unique and powerful features, we recommend reading our comprehensive Simplero review and Simplero alternatives articles.


Simplero’s cheapest plan is $59 per month, giving you access to 1 membership site. For unlimited membership sites, you need to sign up for the Scale plan, priced at $149 per month. 

The free trial lasts 14 days if you’d like to try it out first.

Comprehensive Option: Bonsai

If you want software that can do it all—in addition to supporting group coaching—Bonsai can be an ideal pick. When you take into account that Bonsai combines scheduling, financial management (taxes, accounting, and banking), client management, and session delivery, it comes as no surprise that group coaching is also one of its prominent features.

Bonsai logo - Bonsai Reviews, Features, and Pricing – A Complete Guide


  • Group coaching
  • Scheduling
  • Client management 
  • Client portal
  • Financial management 
  • Contracts and e-signing
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Collaboration tools
  • Client intake forms
  • Session notes
  • Prebuilt templates
  • Integrations (Gmail, Google Calendar, Zapier, QuickBooks, etc.)

You have the freedom to specify whether you offer private coaching, group sessions, or a combination of both, so you can adapt to different client needs and preferences. Your group coaching sessions can be pre-recorded or live, as Bonsai supports both. 

Bonsai lets you define and communicate session details, including frequency, the number of meetings per month, and the conditions for canceling or rescheduling sessions. Such transparency and clarity in the coaching package ensures that there are no misunderstandings.

Our Bonsai review reveals the ins and outs of this software, while the Bonsai alternatives article shows how it compares to the other all-in-one software solutions.


The starting price is $21 per month, and it covers unlimited clients and up to 5 project collaborators. All plans include invoicing, payments, and expense management.

You can try Bonsai for free for 7 days, giving you sufficient time to see whether this software is a fit for you. 

Small Coaching Business Options: Practice

Practice is an intuitive, affordable, all-in-one software that features group coaching and package creation. This platform is our go-to choice for small coaching businesses who want simple but powerful software to streamline their practice end-to-end. We’re not the only ones who think so, as Practice has earned several awards from G2 related to small businesses and support. logo - Practice Software Review – Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know


  • Group coaching
  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • CRM
  • Customization
  • Client portal
  • Creating packages
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Contracts
  • File storage
  • Forms
  • Mobile app
  • Integrations (Google, Stripe, and Zoom)

​​One of the things we love about Practice is that you can refine your scheduling options in great detail. You can adjust gaps between group sessions, determine how soon clients can book, and establish specific scheduling rules for various appointment types, among other settings.

Practice has a built-in chat option, and it supports voice messages and group chat, so communicating with your clients and keeping all the group members engaged can be a breeze.

To keep clients accountable, you can create shared to-do lists that all group members can access and keep track of action items.

Discover the reasons behind Practice’s success and what makes it one of the best coaching software solutions in our Practice review.


The pricing plan isn’t influenced by the number of clients, which is one of the many reasons that makes this software a good match for small businesses that aim to thrive and scale. The monthly fee begins at $28 per month. You can also opt for a single payment of $1,200 that gives you lifetime access to the platform.

Practice provides a 7-day free trial. It isn’t an extensive trial period, but it can be more than enough to give it a whirl and see how it fits your needs.

Medium to Large Coaching Business Option: Profi

Do you run a medium to large coaching business? Do you collaborate with other coaches? Then Profi might be the best-suited platform for your needs. It supports memberships and group sessions, but moreover, it has a collaboration feature so you can co-host programs with fellow coaches. 

Profi logo - Profi – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?


  • Group coaching
  • Memberships
  • Scheduling
  • Client portal
  • Co-hosting with other users
  • Secure video calls and chat 
  • Building programs and curricula
  • Automated billing system
  • Forms and journaling
  • Messaging
  • Integrations (Zapier, Zoom, Google, Outlook, Sendgrid, Twilio, Vonage, Wistia, etc.)

Profi is very diversified when it comes to coaching services. You can use it to deliver individual and group sessions, membership-based coaching programs, webinars, and coaching packages. Whether you want to design and sell signature programs or co-author programs, Profi will make it happen.

The video feature is built-in, so you can host your group sessions right from Profi. Screen recording is also available if you want to record sessions and re-use them later on. 

To discover more about Profi’s collaboration feature (as well as other powerful functionalities), be sure to read our Profi review. Our Profi alternatives article is an informative read if you’re curious how this platform compares to other software options (including the ones on this list).


The starting price is $90 per month for up to 100 clients. The cost is on the higher side of the scale, but you can see for yourself if it’s worth the cost with the 30-day free trial.

Final Thoughts

These coaching software have earned their place on our list not only because of their group coaching and membership features but also because of the outstanding experience they deliver to both coaches and clients. They are user-friendly, comprehensive, and designed with coaches’ specific requirements in mind. By using any of these platforms, you can simplify the management of your coaching business and free up more time to focus on your personal and professional development. 

Want to dig deeper into the best coaching software? Our list of the top life coaching platforms will introduce you to top-rated options favored among coaches and clients alike. 

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