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How to Wear a Crown: The Movement Creating World Worth

Last updated on June 7, 2022

Editor’s Note: Rachel Greenwell is the author of How to Wear a Crown: A Practical Guide to Knowing Your Worth. Below, Rachel gives us an overview of the teachings presented in her book. 

Wearing a Crown is a way of life. It is a way of being. It is a movement that has been developed for a big purpose. 

The purpose of How to Wear a Crown is to teach the world its worth. My goal and spiritual mission is to do this one person at a time, however I can reach that person. 

I believe that world peace is possible. This is what I call my “Miss America moment.” Picture the girl in the gown and the crown waving to the people on the stage. It might sound like a fairytale, but it comes from a real place. World peace is possible. But not without World Worth first. 

See, I believe in a universal law called the law of attraction. It basically means “as above so below,” “as within so without.” What we are inside is what we get on the outside. We create our external realities based upon our internal state of being. 

Peace on the inside equals peace on the outside. 

This goes without saying…but we do NOT currently have world peace. I know, I know…it didn’t take a genius to make that statement. But what our lack of peace on the planet tells me is that according to the law of attraction, this means we lack peace on the inside. It means there is a lot of internal conflict. 

What is internal conflict? 

Internal conflict is when parts of yourself are not in agreement with other parts of yourself. Such as, “one part of me wants to go after my dream of starting my own business, while the other part of me wants to stay safe at my 9-5 job.”

This internal conflict creates a lack of peace inside of a person. 

My internal conflict was rooted in self-hate. The various parts of me were unkind to each other and did not have good conflict resolution skills. I didn’t like myself. I hated most of my parts and had tons of shame about their presence. 

When I learned my worth and began a journey of learning to love myself, I learned to love all of me. I learned to be kind to parts of myself I used to hate. Peace came from this practice of self-love and parts work inside of my own mind and consciousness. 

I had to find self-worth before I could find self peace.

We create our external realities based upon our internal state of being.

We have to find world worth before we can achieve world peace. 

How to Wear a Crown is an actionable guide and program to do the work inside of you to get the results you need, to not only create inner peace for yourself but to be a part of the movement that will create world peace. 

The program is broken down into four parts that we call the Rules of Royalty. I want to offer you some of the best teachings from each of these rules. 

The 4 Rules of Royalty

  1. Speak to yourself like Royalty 
  2. Treat yourself like Royalty
  3. Carry yourself like Royalty
  4. Honor yourself like Royalty 

Speak to Yourself Like Royalty 

Speaking to yourself like Royalty does NOT mean calling yourself Sire or M’lady…that would just be weird. It IS about learning to be kind to yourself in your mind. When you are standing in front of the mirror in the morning, instead of saying “ew, gross,” when you see your fine lines and bedhead hair, instead say, “Good morning beautiful, let’s get you taken care of and feeling great today.”

But it’s deeper than that. Speaking to yourself like Royalty means doing the real work to uncover belief systems that are keeping you down. A reaction such as “ew, gross,” is evidence of a deeper belief—that your wrinkles are gross or that growing older is in some way “disgusting.” 

There is information in our self-talk that helps us to uncover the root beliefs that are causing us shameful feelings. Once we’ve identified our harmful beliefs, we can sculpt our self-talk to use it consciously to combat the internalized beliefs that hold us back.

There is information in our self talk that helps us to uncover the root beliefs that are causing us shameful feelings.

We don’t say pretty affirmations just to say them. We find the ones that WE need, and we use them on purpose to change our subconscious minds. 

Treat Yourself Like Royalty

Treating yourself like Royalty doesn’t mean bowing to yourself in the mirror or kissing your own hand (though you can if you want to add a little extra spice to your self-love soup). I’m also not talking about showering yourself with expensive gifts or getting spa treatments every day. What I mean is knowing what you are worth is so powerful that you are willing to care for yourself as if you were a royal being. Care for yourself as well as you would someone you hold in high regard.

This is simple. It means be NICE to YOU. Don’t let yourself do things that create negative consequences in your life. Don’t allow people to do things to you that have negative consequences. Take care of yourself like you would the person you love most in the world. 

It’s more than a bubble bath and pedicures. Treating yourself like Royalty means changing your perspective about yourself from the core and thinking about yourself as something precious and of value that is deserving of protection, attention, care, energy, respect, and love, and following through with the steps to achieve these things for yourself. 

It’s one thing to do our self-talk and tell ourselves we deserve something…but we move into treating ourselves like Royalty once we put forth the effort to achieve it.

Carry Yourself Like Royalty

Carrying yourself like Royalty means that you care about the way you present yourself to the world. It’s about choosing the actions in the physical world that prove that you care about yourself and that are in alignment with someone who is worthy. This part is about turning the feeling of self-worth into the picture of self-worth.

Treating ourselves like Royalty is a great start. We will be able to tell and FEEL the difference it makes when we practice this. But carrying ourselves like Royalty is the next level because we start amplifying this self-worth energy and going after the BIG STUFF. 

This is about letting our newfound self-worth back our big dreams and fuel our goals. When you carry yourself like Royalty, you will start feeling like you belong in rooms you would have never pictured yourself in before. You’ll say yes to the invitation, or better yet, you’ll reach out and ask for a seat at the table. 

woman beaming with pride

When we know our worth, our purpose in the world is revealed, or we finally feel capable of fulfilling that big purpose that we always knew we had and thought we weren’t enough for. 

But mostly, carrying yourself like Royalty means loving yourself exactly where you are RIGHT NOW while going after everything you want. It means you know who you are, what you want, and where you are going, and that no matter what the picture of your life is right now, you hold your head high and your shoulders back exuding confidence wherever you go. 

Honor Yourself Like Royalty 

This part is about a deeper understanding of what really matters. It’s about tapping into the intuitive nature of your soul in order to love yourself in the way that only you could need to be loved. 

Honoring yourself like Royalty means ridding yourself of strict goals and structured rules for your life and exchanging them for deep, intentional, energetic alignment as a way of life. 

Honoring yourself also means allowing yourself to be in your pure authentic nature and to see yourself in the beauty of that truth—in all your flaws and in all your goodness and loving it all—and then only accepting relationships with others who can do the same. 

And this part is so fun….because this is the part where I tell you to spoil yourself and reward yourself. It’s the “play hard” part of “work hard, play hard,” the luxurious side of learning to wear a Crown. You deserve the best out of life, so indulge a little; hell, indulge a lot! Treat yourself to things and experiences that feel good. 

And lastly, know that it is okay to just be. It’s okay to rest and enjoy. 

You were designed to live a beautiful life of peace, love, health, and wealth. 

I believe in you and your ability to create it.

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Rachel Greenwell - Life & Spirituality Coach
Rachel Greenwell

Rachel Greenwell is a certified Life & Spiritual Coach. She specializes in metaphysical subjects and helps people navigate their healing journeys. Aside from helping others, Rachel enjoys creating art in many forms. She is a painter, a musician, and a writer. 

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