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Juliette Karaman – Feel Fully You

Last updated on May 17, 2022

Juliette Karaman is the founder of the UK-based coaching practice Feel Fully You. Follow along to hear Juliette’s captivating story and to learn about the multitude of interests and skillsets that she brings to her coaching.

Coaching Focus: As a coach and hypnotherapist and a trainer of trainers, I am certified in a lot of different ways to tackle feeling in both mind and body. I specialise in the reinvention of the most intimate relationship in life—the one you have with yourself.

Location: United Kingdom

Connect: You can find Juliette online at her website, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

Tell us about your journey as a coach.

I have several different certifications in hypnotherapy, TRE, non-violent communication, NLP, CBD, Somatic Experiencing, and other modalities. I started out as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator 15 years ago, so after doing my teaching and psychology degree, I helped teach youngsters on the spectrum with learning disadvantages.

Over the years I added to my certifications and more and more people asked me for relationship advice and coaching. I have coached and tested over 350 coaches and therapists over the past 8 years in improving their skills to help their clients better.

My life’s work is to help women understand why they feel stuck and guide them through a process that restores their radiance and unlocks all the pleasure and possibilities they are capable of. My programs are a full-bodied, full-feeling, direct coaching journey.

I call it a journey because it’s designed to find authentic ways to bring you back to your fullest self—mind, body, and soul—NOT just talk around the issues.

What courses, programs, or certifications have you done? Would you recommend them, and for whom?

I have several coaching certifications:

What advice would you give to a new coach trying to get her first clients? Any advice they should ignore?

  • Be Yourself!!! No one is looking for someone who has got EVERYTHING together. Our vulnerability makes us approachable and real!
  • Give free masterclasses with a call to action. This can be booking a call, an offer for a paid programme, or a VIP day.
  • When people are asking what you do, tell them, or better yet, show them! Ask them what they do and what is going well and not so well in their lives. Then you can let them know that is what you do, help people with…. (whatever it is you do). Have conversations, be interested, build relationships. When these people have something come up and may start to think about working with a coach, they will think of you.
  • If you’re coming from the mindset that your clients choose you, not from NEED, but from magnetism, you’ll attract like-minded people!
  • Provide value, be visible on social media and in certain Facebook groups, and do your own practices to keep your nervous system steady to receive!

If you’re coming from the mindset that your clients choose you, not from NEED, but from magnetism, you’ll attract like-minded people!

At first, I gave free sessions in exchange for testimonials. It builds up your confidence!

After that, I would book complimentary sessions and make it clear that in 3 days I would text them to see how they had integrated. If it felt aligned, they would sign up for a 5 session emotional detox package with me. No pressure on either side, just the desire to serve!

I was confident that once people got a taste of how much change they could see in 1 session, they would sign up for a 5 session pack afterward. 85% of the people I gave complimentary sessions to texted me back to ask how they could work with me—or referred friends.

Word of mouth is the best advertisement!!

What are your thoughts on “choosing a niche” as a coach?

I was taught to pick a niche when I first started coaching in the relationship and intimacy space.

Over the years, I have helped so many other coaches and therapists with trauma and leveling up their businesses that this initial niche is no longer the sole thing I do.

Remember we are evolving and growing over a lifetime, so your niche can too!

I would say, however, niche your offerings. For instance, you can run a money programme, and another programme on intimacy. Make sure the copy for each programme is niched!

What books have significantly influenced your life? What are your key takeaways from these books?

You Are the Placebo by Joe Dispenza was one of the first books I read on how important our beliefs are for manifestation. The mind doesn’t know the difference between a “real” thing happening or a “belief.” In the book he shares many examples of how patients were cured by taking a placebo and believing.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl is still one of my favorites, although it was written so long ago. It shows the human mindset and the concept of paradoxical intention—the deliberate practice of a neurotic activity or thought in order to remove the disorder. For example, the more a person strives to get rid of a stutter, the more it persists. When intentionally stuttering, this grows weaker and disappears. I use this concept in my processes a lot and duplicate it.

Gurdjieff, a famous spiritual master in the West, used dramatisation in the removal of problems and explains, “instead of trying to remove an unpleasant state by force, and resist it, you should consciously give it energy, feel it as intensely and completely as possible.”

Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott takes this concept a bit further and shows us where we “get off on,” or actually like, the things that keep us back.

For new coaches and old coaches, I’d recommend The Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin and Steven Chandler. Once you implement all these concepts, you can’t help but make an impact on people’s lives.

If you received an extra $10,000 to spend on your business, how would you spend it and why?

I would get an incredible assistant/team member to help me with the backend so I can concentrate on coaching, mentoring, and the courses I run. I already have brilliant mentors that I consult with and, through my proximity to them, my business has grown substantially.

My advice is to always invest in yourself and get private coaching/mentoring. If that is out of your price range, a group programme or mastermind is a great alternative. There is such massive growth in walking shoulder to shoulder with others who are equal but different!

What are some of your favorite thoughts or journal prompts currently? Why?

“How does this get to be more pleasurable/ blissful? What can I do to make this moment easier? What is my body telling me, what does it want in this moment?”

This prompt forces me to get out of my head and “push through,” take a breath, tap into me and my wisdom. It oftentimes looks like moving my body, a tremor might arise as breath moves through, emotions will come through to be fully felt. There will be new thoughts, images, emotions, and body sensations that come up, and I allow myself to FEEL all of these, and move my body to integrate these, until all this “content “ no longer arises and there is pure bliss.

This for me is self pleasure!

I will then journal for 10 minutes or so, doing a brain dump and automatic writing a few times a week.

When you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or have lost your focus or motivation, what do you do?

I stop everything I do and FEEL, I track what my thought is, the image, the body sensation and the emotion. I fully allow myself to feel all and then notice what else comes up and again feel those 4 elements. Usually this takes less than 5-7 minutes before I am clear again. I do this practice with a timer on my phone—3 times a day for 2 minutes. We all have 6 minutes that we can spend on ourselves!!!

Do you have any examples of how a “failure” set you up for later success?

If it were not for a “failed” relationship, I would not be a coach and mentor today.

It forced me to look at myself and how I had been so busy running a household of 7 children with all their respective needs, that I had little or no time to look after myself or even know what was important to ME!

I often see other women in the same pattern. At one point they wake up and realise that this is not what they had envisioned for themselves. Couples fall into their habits and, although there is a lot of love, there is little intimacy between them—and no, I do not only mean sexual intimacy!

It took the breakdown of my second relationship for me to have an honest look at my life and to realise that I was not leading the life I wanted, and to do something about it.

By getting to rockbottom, I know what it is like when I have clients who go through the same. By experiencing massive grief by serving as a doula to my sister, father, and mother, I have built my capacity to hold grief and joy, and hold others in theirs too.

All of our life experiences can help us guide others to not have to go through the same pain.

Do you have any embarrassing (at the time) stories from your work as a coach? Or a time when putting yourself out there really paid off?

I was one of the main teachers in a 6-month coaching programme, and I was scheduled to teach the weekend after the funeral of my dear sister. Everyone had asked if I was up to it, and I, frankly, wanted to get out and have a break from grieving.

When I got on stage to teach, I opened my mouth to speak and a long wail came out…

I looked at the rows of students, looking at me as I stood wordlessly, with all my emotions bare, raw, for everyone to see.

I stood there for a good 5 minutes and let the room FEEL all of me.

It was deadly quiet, and everyone continued to meet my gaze, some crying, some expressions willing me on, expressing such love in their faces.

When I finally started teaching, the whole meaning of intimacy had taken on a completely different turn. I showed them that as a leader you can be human and share your pain, and it does not make you weak.

Years later, I still have students tell me that this was one of the most impactful moments of their coaching programme.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Being a coach and a mentor has been the most rewarding thing I have done besides having my kids. Coaching allows us to create a real connection with each other and to walk shoulder to shoulder with another soul who is having this human experience and all the ups and downs that come with it.

Emotional intelligence has been a massive gamechanger for me and my clients. When you do the work on yourself, with or without a coach, it filters down and impacts all of those around you.

I used to tell my clients who came to me with relationship issues that it only takes one person to change the relationship. I have seen massive change in my partner, my kids, and even my ex-husband as I journey through the expansion of what is possible!

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