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Life Coach Directory

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How to Find a Life Coach

The Life Coach Magazine Directory is coming soon! In the mean time, here are some of the best places to look for a life coach.


Thumbtack website - Life Coach Directory

Thumbtack is a popular service that connects you with professionals in your area. You can find everything from an electrician to a tennis instructor. And you can also find life coaches!

The advantage of Thumbtack is that you can see verified reviews of any coaches you might be interested in working with. Since the platform is focused on finding professionals in your area, the coaches in your results will be local. You can also filter by coaching topics like career, positive habits, stress management, relationships, and spirituality.

Visit to find life coaches on Thumbtack.

The Life Coach School

The Life Coach School has a directory of coaches on their website. These coaches have all been certified through the Life Coach School certification program. The Life Coach School is a popular and well-respected organization in the life coaching community.

These coaches have a range of specialties including weight loss coaching, over-drinking (helping you stop drinking), confidence and mindset coaching, relationships and marriage coaching, business coaching, health and wellness coaching, motherhood and raising kids, and even specific business verticals like real estate coaching, public speaking, doctors, and more.

Many also have specific backgrounds like Christian, LDS life coaches, Buddhist, stay at home moms, etc. Most of these coaches are women, so if you’re looking for a female life coach, you’re in luck!

Head to to find a coach.

International Coaching Federation

ICF Life Coach Directory

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is a global organization dedicated to advancing coaching as a profession. They are well-established, respected, and set high standards for their coaching certifications. ICF certified coaches must meet stringent education and experience requirements, as well as mastery of core competencies set by ICF.

You can find their life coach directory at You can also verify that a coach has an ICF credential here.

Find a Coach through Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are two great places to find coaches promoting their services. Try posting to Facebook asking if any of your friends know and life coaches. You’ll probably be surprised at the results. You can also check out the #lifecoach hashtag on Instagram, and you’ll find lots of coaches. Scroll through until you find some who resonate with you. You can even just start following some until you decide you’re ready to have an initial consultation.

Other Coaching Directories

There are many established, well-regarded coaching programs that will match you up with a coach. Here are just a few:

Finding the Best Coach For You

Finding the right coach can take some time, as well as trial and error. Following a coach on social media, talking to their past and current clients, and scheduling an initial consultation are some good ways to get a better sense of whether a coach is right for you.

Here are some of the best life coaches to learn from, if you’re looking for thought leaders to follow. You should also check out our featured coaches.

Know of any other great places to find life coaches? Let us know in the comments below!

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