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Top Life Coaches for Young Adults

A life coach for young adults helps individuals in their late teens to early twenties set and achieve personal and professional goals. 

Unlike therapy or counselling, life coaching focuses on future planning and taking proactive steps to success. Coaches who specialize in this area can help address issues like low self-esteem, stress, career indecision, and other related things.

If you’re a young adult looking for the perfect life coach, be sure to keep reading!

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Expert Coaches for Young Adults

These coaches are chosen for their expertise in working with young adults and their understanding of the unique challenges that come with this stage of life.

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Kurtis Vanderpool

Kurtis is a certified life coach and a senior university life coach at Texas Tech University.

He has a strong background in ministry and leadership development, which he uses to empower his clients to navigate life with a proactive and thoughtful mindset. 

In addition to his coaching work, Vanderpool is also an author, public speaker, and an advocate for personal and spiritual growth. He believes everyone can lead a fulfilling life, regardless of their past or present circumstances. 

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Will Moore

Will Moore’s approach to coaching is grounded in the concept of “5 Core Areas of Life,” which he uses to help his clients replace bad habits with good ones through gamification. 

His goal is to make personal development as engaging and addictive as playing a game. 

This includes setting up rewards, challenges, and levels that individuals can achieve to incentivize their hardwork and make them want to do more. 

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Cheryl Susman

Cheryl Susman is an ADHD coach who specializes in helping young adults, parents, and entrepreneurs manage and thrive with ADHD.

She holds a Master’s degree in Special Education from California State University and an MBA from the University of Texas. 

She’s also an associate certified coach through the International Coach Federation and a certified professional productivity coach.

To discover more ADHD coaches like Cheryl, check out this article.

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Ken Rabow

Ken specializes in mentoring young adults, particularly those facing challenges like depression, ADHD, anxiety, and learning difficulties. 

He operates through his organization, World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc., where he has developed specialized mentoring programs that help individuals tap into their strengths and overcome their struggles.

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Ashley Waknine

Ashley is a life coach and licensed mental health counselor based in Boca Raton, Florida. She helps young adults and teenagers navigate the complexities of growing up and overcoming mental health challenges.

She holds a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Adams State University and has a robust background in substance abuse treatment and supporting disenfranchised youth populations.​

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Kate Libby

Kate focuses on helping young adults smoothly make their way from being teenagers to becoming independent adults.

She incorporates hands-on activities into her coaching, including grocery shopping and budgeting, to practical lessons like cooking and time management. 

Her coaching is also highly supportive of individuals on the autism spectrum. 

She holds a Master’s in Creative Arts Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt Institute, and has worked with individuals with Asperger’s from the Asperger/Autism Network.

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Common Questions

What should young adults look for in a life coach?

You should look for a life coach who is credentialed, experienced with issues relevant to your age group, and someone you feel comfortable communicating with openly.

How does a life coach develop a plan for a young adult?

A life coach develops a plan by first assessing your specific needs, goals, and challenges. This involves detailed discussions and possibly using some diagnostic tools or assessments. 

From there, the coach sets a structured plan with clear, achievable steps on how you can achieve those goals. 

What outcomes can young adults expect from working with a life coach?

You can expect improved self-awareness, better decision-making skills, enhanced goal-setting abilities, and increased motivation and productivity. 

But that really depends on how good the coach is and how much you, as the client, are willing to engage and apply what you learn. 

What are the costs involved in hiring a life coach for young adults?

According to CoachCompare, life coaching fees can range from $65 to $150 per session, with some experienced coaches charging more for specialized services​.

How to Become a Life Coach for Young Adults

If you have what it takes to be a coach for young adults, be sure to check out these training programs: 

  • Transformation Academy’s Professional Life Coach Certification – Offers self-paced online training designed to equip you with the fundamental skills and tools needed to start your practice.
  • iPEC’s Life Coach Certification Training Program – Provides intensive and comprehensive training that includes in-depth coursework in core energy coaching, personal and professional development, and business skills.
  • Coach Training Alliance’s Certified Coach Program – Delivers practical, hands-on training in coaching skills and business development.

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