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The Best Life Coaching Website Templates – Create Your Own Website

Last updated on February 16, 2024

A website is the home of a coaching business, the representative of a coaching brand, and a lead magnet for potential clients. This can put a lot of pressure on coaches to build a professional-looking site that stands out among competitors. Luckily, there’s a solution that’s quite simple and cost-effective.

Website builders and their wide array of stunning templates allow you to set up a sleek website on your own. All you need to do is pick a template and edit it to your liking. Explore this curated list of impressive and stunning life coaching website templates that can serve as the perfect foundation for establishing your online presence. 

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Best Coaching Website Templates

There are a handful of website builders that dominate the industry, including Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, and Showit. They are all easy to use and offer a variety of life coaching templates, so we’ve selected our top picks for each popular website builder to help you choose a favorite. Let’s get started.  

1. Squarespace Website Templates for Life Coaches

Squarespace is our top selection when it comes to website builders for life coaches. It has gorgeous template designs and nifty features that work well for coaching professionals, such as the Squarespace scheduling form. You can start with a free trial, so you can check out what they have to offer without making a financial commitment. 

You can find a ton of suitable options in the Professional Services template category, but here are our favorites for a coaching website.

Almar Template

Almar template has a fresh and modern look, and it inspires action with CTAs for getting in touch or exploring services. It’s suitable for all life coaching fields, whether you’re a life coach, career coach, or relationship coach

Myhra Template

Myhra is designed for coaching professionals such as health coaches, wellness coaches, and nutritionists. The elegance of this design sets the tone for coaches aiming to establish their services as high-end or exclusive. 

Lakshi Template

Lakshi is a modern and eye-catching website template that is created with personal trainers and nutritionists in mind but can be suitable for different coaching niches. The layout is minimalistic, putting the spotlight on content and services.

Devoe Template

Devoe is a one-page website that you can use as a landing page to showcase your online courses, an appointment scheduling feature, links to social media, and more. The simplicity of limited navigation in combination with attractive design keeps visitors focused on the goal instead of distracting them with options. 

Noll Template

The Noll template puts the emphasis on booking appointments and client testimonials, which makes it a great choice for those who want to build credibility and encourage engagement. While it’s designed for personal chefs and nutritionists, any service professional can make use of it. 

Go Live – Third-Party Squarespace Templates

For a more unique design, you can check out Go Live and their designer Squarespace templates. Go Live has an incredible variety of beautiful templates that are super easy to customize. You have the option to shop their custom Squarespace templates, or, if you want to streamline the process, hire their experts to build a custom website for you. Use code LIFECOACHMAG for 10% off!

2. Wix Website Templates for Life Coaches

Wix is also among the most popular website builders, praised for its diversity of templates and numerous additional features for complete customization freedom. They offer a free trial, so let’s see what type of coaching templates they have in their assortment.

Sandra Wisher

Sandra Wisher is an excellent life coach website template as its eye-catching design works wonders when it comes to captivating the audience. The layout incorporates elements that inspire visitors to engage, whether it’s booking a consultation, subscribing to the newsletter, or listening to a podcast. 

Naomi Rhyme

The Naomi Rhyme template is powerful, bold, and memorable. Including video makes the website more lively and impactful while the strategically placed CTAs encourage website visitors to act. 

Rachel Wilkins

If you’re looking for health coach website templates, you might like the Rachel Wilkins Wix template. Muted colors, elegant design, and a clear overview of coaching specialties make this template a good match for other life coaching professionals as well. 

Layla Barnies

The Layla Barnies template has earthy tones and a simplistic design, so it gives off a sense of inspiration and calm. The layout is user-friendly while the scrolling transitions add a dynamic flair.

Leah Webb

The Leah Webb template is for those who want to keep it clean, informative, and modern. It can be a great pick for career coaches and other coaching professionals who are business experts.

3. WordPress Website Templates for Life Coaches

WordPress is an open-source web content management system that powers over 40% of the web. Considering how widespread WordPress is, it is a good choice if you want to hire a developer to build your site. Or you can do it on your own also since they have an amazing variety of themes such as our favorite, Astra

If you’re looking for a route that liberates you from WordPress development, use the paid hosted version, For extra help, check out the step-by-step guide to building your own coaching website, the Website Kit for Coaches course. You can also browse through these coaching starter templates

Here are some of the attractive themes that match the life coaching vibe.

Love Nature

Love Nature is a WordPress Astra template characterized by soothing colors and a sense of tranquility. This can be the perfect template for meditation coaches, spirituality coaches, and the like. 

Ascendoor Coach

Ascendoor Coach is ideal for personal trainers and fitness coaches. The design is sleek and empowering while the organized layout emphasizes your services.

Dating Coach

Dating Coach is a theme designed for relationship coaches, marriage coaches, dating coaches, and any professional whose specialty falls within these realms. Since the theme is tailor-made for relationship coaching, you can set up a professional website with minimal effort. 

Online Health Coach

Online Health Coach is a stunning template with the perfect combo of simple design and modern elements. It is designed for health coaches and it includes valuable elements such as a section for Google reviews, benefits, introducing trainers, and testimonials.

Feminine Coach

Feminine Coach template is designed for life coaches who offer their services to the female population. The design is elegant and feminine, including the colors, fonts, and layout, so it all works together to appeal to your target audience. 

4. Showit Website Templates for Life Coaches

Showit is a website-building platform that harnesses the power of WordPress and enables you to customize your website to your heart’s content. With its expanding community of talented website template designers, Showit is an excellent choice for those desiring a captivating website. Let’s see some of their many aesthetically pleasing template designs. 


Nicky template features trendy muted colors and modern font combined with visually striking photography for a memorable effect. It is created for coaches in the health field, but it can also be fitting for life coaches.


Penelope is a bold and bright coaching template that screams confidence and success. There are a lot of small but impactful details that further bring life to this design, such as the video content, hover-over picture effects, slideshow, and more.

Bailee Hill

Bailee Hill is the perfect business coach website template. It has an elegant, professional, and refined design while the ample white space and eye-catching CTA enable intuitive navigation and fast access to information. 


What we love about Monstera is its adaptable design that can accommodate life coaches, health coaches, and business coaches alike. It is exceptionally well-organized and the home page keeps it simple with a concise overview of services and a subscription CTA.

Lovely Impact – Showit Coaching Templates

Lovely Impact is a web design studio with lots of captivating and versatile Showit website templates. The drag-and-drop website builder is another huge plus as editing the templates is both easy and fun. You can shop their templates or hire them to build the site for you.

Creating Your Own Coaching Website

Website builders and their customizable templates are a true gift for coaches who want to craft a website on their own. With the help of studios like Go Live and Lovely Impact, you can set it all up in no time by personalizing already tailor-made templates for life coaching. 

If you prefer a DIY website builder, our top recommendation is Squarespace. It has an incredible variety of templates and their designs are just stunning. To build a website with Squarespace, you just need to pick a template like Almar or Myhra, begin your free trial, and edit until you like what you see. 


You have the freedom to choose the path you want to take when creating your own website.  Whether you decide to go with Go Live templates, Squarespace, Wix, or hire a Lovely Impact designer, all roads lead to an attractive and effective website for your business. For a comparison of the best website builders, see our review of the top platforms.

What truly matters is selecting the process that resonates with your goals. Make the most out of the easily accessible templates and endless editing options to create a unique coaching website that will support your career.

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