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Best Parenting Coach Certification Programs

Last updated on February 26, 2024

Do you want to contribute to shaping future leaders? Through parenting coaching, your work with parents will directly influence their parenting methods, making you a part of forming happier families and healthier relationships. 

This can be an uplifting and purposeful career, but the first step to making it happen is obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills through parenting coach certification training. If you’d like some guidance on picking the right one for you, we bring you all the answers in this article. 

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What Is a Parenting Coach?

A parenting coach provides parents with guidance and support to improve their relationship with their children and create a deeper connection within the family. Coaches can work with parents individually or in couples. 

What does a parenting coach do? Parenting coaches offer information and direction and promote accountability so that parents can discover and apply the best parenting model for their specific situation. This type of support is beneficial as not all parents know how to approach their children in the best way, which can lead to damaging relationships and traumas. 

How To Become a Parenting Coach

Some parenting coach certification programs require a degree in psychology, occupational therapy, counseling, or similar. However, a degree isn’t always necessary, as certain organizations offer training to those without one.

What is essential is that you get proper education and learn the coaching techniques through a certification program. As a certified parenting coach, you’ll not only gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence necessary for the job but also credibility that validates you as an expert. 

In addition to certification, the skills that make a successful parenting coach are:

  • Leadership
  • Communication skills
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Understanding
  • An open mind
  • Active listening skills

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Parent Coaching Certification Program

The fundamental step of becoming a parenting coach is choosing the right certification program. Since the choices are many, here are some factors that will help you narrow it down. 

Program Cost

You can get a parenting coach certification online, saving you the trouble (and cost) of traveling. It will also give you more options. Certification programs can be on the expensive side, and they can cost you several thousand dollars or even reach $10,000. Therefore, if you have a set budget for training, there’s no doubt that the price will be a significant factor. 

Course Length

Parenting coaching demands a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience. These programs last at least a couple of months and, more often, take up to a year to finish. You should check the curriculum and lesson requirements before signing up to ensure that the classes align with your availability.  


Accrediting bodies in the coaching industry verify life coaching courses’ ethics, standards, and practices. The most recognized entity is the International Coaching Federation (ICF), but there are other well-known ones like the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Agency

However, since ICF was created to meet the needs of life and business coaches, parenting coach programs usually aren’t accredited, as they are highly specialized and designed for family support rather than traditional coaching.

Best Parent Coaching Certification Programs

Top Pick: Parent Coaching Institute (PCI)

Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) holds the internationally registered trademark for Parent Coach Certification®, which refers to their year-long, graduate-level parent coach training program. It is a dynamic and comprehensive program that is consistently updated according to the most current research in parent education. 

Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) logo
Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) – Parent Coach Certification®

Training will give you access to study guides, supplemental reading, audio lectures, practical strategies, online phone classes, parent assessment tools, and self-assessment tools. The program encompasses four courses: Multi-Dimensional Parent Coaching, Coaching to Parent Well in Technological Times, Coaching Parents to Appreciate the Wonder Within, and Transformational Parent Coaching. 

To become a PCI-certified parent coach, you’ll also need a minimum of 100 coaching hours. 

  • Course Length: 1 year
  • Program Cost: $5,800
  • Accreditation: None
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Parent and Coach Option: Jai Institute for Parenting

Do you want to grow as a parent and as a coach? The Parenting Coach Certification program by Jai Institute for Parenting combines those two transformational journeys. You’ll get the knowledge, tools, and resources to transform your own parenting and start a parent coaching career.

Jai Institute for Parenting logo
Jai Institute for Parenting – The Parenting Coach Certification

This program has a strong focus on handling conflict, shifting misunderstandings, and establishing value-driven leadership. It is grounded in learning about childhood development, neuroscience, and coaching skills.

For a glimpse into their training methods, you can apply for the free Confident & Competent Parenting Coaches virtual info session. 

  • Course Length: 7 months
  • Program Cost: $4,750
  • Accreditation: None 
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Professional Development Option: Connected Families

Connected Families has developed their unique Connected Families Framework rooted in spirituality and 4 simple actions and messages. If you want to upgrade your practice as a parenting coach with this method, the Connected Families certified parent coach program is for you. 

Connected Families logo
Connected Families – Connected Families Certified Parent Coach program

To enroll in this program, you’ll need to fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • Bachelor’s degree in human services, occupational therapy, education, or ministry (exceptions considered)
  • Parent for at least 5 years (exceptions considered)
  • Agreement with the Connected Families Statement of Faith
  • Preferred: Counseling Degree, Coaching Certification, or Ministry Experience

The program consists of three phases. Phase one sets the foundation with reading materials, courses, and coaching sessions with a Connected Families parent coach. In the second phase, you’ll dive into learning through workbooks, courses, meetings, sessions, and more. 

The third phase isn’t mandatory, but it keeps you listed on their website as a Connected Families Certified Coach, gives you access to the Connected Families parent workbook to use with your clients, provides you with continual support, and comes with other perks. 

  • Course Length: 3-6 months–Phase 1; 8 months–Phase 2; 12 months–Phase 3
  • Program Cost: $2,800 ($750–Phase 1;  $1,400–Phase 2; $650 per year–Phase 3)
  • Accreditation: None
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Conscious Parenting Method Option: Conscious Parenting Coaching Institute

Conscious parenting is a philosophy that encourages parents to make mindful and emotionally intelligent decisions. You can implement this method in your own coaching and get certified as a Conscious Parenting Coach with the Conscious Parenting Coaching Institute by Dr. Shefali.

Conscious Parenting Coaching Institute by Dr. Shefali
Conscious Parenting Coaching Institute by Dr. Shefali

There are five steps that lead you to this certificate. The first step is the application, and then follows their pre-requisite course, the Conscious Parenting 2.0 method (levels 1 and 2), which covers the fundamentals of the conscious parenting method. The third step is their intensive certification program that aspires to increase parents’ effectiveness with their children. 

In the fourth step, you will also get to practice what you learn in a “laboratory” setting. This practical part lasts one month. Lastly, you will write a final written paper to get your certification.

  • Course Length: 5 months
  • Program Cost: $9,545 ($55–Application fee; $990–Pre-requisite course; $8,500–Certification program)
  • Accreditation: None
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Alternatives (non-niche)

The parenting coaching niche intertwines with other life coaching niches like relationship coaching, divorce coaching, happiness coaching, life purpose coaching, and more. With all this overlap, getting training in some of the other fields to enhance your expertise can be beneficial. It’s worth checking out the numerous life coaching certification programs online to find the right blend.

Our top pick for the best price-quality ratio is Coach Training Alliance, and if you want the best budget option, the top place on our list goes to Transformation Academy (you can even get 50% off using our link). We have reviewed both CTA and TA, so if you want to know how they compare with other programs and what makes them our top choices, you can find it all there. 


  • How much does a parenting coach make?

The average parenting coach’s salary is $53,792 per year in the US, according to Glassdoor’s reports

  • Do you need a certification to be a parenting coach?

There is no regulatory body that demands life coaches obtain a certification. However, since you’ll need the understanding and tools for parenting coaching, the certification program is how you’ll get it. In addition, you need the credibility that certification offers to entice clients and establish your practice. 

  • How much does a parenting coach certification cost?

Parenting coach certification programs generally range between $2,000 and $10,000.

  • Does accreditation matter in a parenting coach certification program?

Accreditation isn’t required, so you can become a fully trained parenting coach without it. However, if you want that validation or more accreditation, going for an accredited certification can be a good choice. 

  • What is the most recognized coaching certification? 

Naming the most prestigious coaching certification can be difficult, since the choices are many. If you want to enroll in the most recognized life coaching program, you should focus on ICF-accredited certifications. ICF is the most respected accrediting entity, and it will therefore ensure you the prestige you’re looking for.


Parent coaching is a powerful approach that can completely change the parent-child relationship and build a healthier community and happier individuals. If this is what you feel passionate about, as a parent coach, you can do what you love, secure more independence, and reach financial stability. 

With these top certification programs, you can find the training that fits into your coaching plan. Even if your favorite pick isn’t accredited, you can still take the course and then pair it with accreditation through the ICF-accredited Coach Training Alliance or CPD-accredited Transformation Academy

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