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School of Positive Transformation Review

Last updated on February 16, 2024

The School of Positive Transformation seems like a reliable choice for finding legitimate and accredited certification courses in various coaching niches. However, before taking the plunge, it’s essential to evaluate if this coaching academy provides exactly what you’re seeking. 

In this School of Positive Transformation review, we’ll take a closer look at pricing, duration of courses, and what benefits the school offers to its students and graduates. We’ll also recommend some alternatives so you can compare this program with similar options.

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About the School of Positive Transformation

The School of Positive Transformation was founded by Dr. Itai Ivtzan, a positive psychologist, author, and professor at Naropa University. Driven by a passion for psychology, spirituality, and mindfulness, he established the School of Positive Transformation.

The school provides various niche certification courses for coaches and practitioners in the realms of psychology, meditation, spirituality, and mindfulness. They also offer workshops and retreats. 

The instructors are highly accomplished in their fields of expertise, so they bring both teaching and leadership skills to the table. The lineup of teachers consists of bestselling authors, experienced psychologists, directors, expert practitioners, Ph.D. holders, and renowned experts. 

School of Positive Transformation Coaching Philosophy

The School of Positive Transformation’s coaching philosophy centers around the aspiration to create a better world. They firmly believe in the potential of education, teaching, training, and support to initiate positive changes. 

Drawing from robust scientific research and foundations like positive psychology, they’ve translated these insights into practical tools for enhancing resilience, happiness, meaning, and mindfulness. The school also advocates leading by personal example—understanding that to guide others through transformation, one must undergo it themselves. 

School of Positive Transformation Coaching and Accreditation

Courses at the School of Positive Transformation are accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Agency. The CPD accreditation enhances the global recognition and respect for their certificates. 

Master NLP Practitioner lecture - What’s the Best NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program?

Certain programs like Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher are also accredited by the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance (IMMA). The Integrative Coaching Certification upholds accreditation by the Association for Coaching (AC) in addition to the CPD credential.

Note: The gold standard of the coaching industry is the International Coaching Federation (ICF). If you want to obtain accredited certification by the most recognized entity, be sure to check out the Coach Training Alliance certification program, which offers hands-on life coach training and ICF accreditation. We have reviewed this program in depth if you wish to know more.

Pros and Cons of the School of Positive Transformation Certification

Now, let’s break down the advantages of the School of Positive Transformation and what makes the program stand out. 

Research-Based Curriculum Combined with Practical Activities

The curriculum and training are designed based on scientific research, knowledge, and practice. Their evidence-based approach can give you more reassurance in the tools and insights they are sharing with you. 

The learning process is anything but dull, as you’ll engage in activities and exercises created by world-renowned teachers. The instructors teach you how to apply practical tools and strategies in various settings, such as individual clients, groups, and organizations, as well as for your own personal transformation. 

Wide Variety of Specialty Training

Through the School of Positive Transformation, you can acquire certification in different popular niches. All of the certifications are accredited and the programs are taught by recognized experts. Here is the list of the available certifications:

  • Positive Psychology Practitioner
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher
  • Integrative Coaching
  • Spirituality Practitioner
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Meaning and Purpose Practitioner
  • Resilience Practitioner
  • Strengths Practitioner

Engagement Through Q&As and Groups

You can participate in weekly live Q&A sessions where your queries related to your course or any aspect of your personal or professional development will be addressed. While these live sessions are optional, they can be of great help to those who need support during their training. 

To foster connections, networking, and sharing, the school gives you access to its exclusive online community. In this virtual space, you can connect with fellow learners and alumni who share the same passions. 

How Long is the School of Positive Transformation Program?

Every course delivered by the School of Positive Transformation is self-paced. This gives you the flexibility to learn at your convenience. There’s also no time limit for completing the training.

The study hours vary based on the course you choose. For instance, the Spirituality Practitioner course involves 50 hours of study, while the Integrative Coaching course spans 180 hours.

How Much Does the School of Positive Transformation Training Program Cost?

Considering that the courses vary in length, the price differs as well. Here is the pricing information for each certification:

  • Integrative Coaching — $990
  • NLP Practitioner — $790
  • Positive Psychology Practitioner — $590
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher — $490
  • Spirituality Practitioner — $290
  • Meaning and Purpose Practitioner — $290
  • Resilience Practitioner — $290
  • Strengths Practitioner — $290

The courses can be paid in full or in installments. The school also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee where you can cancel your enrollment within the initial 30 days of the course and receive a full refund.

Note: If you seek a more budget-friendly program, check out Transformation Academy, our go-to budget pick which we have thoroughly reviewed

School of Positive Transformation Coaching Reviews

Before enrolling in a training program, it’s wise to explore feedback from past students and graduates. Below, we’ve singled out the most valuable reviews from SPT students.

Reviews From Graduates

On its website, the School of Positive Transformation has shared numerous positive reviews, praising the curriculum’s comprehensiveness, practical tools, and knowledgeable teachers. Here’s a sample:

The Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate training was one of the best training I have completed. The educational materials were very relevant, the video presentations were well done, and the requirement for the client and self-reflection helped to solidify the material. I have learned a lot that I have already begun to incorporate into my therapy practice. I am considering moving my practice from psychotherapy to more of a coaching model. The Positive Psychology perspective resonates with clients and matches with my philosophy of life. Thank you for developing an outstanding course and making it affordable. It was especially beneficial to have taken the training during the year of COVID. It gave me something positive to focus on.

Susan Bomalaski, Ph.D., LPC, Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate

You’ve curated a fantastic pathway to teacher training via this course. I really appreciated that it was flexible and asynchronous with plenty of opportunities to connect to other students and gain from social learning. I loved the blend of variety in types of practices while maintaining rigor in readings and methods. As a mindfulness scholar, I am pleased to say I learned new techniques and insights – I now have more resources and confidence to practice what I preach and deliver more mindfulness in organizations and online. I also really appreciated the inability to binge – ensuring there was a pause between modules forcing me to put everything into practice before continuing.

Kate Conley, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training

Previously I have done a couple of resilience courses – they were mostly about Personal Ruggedness. This course provides a more holistic approach to resilience and gives a broader view of the topic by involving the Resourcefulness component. I feel empowered to come up with my own resilience program – there was a lot of support in this direction. Also grateful that there were so many case studies involved from around the world (not just Europe and the US), making it more inclusive. Liked authenticity and could feel the vast experience of the lecturer.

Zhanar Smailova, Resilience Practitioner Certificate


If you want a more affordable alternative, Transformation Academy offers an incredible variety of over 35 niche certifications, including NLP Practitioner and Life Coach Certification, Spiritual Life Coach Certification, and Meditation Coach and Facilitator Certification. They are priced at $197, and with our links, you can get an 50% discount

If you’re considering the School of Positive Transformation for its NLP training course, you can look into the iNLP Center. This is one of the most popular programs in this field, and it is ICF-accredited. Read our review on iNLP Center here.

For mindfulness and meditation course alternatives, check out Natural Wellness Academy’s Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor, as their program is very robust and practical. Get to know this academy in more detail in our review

SPT’s courses are more geared toward practitioners, but you can complement their programs with life coach training programs like Coach Training Alliance. One of the main benefits of CTA is that it delves into how to build and market a coaching business, whereas SPT doesn’t cover this area.

Is the School of Positive Transformation the Coach Training Program For You?

The School of Positive Transformation has a decent variety of courses and distinguishes itself from others through its flexible, self-paced model and reputable instructors. The research-based approach is also commendable, and a long list of positive reviews testifies to the courses’ quality.

However, there are programs that surpass the School of Positive Transformation in various aspects, such as Transformation Academy. TA programs are also self-paced and CPD-accredited, but they are more diversified, geared toward coaches, and notably more affordable. 

How can you know which course to choose? Here are a few steps that might clarify your decision:

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