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Best Small Business Coaching Certification Programs

Last updated on May 10, 2024

Thinking about becoming a small business coach? A great first step is getting certified.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best small business coaching certification programs out there to help you get started.

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What Is a Small Business Coach?

Small business coaches, unlike general business coaches, focus on entrepreneurs and small businesses, offering mentorship and expert guidance. 

Their main goal is to help clients tackle challenges, reach goals, improve business performance, and foster a success-oriented mindset. 

Key responsibilities of a small business coach include:

  • Developing business plans, setting and achieving goals.
  • Advising on leadership, management, and operations.
  • Ensuring clients stay accountable and motivated.
  • Providing financial planning, budgeting, and financial optimization advice.
  • Offering insights into marketing, sales, and customer relationship management.
  • Helping with task prioritization, time management, and work-life balance.

How To Become a Small Business Coach

Many small business coaches come from business or management backgrounds.

However, a specific background in these fields isn’t a prerequisite for success in this profession.

The journey to becoming a small business coach involves a few key steps:

  • Educational Foundation: While not strictly required, having a foundational understanding of business principles can be beneficial. This could be through formal education in business, management, or related fields or through practical experience running or managing a small business.
  • Professional Development: Engaging in continuous learning, such as attending workshops, seminars, or webinars related to small business management, leadership, and coaching, is essential.
  • Certification: Though not mandatory, obtaining a certification in small business coaching can significantly enhance credibility. Certification programs offer structured learning, covering the latest best practices and techniques in business coaching.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Small Business Coaching Certification

First, evaluate the credibility and recognition of the certifying organization. Search for programs accredited by reputable coaching associations, as this ensures the program meets industry standards. 

Additionally, examine the curriculum’s relevance and depth, ensuring it covers essential topics like business strategy, leadership, financial management, and marketing tailored to small businesses.

Also, consider the network and resources the program provides, such as access to a community of coaches and ongoing professional development opportunities. 

Program Cost

Investing in a small business coaching certification can fit any budget, with options available from under $200 to several thousand dollars. 

Key factors influencing the cost include the course format—whether it’s live or self-paced—the inclusion of mentorship and the length of the program. 

Notably, online courses often present a more cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional in-person training.

Course Length

When selecting a small business coaching certification, consider the duration, as programs vary from just a few days to over a year. If you’re looking for flexibility and don’t want the stress of rigid deadlines, self-paced courses might be the perfect fit. 


Accreditation is important to consider when choosing a small business coaching certification. It’s a seal of approval that the program meets industry standards and provides quality education. 

Programs accredited by esteemed organizations like the International Coaching Federation (ICF) are highly valued. An ICF-accredited certification, for instance, can significantly enhance your professional credibility and recognition in the coaching field. 

If the small business coaching certification you’re eyeing is not ICF-accredited, don’t worry. You can still enhance your profile by adding a life coach certification from a respected provider like Coach Training Alliance (CTA). Dive into our detailed review to discover why CTA is the preferred choice for an all-encompassing, ICF-accredited life coach certification.

Best Small Business Coach Certifications

Here are a few top small business coach certifications that you should consider getting:

Coach Entrepreneurs Option: Transformation Academy 

The Entrepreneurship and Business Life Coach Certification, offered by Transformation Academy, is ideal for those focused on coaching entrepreneurs, contractors, small business owners, and startups. 

Transformation Academy (TA) logo
Transformation Academy – Entrepreneurship and Business Life Coach Certification

It combines mindset coaching with practical business skills, covering topics like overcoming mental barriers, generating revenue streams, and conducting market research. 

The curriculum also introduces the Quantum Leap Business Model, a systematic approach for achieving business goals, and provides practical tools such as templates, worksheets, and questionnaires to enhance the teaching process.

  • Course Length: Self-paced
  • Program Cost: $197 (Use code LIFECOACHMAG for 50% off!)
  • Accreditation: CPD
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Systems Business Coach® Option: Small Business Coach Training

The Small Business Coach Training offers a training program that culminates in you becoming a Certified Systems Business Coach®.

Small Business Coach Training logo
Small Business Coach Training – Systems Business Coach

This certification lets you use their specific methods and materials to coach small businesses in various areas, including leadership and marketing. 

To start, you’ll need to complete the Essential Small Business Coaching Foundations Course, which equips you with a solid understanding of small business dynamics and foundational coaching techniques. 

Upon completing this course, you’ll advance to the certification program, where you’ll refine your skills with their specific coaching model.

  • Course Length: 8 weeks – The Essential Small Business Coaching Foundations Course; 12 weeks – Systems Business Coach® Certification Program
  • Program Cost: $595 (self-paced) or $797 (live) – The Essential Small Business Coaching Foundations Course; $3,995 – Systems Business Coach® Certification Program
  • Accreditation: ICF
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Coach Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Option: The Coaching Academy 

The Small Business Coaching Diploma from The Coaching Academy is designed for coaching small and medium-sized businesses across various stages of development.

The Coaching Academy logo
The Coaching Academy – Small Business Coaching Diploma

This program is flexible and allows self-paced learning, complemented by monthly live online workshops, hands-on training, mentorship, and practical coaching opportunities.

The Academy’s program gives you access to tools for strategic planning, performance evaluation, customer focus, business growth, and work-life balance. 

It also covers how to launch your own coaching business, structure your sessions, and market yourself.

  • Course Length: Self-paced
  • Program Cost: £3,997
  • Accreditation: CPD
  • Mode of Delivery: Online


  • How much does a small business coach make?

On average, small business coaches get paid between $65,000 and $95,000 per year. This information is based on ZipRecruiter.

  • Do you need a certification to be a small business coach?

Certification, while not mandatory in the coaching industry, is often pursued by small business coaches as a sign of commitment to professional development and significantly elevates their credibility.

  • How much does a small business coach certification cost?

The cost of small business coach certification varies. It can be as low as $200 or as high as $4,000.

  • Does accreditation matter in a small business coach certification program?

Yes, accreditation matters in a small business coach certification program as it ensures the program meets established industry standards.

  • What is the most recognized coaching certification? 

The most recognized coaching certification is often considered to be those accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


Whether your choice is Transformation Academy, Small Business Coach Training, or The Coaching Academy, you’re set for a journey of professional growth in small business coaching.

Each of them offers something different, but they all share a common goal: to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to succeed as a small business coach. 

We hope this article helps! If you want to expand your skill set to include life coaching, check out Coach Training Alliance.

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