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25+ Squarespace Coaching Websites – Examples & Templates

Last updated on February 20, 2024

Squarespace has gained significant popularity among life coaches as a reliable website builder with stunning website designs. Professionals in various coaching fields, such as life coaching, wellness coaching, career coaching, and nutrition, turn to Squarespace to build their online presence.

To help you create your own professional eye-catching coaching website, we have compiled examples of Squarespace coaching websites to spark your creativity and inspire fresh ideas. 

We’ve also included a list of our top Squarespace templates tailored to life coaches that you can easily customize to launch your own captivating website. 

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Squarespace Coaching Website Examples

1. Abundant Artist Coaching

The Abundant Artist Coaching website is an excellent example of the art of minimalism combined with elegance. Through the use of a neutral color palette, clean shapes, and subtle textures, the website exudes a sense of serenity and confidence. The strategic use of ample white space throughout the page creates a feeling of openness while also elevating the user experience.

2. Claire Pearson Coaching

Claire Pearson’s website showcases the power of a timeless look. The muted color palette contributes to a sense of harmony while the dynamic animations breathe life into the website.

3. Go With The Flow Coaching

Go With The Flow Coaching shows how to achieve a professional website without sacrificing style. The serene and polished color scheme along with the brand aesthetic creates an air of tranquility. The well-placed CTA buttons add an engaging touch to the overall design. 

4. On a Heal

On a Heal incorporates visually striking bold colors and vibrant imagery while making it super simple to navigate through the website menu and content. You can make a website similar to this with the Brine template.

5. Coincide Life

Coincide Life exemplifies how to blend soothing colors with playful typography. The site is brought to life with captivating motion, courtesy of the background video halfway down the page.

6. Burntout to Badass

Burnout to Badass sets the benchmark for both impressive aesthetics and functionality. The custom loading screen animations, eye-catching color scheme, readable fonts, and attractive CTAs check all the boxes for a memorable coaching website. 

7. Michelle Lavergne

Michelle Lavergne’s website is nicely laid out with energetic colors and a positive feel. With the help of the Squarespace scheduling form, Michelle makes it easy to book a consultation and learn more about her services.

8. Branded and Unstoppable

Branded and Unstoppable uses the Bedford template as a starting point and through extensive customization, achieves a sophisticated and high-class website aesthetic.

9. Irene Moore

Irene Moore’s website’s blocky layout gives a bold vibe and makes a strong impression. The well-organized copy shows how Irene can assist her clients, while subtle animations and capital letters draw attention to important sections. For this kind of menu simplicity with reviews and application buttons, you can use the Noll template.

10. Alli Rizacos

Alli Rizacos’s website reflects a more traditional yet equally impactful approach to coaching websites. The use of simple but professional imagery and concise one-paragraph text blocks, combined with a minimal amount of information on the landing page, ensures fast communication of all important information.

11. Kristin Webster Coaching

The dominating elements of Kristin Webster’s coaching website are the striking images and compelling CTAs. Clients can easily find all the relevant info, from services to testimonials to contact information. 

12. Brittney Rossie

This website is a true example of how to keep it simple but create a long-lasting impression. The design has a focus on stunning photographs and a generous use of white space. What’s unique is that there are no CTAs in the website header, only a main menu icon and integrated social media buttons. 

13. Boss Project

The Boss Project website shows how to build out a landing page with a lot of information without overwhelming the visitors. For a similar modern and stylish feel, you can use the Almar template.

14. Yes& by Marin

Yes& by Marin uses a lively color palette that injects energy into the homepage, while the copywriting maintains a balance of simplicity. The visuals are thoughtfully placed and the instant access to testimonials and the homepage boosts the coach’s credibility.

15. Coach Tiffany Taylor

Coach Tiffany Taylor’s website is fairly simple but the modern elements add a touch of edginess. The vivid blue color and cube shapes create a fusion of classic and modern aesthetics. The substantial amount of text is skillfully managed with bullet points which provide a visually pleasing and concise way to deliver key information.

Squarespace Coaching Website Templates

If you’d like to set up your own website, Squarespace is as easy as it gets. You only need to take a few steps. Simply pick out a template, start a free trial, and edit the template as you wish. 

You’ve seen the coaching-specific sites highlighted above. Now let’s check out some of our top picks when it comes to Squarespace templates you can use to build our own. 

The Best Squarespace Life Coach Templates

Squarespace’s extensive templates library ensures that there’s something for everyone’s taste, but here is a handpicked list of our favorites to get you started.

Almar Template

Almar - Squarespace Coaching Website Template

Almar is well-suited for all life coaching professionals who seek a modern layout with clear-cut CTAs. It integrates a Squarespace scheduling form for a simple booking process. 

Myhra Template

Myhra is designed for health coaches, wellness coaches, nutritionists, and other coaching professionals in these fields. The muted colors and elegant typography make it perfect for exclusive brands. 

Lakshi Template

Lakshi stands out with its intuitive and well-organized layout that promotes visitor engagement. It is created with personal trainers, fitness coaches, and nutritionists in mind, but it can work well for any coaching professional. 

Devoe Template

Devoe is a one-page website template that’s perfect for setting up easily accessible content and CTAs, as well as noticeable social media account links. The simplicity encourages engagement and ensures that clients easily find all the information they need. 

Noll Template

Noll emphasizes consultation bookings and testimonials while the modern and simplistic design boosts readability. It is an excellent template choice for coaches who want to prioritize booking free consultations, coaching sessions, or group classes.

Choosing a Squarespace Coaching Template

Customizing colors, fonts, and photography with Squarespace is a straightforward process. So, rather than paying attention to style elements, focus on the layout organization and page structure.

You will have the flexibility to modify the layout and page structure, but it’s simpler and quicker if you choose a template that closely resembles your website vision. 

Get Started with Squarespace

Do you want to build a coaching website with Squarespace? The process is simple. Choose a template, start a free trial, and add your content and a custom domain. That’s all you need to do to set up your website. 

If you want to expand your options, you can find a wide variety of coaching templates in the Professional Services template category.

You can take advantage of the  14-day free trial to try out Squarespace risk-free. 


The editing possibilities with Squarespace are endless, so you can personalize the website to perfectly align with your goals. On the other hand, you have a plethora of beautiful templates tailor-made for coaching purposes (such as Almar, Lakshi, and Noll) which makes it super easy to set everything up. 

Don’t hesitate to give Squarespace a try, as there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain—a stunning coaching website is only a few steps away. 

If you want to explore other options, be sure to check out our list of the top website builders. Here you can find all the best alternatives for coaches, including the stunning Wix

Here’s a running list of more stunning Squarespace coaching websites to inspire you. Feel free to share any other recommendations with us in the comments section!


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