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20+ Squarespace Personal Trainer Websites – Examples & Templates

Last updated on February 20, 2024

In this digital age, a compelling online presence has become essential for personal trainers who wish to establish their brand and build a loyal clientele. If you want a straightforward website-building experience complemented by visually stunning designs, Squarespace is the perfect choice.

To differentiate yourself from your competitors, it is beneficial to observe and draw inspiration from their website strategies. That’s why we have curated a collection of impressive Squarespace personal trainer websites that can ignite your creative spark and inspire you to craft a website that captivates your target audience and sets you apart from the crowd.

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Squarespace Coaching Website Examples

1. Sandy Morvillo

Sandy Morvillo uses vibrant colors to grab visitors’ attention, and a simplified menu bar enhances the user experience. The “Train with Me” tab provides detailed information about her services, including one-on-one training and personalized training packages. On the home page, you’ll find inspiring client success stories and lively photos that showcase her training style.

2. Jessica Manning

Jessica Manning’s website reflects her unique personality and training approach. From the stylish font size to the lively photographs, everything conveys her confident and empathetic nature. This is a true example of how simplicity goes a long way when you add your unique touch. 


The ONE LDN website showcases a clean and sleek design, characterized by a stylish black-and-white color scheme. Visitors are encouraged to take action through clear call-to-action buttons for trial offers, memberships, and the contact form. The information about training options can be easily accessed through the training drop-down option in the top navigation bar, while the use of Squarespace scheduling enables straightforward class booking.

4. InsideOut

InsideOut’s website is a visual treat with its vibrant colors and high-quality photography. The menu bar follows a minimalistic design with small white text. This is a great example of how you can achieve readability and emphasize relevant information by increasing the text size and contrasting text colors.

5. Mezzo

Videos are increasingly popular tools in marketing, and 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands. If you’re looking for inspiration on using video content for your website, Mezoo is an excellent example. Their home page is designed to immediately grab your attention with a top-notch video and compelling text which highlights the key elements of a free trial and program details. As you scroll down, you’ll discover client testimonials accompanied by before and after photos to illustrate remarkable transformations. At the top of the page, the menu bar provides easy navigation options to their team info, free resources, blog, and more.

6. Fulcrum Fitness

Fulcrum Fitness uses a bold color palette and eye-catching action buttons. The use of big fonts is a great way to grab attention and highlight important elements. Additionally, the top menu bar, with its well-organized drop-down options, creates a perfect balance and ensures smooth navigation.

7. IronGrind True Fitness

The IronGrind True Fitness website has a striking design with a bold red and black color scheme. We love how the homepage strategically showcases their location on a map and provides essential information like pricing that clients often seek. 

8. Fast Lean Fit

Fast Lean Fit displays their bold approach to training with a captivating large photo that creates a sense of movement. The clever use of parallax scrolling adds a stunning visual element as you explore the home page. By combining a white color scheme with high-quality dark photos, Fast Lean Fit conveys a modern and professional image to potential clients. 

9. Pro Vita Fitness

Fast Lean Fit’s website stands out with its unique layout, featuring captivating photos and sections arranged in overlapping shapes. The bold combination of red and black against a white background directs focus toward the essential content. To access contact information and service costs, visitors can conveniently click on the bold red action buttons or navigate through the top menu.

10. Wattage

Wattage’s website is cleverly designed to reflect positive energy and inspiration for change. The homepage features photographs portraying the enjoyment of training with clients alongside their fitness mentors. Lively photographs stand in contrast with a minimalistic top menu bar which enables access to the primary information.

11. Body Design by Brit

Body Design by Brit exemplifies how the website design should align with the target audience. She specializes in working with women throughout their pre- and postnatal fitness training so the website incorporates calming colors and beautiful imagery. Client testimonials are thoughtfully positioned towards the end of the page, just above the footer, where visitors can also find a newsletter signup form, CTA for scheduling a consultation, and access to a free course.

12. Crossfit Gahanna

Crossfit Gahanna offers a variety of fitness services from CrossFit to personal training. What’s unique about this website is its strong emphasis on engagement and easily accessed information. They provide a full overview of their services on the homepage with a dropdown menu for more info. Eye-catching red elements and action buttons are well accentuated by a muted gray background. 

13.  Kit Rich

Kit Rich is a renowned personal trainer whose website leans more toward personal branding. This is a good example of how to leverage recognition through minimalistic design and impressive imagery. Everything about this page is simple and straightforward, from the menu to the contact form, while the social media CTA is highlighted at the bottom of the page.

14. Vigorous Fitness

Vigorous Fitness is an energetic Australian community that provides memberships, classes, and personal training. Their website perfectly complements their fun approach with cheerful yellow and pink text which creates an inviting atmosphere. For enhanced interaction, they have included action buttons for contact, signing up for updates, and a chatbot for immediate assistance.

15. Stephanie Snyder

Stephanie Snyder’s website shows the power of beautiful and professional images. The homepage integrates her captivating photographs with relevant information. The muted color scheme of the website extends to the photographs, giving the website a harmonious and soothing vibe The menu bar is designed to simplify user experience with a selection of relevant CTA.

16. Bearwolf Training 

Bearwolf does an amazing job at highlighting their enticing offer of a free consultation with a red and white banner against the black and white design. The website comes alive with dynamic images that capture movement, accompanied by concise blocks of text for easy reading. The website is well organized with easy access to basic information. To avoid clutter in the navigation menu, they feature solely action buttons for hiring a coach, testimonials, and contact.

Squarespace Coaching Website Templates

You only need to follow a few simple steps to create a website with Squarespace. There’s no need to stress about creating a great design as you can use one of their many templates. All you need to do is pick the one you like, initiate a free trial, and make edits until the result matches your vision. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of Squarespace templates that would work well for a personal trainer website.

The Best Squarespace Personal Trainer Templates

Lakshi Template

Lakshi comes with a user-friendly layout and superb organization. The highlight is on attractive imagery and concise text that inspires action. 

Myhra Template

Myhra is perfect for high-end brands or personal trainer websites that want to portray luxury and exclusivity. 

Devoe Template

Devoe is a one-page website template that can be ideal for those who want to keep it simple but make an impact. It can work well for aspiring personal trainers who don’t have a lot of testimonials and information to feature on the website.  

Noll Template

Noll portrays a simple and modern design focusing on booking consultations and testimonials. As we could see from the above personal trainer website examples, many fitness professionals opt for this minimalistic style that is designed to attract new bookings and build credibility.

Almar Template

Almar is primarily designed for life coaches, but its style is also well-suited for personal trainers who desire a sleek and stylish appearance complemented by muted colors. This layout offers a modern design with appealing call-to-action buttons, and it incorporates a Squarespace scheduling form for those who want to streamline booking training sessions.

Choosing a Squarespace Personal Trainer Template

You can customize your Squarespace template from top to bottom, so what you should mainly focus on when choosing a template is the layout. Even though you can edit the layout organization and page structure as well, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and energy if you opt for a template that aligns with your website goals as a base. 

The style elements such as color scheme, photography, and fonts can be easily customized in the editing process.

Get Started with Squarespace

Building a Squarespace website starts with the simple process of choosing a stunning template that resonates with your brand and your target audience. You can browse templates in the Professional Services template category.

The next step is to sign up for a 14-day free trial and modify the content until you’re happy with the end result. Squarespace allows you to add a custom domain to boost recognition. Once you set everything up, your website will be ready to captivate a wide audience and attract potential clients. 


The diversity of Squarespace designs shows the limitless editing options allowing you to build a personal trainer website as you imagine it to be. On top of that, fitness-focused templates like Lakshi and Myhra simplify the setup process. All that’s left is to choose a template that resonates with your vision and let Squarespace help you create an impressive website that represents your unique identity. 

Not ready to commit to Squarespace templates? No worries, as we also have a list of our top recommendations for the best website builders. When it comes to the top-rated alternatives, Wix is certainly worth checking out. 

For more inspirational personal trainer websites, explore this running list of impressive website examples:


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