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5 Things Standing Between You and Where You Want To Go Next

This is how I view the world.

Drawing of two stick figures with words (vision, identity, plan, follow thru, inner work) between them

With this view, there can only ever be 5 things between you and where you want to go next.  

Whatever that second little person represents for you… maybe you want to double your income, lose 10 pounds, stop hating your husband, clean out your closet, or just get the grocery order done.

It’s always one of these 5 things tripping you up.

1. Your Vision

Maybe your vision isn’t clear. What exactly do you want? Maybe you haven’t broken it up small enough. Maybe you have judgments about it and you’re telling yourself you should want something different. Maybe you aren’t seeing how your vision will impact the world.

2. Your Identity

It could be an issue with your identity. You’re not seeing yourself as the person who has what you want. Maybe you’re still trapped in an old identity, seeing yourself as you used to be.

3. Your Plan

Sometimes (though not as often as you’d think) it’s an issue with your plan. You don’t have one or the one you have isn’t working. Often the issue is that you HATE your plan but you think you have to do it this way.

4. The Follow-through 

You might be getting stuck in the follow-through. Maybe you’re not doing your plan. You can’t find the motivation to be consistent. Or maybe you’re doing the plan but you’re not celebrating or learning from your mistakes.

5. Your Inner Work

And wrapped up in all of these steps is your inner work. It’s healing past wounds, it’s becoming more open to receive, it’s discovering and shift limiting beliefs, it’s finding the audacity to let it be exactly how you want it to be.

So, two questions for you…

#1 What does that second little person represent for you? What is your next level?

#2 Which of these 5 steps is tripping you up?

Grab a pen and noodle on it. Or go for a walk without your headphones and see what your inner wisdom has to say.

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Jen Kane is a life & business coach. She helps driven women actually enjoy their lives, and reach their goals minus the hustle. You can sign up for her emails on her website ( or follow her on Instagram.

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