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Abundance Affirmations for a Healthy Money Mindset

Last updated on October 24, 2020

This list of abundance affirmations is just an example of the kinds of things you can say to yourself. Find affirmations that are believable to you, that make you feel motivated to pursue actions that will bring more wealth and abundance into your life.

Simply repeating words that have no meaning or feeling behind them will likely not have the desired effect (and may have the opposite effect of discouraging you). But if you can find affirmations that resonate with your current situation and beliefs, and you can begin to find more and more evidence for why they are true in your life, then you can being to attract and be open to more and more opportunities for wealth, abundance, and everything else you desire.

Abundance, Wealth, and Money Affirmations

I welcome abundance into my everyday life.

I love money and money loves me.

I now allow myself to have more than I ever dreamt possible.

The money I spend enriches the world and comes back to me multiplied.

My talents are worthy of being paid abundantly.

I appreciate all that I have.

I attract only lucrative, enjoyable, and beneficial circumstances.

I bring love and prosperity to everything I do.

I attract abundance and prosperity with ease.

I am worthy of what I desire.

I am open to limitless possibilities.

I achieve whatever I set my mind to.

I attract money to me easily and effortlessly.

I always have enough money.

I am grateful for money.

I am generous with my money.

I am worthy of the wealth I desire.

I love giving money a good home.

I am completely aligned with the energy of abundance.

I am open to receiving unexpected money.

I live in an abundant world.

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