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Bayu Prihandito – Life Architekture – Featured Coach

From his background as a certified psychology consultant and mindfulness expert, Bayu Prihandito founded Life Architekture, a holistic coaching program that helps individuals find their unique path. We hope you enjoy this interview!

Coaching Focus: Bayu empowers individuals to design their own meaningful lives through a holistic approach. Focusing on spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual pillars, clients engage with topics like mindfulness and emotional intelligence, benefiting from videos, 1:1 personal calls, workbooks, and 24/7 chat support to nurture self-esteem, resilience, and balanced well-being.

Location: Hanover, Germany

Connect: You can find Bayu online at his website as well as on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Tell us about your journey as a coach.

My journey to become a life coach is deeply personal. My background is filled with experiences that both challenged and cultivated my inner self, leading me to develop the comprehensive Life Architekture program.

I began my career in the corporate world as an engineer. Despite attaining professional success, there was an innate yearning for a deeper, more meaningful connection with life. My transition started in 2018, spurred by personal trials and the realization of the dissonance between societal expectations and personal innate needs for fulfillment.

I was heavily influenced by the works of esteemed psychologists and life coaches, such as Viktor Frankl and Alfred Adler. I delved into the profound yet simplistic principles of human behavior, emotional intelligence, and holistic well-being. Their teachings, complemented by my personal experiences with mindfulness since 2015, fueled my passion and informed the foundations of my coaching practice.

I received my first clients through word of mouth and small workshops, where the impact of my teachings began to gain recognition. Each session is imbued with a combination of scientifically-backed principles and empathetic understanding, offering not just a service, but a transformational journey.

Today, Life Architekture is more than a program; it’s a place for individuals seeking to construct a life of meaning, balance, and fulfillment. The holistic focus on the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual pillars ensures that my clients experience well-rounded development. I am growing every day as a person and a life coach, ensuring each individual’s journey is personalized, supported, and profoundly impactful.

What courses, programs, or certifications have you done? Would you recommend them, and for whom?

I earned my certification to become a life coach, specializing in individual psychology, in Germany. I was fortunate to immerse myself in a program that balanced theoretical knowledge and practical application. Having the opportunity to coach people facing real-life challenges proved to be an invaluable experience and equipped me with essential tools to effectively support individuals in overcoming obstacles.

What advice or perspective might you give to a new coach trying to get their first clients? Any advice they should ignore?

Start telling people about your services and don’t be overly concerned with their opinions. As long as you know your intentions are grounded in goodwill, that’s all that matters.

Another certification won’t make you a better coach. Coaching people will. Don’t let your perfectionism inhibit your growth, as it is just ‘fear in a dress’.

What are your thoughts on “choosing a niche” as a coach?

You are your niche. No one but you has had the life experiences you’ve had. Look back and see what obstacles you’ve overcome in your life and start from there. Your mess is your message.

What books have significantly influenced your life? What are your key takeaways from these books?

  • Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle – This book emphasizes the importance of living in the present moment and freeing oneself from the burdens of the past and the anxieties of the future
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – This book tells the importance of pursuing one’s own unique life purpose
  • Atomic Habits – This book teaches how to focus on incremental change and compound effects

What tools, software, or other resources have you found to be most helpful in running your coaching business? 

  • Zoom
  • Setmore
  • Shopify

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If you received an extra $10,000 to spend on your business, how would you spend it and why?

I would invest it strategically to enhance the quality and reach of my coaching services.

  • Professional Development – to hone my skills and expand my knowledge
  • Technology Upgrades – to create a better experience for the clients
  • Marketing & Outreach – to increase the visibility and reach of Life Architekture
  • Community Events – to build a stronger community

What are some of your favorite journal prompts currently? Why?

The way I journal involves a dialogue between me (Bayu) and my higher self (BAYU). Bayu is the one who experiences, and BAYU is the one who observes and has the bigger picture. This approach allows me to understand myself more easily, creating space for any emotions I might experience while also recognizing that I am not defined by those emotions, feelings, and thoughts. I am bigger than that.

When you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or have lost your focus or motivation, what do you do?

I bring my focus back to the present moment, to what I am doing right here and right now. Bringing the focus to my breath is always helpful.

…Creating space for any emotions I might experience while also recognizing that I am not defined by those emotions, feelings, and thoughts. I am bigger than that.

Do you have any examples of how a “failure” set you up for later success?

All “failures” that I experienced were there to set me up for later success. Failure is not the opposite of success, rather, it is a stepping stone to success.

Your mess is your message.

Do you have any embarrassing (at the time) stories from your work as a coach? Or a time when putting yourself out there really paid off?

Humor has been a big part of my life ever since I can remember. For what others would call embarrassing moments, I probably was there laughing at myself as well, so I can’t point out one specific moment 🙂

If you could put a message on a huge billboard—getting a message out to millions—what would it say and why?

“Building your own meaningful life is hard.

Living just to please other people’s expectations is hard.

Choose your hard.”

I want to empower and help others to take back the power that they have and take accountability for their own lives.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

May the seeds that we are spreading grow and yield sweet fruits, so that we, our families, and our communities can benefit from them.

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