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The Intentional Home

Last updated on September 28, 2022

A fresh coat of paint. New countertops and carpets. Landscaping in desperate need. The list has just begun, but the home I have found myself in couldn’t be more perfect.

Only a few short months ago, when I moved my family from Southern California to Middle Tennessee, into a house I bought sight unseen, I didn’t know what to expect.  

Would we settle in?  
Would our house suit our needs?  
Would we like our new neighborhood?  
Would my two very young children find a place to call home?

I got my answer almost immediately. Yes.

Moving across the country isn’t for the faint of heart. Especially when you’re leaving everything you’ve always known, your family and friends, and ending in a place you’ve only visited for a long weekend. But this carefully designed move was guided by intuition and founded in intention. An intention to build an inspired new life on my own terms.

For the first time in 40 years, I was finally ready to own my life.

An Awakening

For too many years, I lived in a way that fulfilled the expectations of others. A consistent people pleaser and go-getter, I was nothing short of a dutiful daughter, sister, employee, and friend.  But March of 2020 changed that.  

March of 2020 changed a lot, for all of us.

When the world came to a sudden stop, we, as humanity, were sidelined, confined to our homes, forced to face our thoughts, emotions, and reality. Not only were we in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, but we were also dealing with a worldwide emotional awakening.

Though this awakening would take everyone down a different path, one thing remained constant in it: the setting—our homes.

For me, my home, although beautiful, became a source of much anxiety. Although I had bought and renovated this home years before, without even realizing it, I had turned it into an extension of my childhood as opposed to a platform for my adulthood.

I had leaned on my parents in the building and redecorating of this home of mine. They were experts in the field of construction and real estate, so it was only natural to use them as resources, but I took it one step too far. I had unconsciously given them ownership over the property, and essentially over myself, in my reliance on their assistance. This relegation of ownership created a vacuum in my home. It was devoid of me. My spirit. My energy. My vision. And my ability to grow.

Without realizing it, eight years passed, with this energy building in my home. But as the pandemic progressed, it became obvious something needed to change. I needed to change. My surroundings needed to change.  

And with that, my husband and I embarked on the journey that would move us across the country into a new home and a new life, which would in turn inspire a new endeavor, The Intentional Home and Living.

Creating an Intentional Home

The Intentional Home and Living’s mission is to help create intentional interiors for inspired living. But what does that mean?

It means crafting a home in a way that supports the authentic self, in style. Getting to the heart of what feeds a person’s soul and bringing it alive in their interiors. Building a sanctuary for the spirit to soar.

Just as my old home was devoid of my spirit’s presence, so too, I have found, are the vast majority of homes today. The pandemic brought this to the forefront in so many different ways for so many different people.

Whether we were inspired to move, found ourselves falling into internal despair, or, on the contrary, coming alive, the longer we were locked in our homes, the more we were bound to realize the enormous energetic impact they had on us. And as we all came face to face (knowingly or not) with the energy we had created or invited into our homes, the more we were bound to acknowledge it.

Now, finally coming out of this fear-focused moment in time, we have been given the opportunity to evolve into a more aware version of ourselves. We have been allowed the chance to look deep within, and to take stock of what we truly need to soothe our soul and inspire our spirit by bringing intention into our life and homes.

From experience, I know how much the home feeds the soul. When we are unsettled in our space, we are unable to deal with the complexities life throws our way. We are unable to support a healthy mindset and an inspired living environment. We are constantly battling with conflicting energies from within.

When we are unsettled in our space, we are unable to deal with the complexities life throws our way.

But when we build an intentional home, we carefully select and balance design and desire in our homes and our lives. We create a space that is indicative of how we want to feel on a daily basis. How we hope to grow in the future. And what we require to recharge and reset when we walk through the door.

Our homes are such a personal reflection of who we are and what we want to create in life, it is imperative that the energy within matches our deepest desires. And how we FEEL in our homes is at the heart of it all. Because if you don’t feel supported, inspired, and safe at home or in your life, then you are essentially living in a state of utter survival. And you cannot thrive if all you’re trying to do is survive. I am living proof.

Getting Started

Ask yourself these six questions, or better yet, journal on them.  Free-writing is the key to your inner voice.

  • How does your home make you FEEL?
  • How do you WANT to feel in your home?
  • What brings you JOY?
  • Why are you looking for CHANGE?
  • What are you HOLDING ONTO in your current surroundings?
  • What do you need to RELEASE?

By answering these questions (some simple, others not so much), we can begin to create the foundation for intention. We will get to the heart of what is working in your home, and what may be lacking, as well as what is needed to support your spirit.  And if you’re being truly honest with yourself, some of your answers may even come as a surprise.

Our homes are such a personal reflection of who we are and what we want to create in life, it is imperative that the energy within matches our deepest desires.

Though diving deep into one’s innermost self may be a tough task, I urge you, don’t hold back; it is completely worth it when you can finally own your truest version of yourself and create a place that matches on the outside that with which you feel on the inside.  And luckily, you don’t have to do it alone.  Creating intentional homes and lives is my passion; there is nothing I enjoy more than helping others achieve the beauty of authentic living. 

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Courtney Meyers - Intuitive Designer and Coach
Courtney Meyers

Courtney Meyers is a Daytime Emmy Nominated Writer and Producer turned Intuitive Designer & Coach.  She has branded such shows as Ellen, The Real, Extra and Entertainment Tonight.  She is a published ghost-writer and is working on her first novel, The Intentional Home.

A wife and mother, Courtney is a California native living in Tennessee.  She is trained in Intuitive Reiki and Breathwork.  Her list of mentors include the world-famous Sonia Choquette, Medium Jamie Day, and Intuitive Coach Marisa Moris.


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