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Top Intimacy Coaches for Women

An intimacy coach for women specializes in helping women explore, improve, and understand their emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy needs.

If you’re a working mom, a female executive, or a fempreneur looking for a coach to help you nurture your intimate relationships, be sure to keep reading.

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Intimacy Coaches for Women

These coaches are chosen for their expertise, compassionate approach, and dedication to guiding women towards a more fulfilling life.

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Dr. Jordin Wiggins

Dr. Jordin is a naturopathic doctor and pleasure & intimacy coach. She is also the founder and CEO of the Pleasure Collective, a coaching community dedicated to empowering women to reclaim their pleasure.

Through her work, she helps disrupt the traditional conversations surrounding women’s sexual health, wellness, and pleasure, advocating for a more enlightened and inclusive approach.

She has established herself as an influential figure particularly for CEOs and successful women, guiding them to excel not only in their professional lives but also in their personal relationships and intimate lives.

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Bonnie Bliss

Bonnie is a somatic sexologist, intimacy educator, and the founder of a pelvic wellness modality known as Yoni Mapping Therapy.

Her goal is to empower women to connect with their pleasure potential and to emphasize the importance of pleasure in everyday life, which doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual.

Her work has led to the development of The Bliss Method, a comprehensive training program for Yoni Mapping Therapy, through which she has trained a number of therapists worldwide.

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Simone Farschi

Simone is a sex and intimacy educator and the founder of The Pleasure Plus. She helps not only women but also men, couples, and non-binary couples achieve more sexual agency, education, and pleasure.

Her extensive background includes being a Certified Life Coach, trained as a Doula, Somatica Practitioner, Peristeam Hydrotherapist, and Bodysex Facilitator.

Through various services, she assists her clients in developing deeper connections to their bodies, overcoming shame, and addressing trauma related to sexuality.

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Rena Martine

Rena used to work as a Deputy District Attorney for 14 years, dealing with serious cases like sex crimes and domestic violence. Now, she is an accomplished intimacy coach dedicated to helping women feel good about their bodies, have great relationships, and enjoy sex without feeling ashamed.

She is also the author of “The Sex You Want: A Shameless Journey to Deep Intimacy, Honest Pleasure, and a Life You Love.” Her writing offers no-holds-barred honesty, stories from real-life women, and exercises to help readers build secure relationships with themselves.

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Nathalie Sommer

Nathalie is a certified relationship and intimacy coach and transformation coach who helps her clients break through negative patterns in their relationships, leading to stronger emotional connections, improved confidence, and more pleasure.

She is also a speaker and workshop facilitator, hosting events, training, and retreats globally to support and transform the relationships and the lives of women and couples.

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Irene Fehr

Irene Fehr, MA, CPCC, is a Stanford-educated philosopher who transitioned into a career as a sex and intimacy coach, becoming an emerging voice in the field of women’s sexual health and libido.

Through her work, she has created a safe and welcoming space for women to explore their sexuality, addressing common issues such as desire discrepancy and trauma related to sex and relationships.

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Dr. Namita Caen

Dr. Namita Caen, DHS, is a Clinical Sexologist specializing in Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coaching for both individuals and couples.

Somatic intimacy coaching integrates the body’s wisdom into the process of healing and growth within sexual and intimate relationships.

Unlike traditional sex therapy that might prioritize talk therapy and cognitive understanding, this type of coaching involves the body directly through practices that may include breathwork, movement, touch, and mindfulness techniques.

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Common Questions About Intimacy Coaching for Women

How much does an intimacy coach cost?

Prices can range from $100 to $260 (or more) per month for online platforms offering 1:1 sessions. 

How do I find an intimacy coach?

To explore more options, search online directories that specialize in therapists and coaches, like Psychology Today or the International Coach Federation.

Recommendations from friends or healthcare professionals can also be valuable.

What is intimacy counseling?

Intimacy counseling addresses issues related to communication, sexual difficulties, emotional connection, or trust. It is provided by licensed therapists or counselors.

What are intimacy workshops?

Intimacy workshops are group sessions designed to teach participants skills and techniques to enhance intimacy in their relationships.

Want to Be a Certified Intimacy Coach?

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as an intimacy coach, numerous certification programs are available to help you get started. We also have an article on the top certifications in feminine embodiment, sexuality, and marriage coaching.

In addition to these resources, here are several related training programs you might consider:

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