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Top LDS Life Coaches

An LDS life coach is someone who integrates principles from the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) into their coaching practice.

They help clients, often fellow members of the LDS Church, to achieve personal and spiritual goals while staying true to their faith.

If you’re looking for the perfect LDS life coach for you, be sure to keep reading!

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The Best Latter-day Saints Life Coaches to Follow

These coaches are chosen for their ability to connect deeply with their clients and provide guidance that’s both spiritually enriching and practically effective.

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Jody Moore

Jody is a well-known life coach and speaker, particularly within the LDS community. She focuses on helping individuals improve their lives through self-coaching, personal development, and mindset work. 

She is also the host of the popular “Better Than Happy” podcast, which has over 20 million downloads. The podcast covers various topics, including relationships, confidence, health, and entrepreneurship, all through the lens of faith and personal growth.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Jennie Dildine

Jennie helps missionaries and their families navigate the unique challenges of missionary service. Her coaching covers stages of the mission experience, from preparation to service to returning home.

Her coaching services include DIY courses, small group coaching, and one-on-one sessions, designed to build confidence and help missionaries manage homesickness, comparison, and other emotional challenges. 

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Tanya Hale

Tanya is a certified life coach who specializes in empowering middle-aged LDS women, particularly those navigating through divorce and those who want to improve their relationships and build self-confidence. 

Tanya also hosts the podcast “Intentional Living with Tanya Hale,” where she shares insights and practical advice on navigating midlife challenges and creating a life of purpose and joy.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Jenie Hunter

Jenie Hunter is an advanced certified faith and family life coach who helps LDS families navigate a variety of challenges, including marriage issues, grief, anxiety, and faith crises.

Her approach integrates her deep understanding of family dynamics within the context of LDS beliefs, helping clients maintain their faith while addressing their personal and familial struggles.

Her work is particularly impactful for those dealing with the emotional and relational aspects of having LGBTQ children within the LDS community.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Want to Become a Spiritual Coach?

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Although these certifications are not specific to LDS life coaching, they provide good foundational courses for anyone looking to start or enhance their spiritual coaching practice.

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