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My Experience With the Law of Attraction As a Life Coach

Volumes have been written about the tenets and the how-to’s of the Law of Attraction. There are hundreds of YouTubers and thousands of videos giving elaborate methods of applying the Law. Yet, we come across debates over the Law, too. Some question its existence and some keep dabbling to get disappointed.

Of all the Laws of Nature, the Law of Attraction is one such law which is more misunderstood than understood. Those who wish to ‘use’ this Law to accomplish material goals often miss many links and also the real power of the Law. Those who are less materialistic also misinterpret the Law as a gimmick to attract material gains alone.

Today, I am not going to write about the do’s and don’ts of the Law of Attraction. I just intend to share my experience with the Law of Attraction.

How I Help Clients Understand the Law of Attraction

As a Life Coach, I often meet students and clients eager to know how to ‘apply’ the Law of Attraction. I have found that we cannot ‘apply’ the Law to selected wishes and desires and stop its application in other situations. We can direct the wind and the water with mechanical means. But, we cannot control the Law. All we need to do is understand how it works and tune into it.

I give a twofold answer to quench their curiosity: know yourself completely, and tune into the law.

Know Yourself Completely

First, know yourself completely. Without knowing yourself you cannot even know your true desires. This process takes time. You need a lot of alone time. You need to bring more objectivity in your observation. You have to unveil your true self from the opinions of others. You must check the degree of truth in each belief you have about yourself.

This is deep work. But, it has great rewards, too. As James Allen says: “You do not attract what you want. You attract what you are.” That is, to attract what you want, it must be in perfect alignment with what you are at the core.

Tune into the Law 

Second, tune into the way the Law of Attraction functions. Tuning in actually requires very little action. To be specific, it requires only natural and inspired action. Tuning in requires omitting all that which will throw you out of the vortex. A full length article could be written on the actions and omissions. You might already be aware about the ways and means like affirmations, visualization, vision boards, focus, love, gratitude, act as if, ask, believe, and receive, the art of allowing.

All of these work. But, I am going to share with you the last missing link I found in Dr. Dyer’s book. It is just one word, but the most empowering word: non-judgment.

Practicing Non-judgment

Whenever you are absolutely non-judgmental, you will experience an incredibly effortless manifestation of your real desires. Period. Easier said than done? Agreed. But, if you desire to experience the real power of the Law, you cannot replace non-judgment. 

Non-judgment comes with the understanding of the law of Universal Oneness. We are all one. What appears is a perception. Howsoever real your experience may look, howsoever true your feelings may seem, it is just a perception.

You will find people who will concur with your version of reality. You will find laws which acknowledge the injustice you have suffered and redressal forums which may compensate your loss. You may even meet therapists who would validate your pain.

All said and done, the truth is: The world is our reflection. Everyone we meet is a mirror. When we fail to embrace our dark sides we project them in the world outside of us. As within so without! But, our ego fights tooth and nail to defy this truth.

To quote Eckhart Tolle: accept every experience as though you had chosen it. Nothing happens to us. Everything happens for us. If we really understand this, there would be no need to forgive anyone. As Neale Donald Walsch says: Forgiveness foregone. Non-judgment doesn’t come as a corollary to forgiveness. Non-judgment comes when forgiveness is foregone. With non-judgment you harness the highest power of manifestation. 

When you are loving unconditionally, totally immersed in the feeling of gratitude, or giving something valuable in response to pure inspiration, you harness the same power of manifestation. These are the three faces of Non-judgment.

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Shubha Baldota

Shubha Baldota is a life coach and counsellor. You can find her on Instagram or find her featured coach interview on Life Coach Magazine.

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