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Best Relationship Coaches for Singles

Yes, relationship coaching for singles is a thing. Relationship coaches (also known as dating coaches) can help singles understand their relationship goals and enter the dating scene with 10x more confidence. 

They can also help you:

  • Improve your communication skills
  • Keep a positive, healthy mindset
  • Identify patterns that may have hindered your past relationships and provide strategies to break these cycles. 

If you’re single—a single mom, dad, newly divorced, widowed, or just new to all this—and looking for a relationship coach, be sure to keep reading!

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Top Dating Coaches for Men and Women

These coaches specialize in helping singles navigate the complexities of dating and relationships. They offer various services, including personalized coaching sessions, workshops, and online courses. 

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Blaine Anderson

Blaine is a TikTok-famous dating coach who specializes in helping men improve their dating lives. She has coached over 3,000 men, helping them build confidence, attract quality partners, and understand what women want and need. 

She offers a range of services, from online courses like the Texting Operating System and the Online Dating Operating System to one-on-one coaching programs. 

Blaine started her journey in college, where she began advising her male friends on how to date her sorority sisters. 

Over time, she developed a system that combines elements of psychology and personal branding to help men succeed in dating​.

Website | Instagram | TikTok

Connell Barrett

Connell, the founder of Dating Transformation, helps men gain the confidence needed to build authentic connections with women.

His approach is all about “radical authenticity.” He encourages his clients to be their truest selves rather than relying on pickup lines or gimmicks. 

Connell’s journey into dating coaching began after his own struggles with dating and relationships. He faced numerous rejections and even went through a brief marriage that ended quickly. 

Determined to change his luck, he spent years studying the art of male-female connections, training with top coaches, and applying what he learned in real-world situations across major cities like New York and London.

Website | Instagram 

Jolene Beaton

Jolene is a seasoned dating coach and matchmaker based in San Diego. With over a decade of experience, she’s helped more than 20,000 singles find meaningful connections. 

Her coaching style is straightforward and empowering. She provides her clients with the tools they need to succeed in dating without becoming dependent on long-term coaching.

In addition to her coaching services, Jolene is the author of “Dating Explained: It’s Not Them, It’s You,” where she shares insights and strategies to help singles overcome common dating challenges and establish authentic connections. 

Jolene also offers specialized services such as online profile management, matchmaking, styling tips, and more. 

Website | Instagram | LinkedIn

Jessica Santosa

Jessica Santosa is a Christian dating coach based in Sydney, Australia. She is the founder of Dateability, a platform for married-minded singles. 

She combines her background in social work and psychology to help singles build healthy, lasting relationships. 

She also hosts the Dateability Smart Lovers Podcast, where she talks about topics related to dating, relationships, and personal growth. 

Website | Instagram | LinkedIn

Chantal Heide

Chantal Heide is a well-known dating coach based in Canada, often referred to as “Canada’s Dating Coach.” 

Her philosophy centers around three core elements of the human experience: our biological instincts, logical thinking, and spiritual essence. By understanding these aspects, she helps her clients find clarity and achieve their relationship goals.

Beyond her coaching, Chantal is also a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment. She is a proud member of Zonta, a transformative international organization dedicated to uplifting the lives of women worldwide. 

Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

Ali Jackson

Known for her popular “Finding Mr. Height” brand, Ali has been through the ups and downs of dating herself and uses her experiences to help others navigate the dating world with confidence and clarity.

In her coaching, she emphasizes the importance of actually owning your needs, embracing your feelings, and communicating them directly. She believes that finding love should be an active pursuit, much like any other life goal. 

Her approach is particularly effective for those dealing with dating app fatigue, early dating anxiety, and relationship communication challenges.

Ali also co-hosts a podcast with her friend Erica, on which they discuss a variety of relevant topics, from handling breakups to optimizing dating profiles​.

Website | Instagram 

Jamie Date

Jamie’s expertise lies in areas such as seduction, attraction, building confidence, and mastering what she calls the “inner game.”

One of her methods involves acting as a “professional catfish” to help men understand what works and what doesn’t when talking to women online.

Her goal is to help men at all stages of their dating journey, whether they are virgins looking to gain experience, playboys seeking deeper connections, or divorced men re-entering the dating scene. 

She promises significant improvements within 90 days through her intensive coaching.

Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

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How Much Does a Relationship Coach Cost?

The cost of a relationship coach for singles can vary widely depending on their coaching experience, location, and the length of the sessions. 

On average, you might expect to pay between $100 and $300 per hour. Some coaches also offer packages for a more affordable hourly rate. 

Who Needs a Relationship Coach?

Anyone looking to improve their dating life or current relationships can benefit from a relationship coach. This includes singles wanting to find a meaningful connection, couples seeking to strengthen their bond, and those recovering from a breakup or divorce. 

How to Become a Relationship Coach: Best Relationship Coach Certification Programs

If you’re looking to become a certified relationship coach, there are several top certification programs to consider:

For couples coaching certification:

For additional coaching resources, check out our roundup of the Top Relationship Coaching Tools.

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