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Spiritual Life Coaches for Men

Last updated on March 21, 2024

Looking for a spiritual life coach? You’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top male life coaches to help you become a better man, a better father, and a better partner. 

They’ll give you the tools and support you need to explore deeper aspects of yourself, overcome obstacles, and align your life with your true purpose and values.

What does a spiritual life coach do?

Unlike a traditional life coach, spiritual life coaches focus on the deeper, often more abstract aspects of a person’s life. With their guidance, you’ll learn: 

  • To connect with your true self: A spiritual development coach helps you peel back the layers of your life beyond the ego and societal expectations.
  • To develop intuition and inner guidance: A spiritual development coach can teach you practices to hone your intuitive abilities, making it easier to make decisions that aligns with your highest self.
  • To foster healthy relationships: They can show you how to navigate connections with others and the world around with compassion and empathy.
  • To find purpose and meaning: A spiritual career coach can help you recognize patterns that may hint at your greater purpose in both your personal and professional life.
  • To become more confident: Some spiritual coaches also serve as men’s empowerment coaches and offer confidence coaching for men.

They help resolve issues such as stress, lack of purpose or direction, and negative patterns and behaviors, among many others.

The Best Certified Spiritual Life Coaches for Men

Whether you’re looking for a spiritual transformation coach, a spiritual growth coach, or a spiritual business coach, this list has got you covered. 

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Wayne M. Levine

Wayne has over 25 years of experience guiding men through various challenges and transitions in their lives. He is the founder of BetterMen Coaching, where he offers a range of coaching services that help men be the best versions of themselves. 

Testimonials from those who have worked with Levine highlight his ability to offer practical advice, foster self-insight, and provide a supportive environment for personal transformation. 

His clients praise him for his ability to help individuals navigate life’s challenges with greater clarity, purpose, and fulfillment. 

Website | | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Dennis Procopio

Dennis Procopio is the founder of Man-UP! Life Coaching (MULC), a service dedicated to helping men overcome challenges and realize their full potential.

Procopio’s journey to founding Man-UP! Life Coaching is rooted in his personal experiences of overcoming significant adversity, including a tough childhood, homelessness during high school, and a relentless determination to prove his worth despite being dealt a difficult hand.

His experiences led him to seek guidance, where he realized the unique value of male mentorship in redefining male identity.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Brian Hall

Brian is the visionary founder and Lead Pastor of the Cincinnati Dream Center and Cincinnati Dream Works. He is also the president of his family’s development company, which operates in three states. 

With extensive experience in business operations, executive leadership, life coaching, pastoral guidance, and preaching/teaching, Brian has become a dynamic force in spiritual coaching. 

His passion lies in witnessing the profound transformation of souls, having guided over 1,000 of the world’s most renowned influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Chris Bale 

Chris Bale is an internationally recognized spiritual mentor, energy worker, intimacy mentor, QiGong teacher, and acupuncturist. 

For men, Bale offers a powerful group mentoring program designed to reclaim masculine energy, clarity, power, and consciousness. 

This program addresses common struggles many men face today, such as lack of confidence, difficulty in expressing truth powerfully, and challenges in maintaining intimacy and sexual energy in relationships. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Dr Michael Jaquith

Dr. Michael Jaquith

 Dr. Michael Jaquith is a Catholic life coach who combines his background as a Ph.D. Chemist with certified life coaching skills and his conservative Catholic Christian faith to help people thrive. 

Michael is deeply committed to helping men navigate their struggles, particularly those of faith, and become the “men God intended them to be.” 

He offers practical strategies for managing life, improving ways to view and engage with the world, and taking steps closer to standing tall in the sight of God.

Website | LinkedIn

Kevin Garcia

Kevin Garcia is a spiritual life coach, mystical theologian, and practitioner who helps individuals, especially those navigating their spirituality, faith identity, and experiences related to queerness.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Kevin has made significant strides in reaching out to a global audience with a message of inclusivity and God’s love for all, irrespective of one’s background or beliefs. 

After coming out as a queer Christian in 2015, Kevin has dedicated their work to fostering communities of authentic spiritual seeking, challenging bad theology, and reconstructing sustainable spiritual practices.

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Marc Ottestad

Marc Ottestad is a leadership coach who combines spiritual growth with leadership development, drawing on over 45 years of experience in hospitality, retail, and leadership sectors. 

He advocates for integrating personal faith and spiritual discipline into leadership, emphasizing that true leadership involves a close walk with Jesus and is fundamentally rooted in spiritual growth.

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

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How much does a spiritual coach cost?

Generally, rates range from $50 to over $200 per hour. Some coaches may offer packages or programs that span several sessions, which can affect the overall cost. 

The investment in a spiritual life coach also depends on the coaching format, whether it’s one-on-one, group coaching, or online versus in-person sessions.

Have what it takes to be a spiritual life coach for men?

If you want to learn how to become a spiritual coach, here are some of the best spiritual life coach certification programs to consider. 

Natural Wellness Academy – Spiritual Wellness Specialist 

The Natural Wellness Academy offers a dual certification program for becoming a Spiritual Wellness Specialist and a Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor. 

The program is designed for those in the wellness field, including yoga teachers and mental health professionals, who want to deepen their practice or teach meditation and mindfulness. 

Transformation Academy – Spiritual Life Coach Certification

Transformation Academy offers two programs related to spiritual life coaching: the Spiritual Life Coach Certification and the Master Spiritual Life Coach Certification.

Technically, you do not need to be certified to call yourself a spiritual life coach. However, undergoing legitimate spiritual coach training can significantly boost your skills and build trust with potential clients.

Aside from these programs, here’s a few more resources that can help you get started:

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