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Best Spiritual Life Coaches for Women

A spiritual life coach helps you find deeper meaning and purpose in your life through spiritual exploration and growth.

Unlike traditional life coaches, spiritual coaches focus on the more profound aspects of existence and connection to a higher power or the inner self. 

If you’re a businesswoman, a working mom, or even just a normal 9-5 office worker looking for the perfect spiritual life coach, be sure to keep reading. 

We’ll introduce you to the top coaches who understand the spiritual struggles women face and can help you find happiness and peace from the inside out. 

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Spiritual Coaches for Women

We chose these coaches for their ability to connect with and understand the unique spiritual journeys of women. 

Their coaching methods combine traditional spiritual practices and modern psychology to help you navigate life with so much more clarity and grace. 

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Emma Mumford

Emma Mumford is recognized as one of the leading experts in manifestation. She’s an award-winning life coach, a prominent Law of Attraction YouTuber, a best-selling author three times over, a speaker, and host of a top iTunes spirituality podcast. 

If you’re seeking direct guidance from her, she offers 1:1 Align sessions, which are 90-minute deep-dive sessions designed to help you break through fears and beliefs that are holding you back from your fullest potential.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Ulrika Sullivan

Ulrika Sullivan is an intuitive spiritual life coach, author, yoga teacher, podcaster, and energy guide passionate about helping women see life in a new light. She helps them find calm, achieve balance across all areas of life, and align with their true desires. 

Ulrika uses her background in science, extensive corporate experience, and certifications in life coaching (as well as energy leadership, quantum soul guidance, galactic astrology, and yoga) to guide her clients toward significant personal and professional growth. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Jillian Bolanz

Jillian empowers women to embrace their intuitive nature, embody what spirituality means to them personally, and express their sacred, personal wisdom. 

She believes that everyone in the world is here to do amazing things and be their ever-evolving, optimal self. That life can be a walking ritual, and through embracing one’s inner power, women can achieve a spiritually aligned life.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Trisha F. Espinoza

Trisha is an ICF-certified life coach who brings over two decades of experience in leadership and executive roles to her practice. 

She offers a range of services, including spiritual mentorship, leadership coaching, and career development, specifically tailored for women and, more exclusively, women of color. 

In her sessions, she emphasizes the importance of overcoming limiting beliefs, accessing inner wisdom, and harnessing the power of positive energy to manifest a fulfilling and joyful life.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn 

Barbara Daughter

Barbara is a spiritual life coach, artist, and teacher who helps women thrive through art and intention. 

Her coaching integrates all aspects of one’s self—spiritual, physical, personality, beliefs, and relationships—to create an environment conducive for personal development and thriving. 

She combines guided meditation, grounding exercises, and intentional creativity to help her clients explore their inner questions and possibilities. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

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Common Questions About Spiritual Life Coaches for Women

How much does a spiritual coach cost?

Generally, spiritual coaches charge between $50 and $300 or more per session. 

Some may offer packages or programs at a fixed price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

How do I become a spiritual life coach?

To become a spiritual life coach, follow these steps:

  • Self-Reflection: Understand your own spiritual journey, beliefs, and values.
  • Education: Although formal training is helpful, it’s not mandatory. You can learn through online courses, books, and seminars focused on spirituality and coaching.
  • Experience: Gain experience through practice, volunteering, or working under an experienced coach.
  • Develop Your Approach: Define your coaching methodology, tools, and techniques that align with your spiritual perspective.
  • Start Your Practice: Launch your coaching business. Decide whether you’ll work independently, join a coaching firm, or offer services online.
  • Marketing: Promote your services through social media, a website, and networking. Focus on building a strong personal brand.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay updated with new coaching techniques and deepen your spiritual knowledge to enhance your practice.

Interested in Becoming a Spiritual Coach?

If you want to pursue spiritual life coaching, here are some top certification programs that you might find valuable:

Natural Wellness Academy – Spiritual Wellness Specialist 

This dual certification program empowers individuals to help others tap into their inner guidance, deepen their connection to the Divine, and reach a higher level of joy, healing, and success.

It is AADP accredited, self-paced, and includes additional topics on mind dynamics and effective coaching, with access to a webinar library for further learning. 

Transformation Academy – Spiritual Life Coach Certification

Transformation Academy offers two main paths to spiritual coaching: the Master Spiritual Life Coach Certification and the Spiritual Life Coach Certification.

In addition to these programs, here are some extra resources to help you get started:

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