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7 Best Books on Building a Coaching Business

Last updated on February 8, 2024

Getting started can be quite challenging, don’t you think? If you’re setting up your coaching business or you’re preparing yourself for this life-altering step, you surely want to learn as much as possible about how to set up a sustainable practice.

When in doubt about what to do, or when you need motivation to push through, you can find the answers and regain that go-getter attitude from books. You don’t need to waste time going through countless options, as we bring you the list of the best books on building a coaching business.

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1. The Life Coaching Handbook by Curly Martin

The Life Coaching Handbook by Curly Martin

If you want a coaching encyclopedia whose pages are filled with knowledge of building and sustaining a business, successful coaching practices, NLP-based techniques, and more, The Life Coaching Handbook is here to deliver. Simply put, this book has it all. 

Curly Martin discusses the fundamental principles essential for a sustainable and prosperous coaching practice, from coaching others to coaching yourself to grow and improve. The book covers coaching practices, insights on client engagement, how to gain clients, and navigating the business aspects of a coaching practice. It’s a great book for getting a better understanding of the coaching landscape, while also gaining practical tools.

2. The Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin

The Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin

This book is all about building a business by focusing on quality instead of quantity. If your goal is to have a small number of clients, but high-paying ones, this book is THE book to read.

The writers introduce a quality-centered coaching approach and advocate for fewer clients with higher value. The authors explain the distinctive methods you can use to attract high-paying clients and build lasting relationships with them—which is another relevant aspect of that pursuit. 

As a book that held its position among the top 10 coaching books on Amazon for over 3 years and has received glowing reviews, it is a must-read for anyone who aims to build a quality-centered practice.

3. Who The F*ck Am I To Be A Coach?!: A Warrior’s Guide to Building a Wildly Successful Coaching Business From the Inside Out by Megan Jo Wilson

Who The F*ck Am I To Be A Coach?!: A Warrior’s Guide to Building a Wildly Successful Coaching Business From the Inside Out by Megan Jo Wilson

If you have any insecurities, or you need a little push to get started, here’s a book for you. Who The F*ck Am I To Be A Coach?! is a motivational and practical guidebook that targets aspiring coaches who are facing self-doubt and hesitation. 

We love how Willson emphasizes the importance of authenticity and individuality in creating a sustainable and lucrative coaching business, since that is the secret ingredient to making it in the competitive coaching industry. Besides tackling common insecurities and challenges that coaches face when launching a practice, the book delves into attracting ideal clients, setting pricing, and evoking your courage, which is the driving force behind success.

4. The Book of Coaching by Ajit Nawalkha

The Book of Coaching by Ajit Nawalkha

The title itself—The Book of Coaching: For Extraordinary Coaches—explains for whom this book is written. If you don’t settle for ordinary, acceptable, or mediocre, you are Nawalkha’s target reader.

In the words of Ajit himself, “I know what it’s like to want to make a difference but feel like you’re going nowhere. That’s why I’ve written a book on how to transform the world through coaching — a book I want YOU to have.”

The book is very practical as it includes hands-on tools you can use right away in your coaching sessions. If you’re expecting a motivational book full of hype, this book isn’t that. It’s written for coaches who want proven, practical tools for extraordinary results. 

5. Make Money As A Life Coach: How to Become a Life Coach and Attract Your First Paying Client by Sally Miller and Melissa Ricker

Make Money As A Life Coach: How to Become a Life Coach and Attract Your First Paying Client by Sally Miller and Melissa Ricker

Make Money As A Life Coach lays out a step-by-step guide on how to build a coaching practice that makes money. Within these pages, you’ll find everything that coaches at the beginning of their career need. 

This is the perfect read for beginners as it can answer all your questions, like how to engage your first clients, how to make a discovery call, how much to charge, how to market your business, and so on. It can be a real time-saver for those who are nervously standing at the starting line, uncertain about the direction they should follow.

6. Wellpreneur by Amanda Cook

Wellpreneur by Amanda Cook

Here’s one for all the health and wellness coaches out there trying to make it in this competitive field. Wellpreneur is somewhat of a specialized guide for diverse wellness entrepreneurs, including health coaches, nutritionists, yoga instructors, and personal trainers.

The book begins with two crucial topics: your vision and your niche. Wellness coaching is a broad term, so this book addresses the relevance of finding your own place in the vast wellness coaching universe.

Wellpreneur is designed as a roadmap, with clear and concise actionable steps that you can easily follow and implement. From finding your target audience to growing a profitable wellness business, it will take you through the entire process of running a health coaching business. 

7. Building a Coaching Business: Ten Steps to Success by Jenny Rogers

Building a Coaching Business: Ten Steps to Success by Jenny Rogers

Jenny Rogers truly went into the depths of life coaching and building a business in this growing industry. She has been an executive coach for almost 30 years, and in Building a Coaching Business, she unravels her secrets and directly addresses every dilemma or inquiry that a coach-to-be might have.

Some of the things you’ll read about are the qualities necessary for coaching success, strategies for securing clients, the importance of a buyer-centric approach, setting competitive pricing, standing out in a competitive market, and leveraging social media. It might seem that this book is solely for aspiring coaches, but there’s something in there for experienced professionals as well, such as ethical selling techniques and how to expand a coaching business.


There’s more to these books than just educational reading and discovering strategies for building a business. These writers have been in your shoes. They understand the struggles of launching and running a coaching business, and they want to help you avoid common mistakes.

Hopefully, you’ll find a book that resonates with you and aligns with the stage of your coaching career. If you read any of these, we’d love to hear your impressions!

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