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10 Best Career Coaching Tools

Last updated on February 6, 2024

Career coaching is a deeply personal process that relies on understanding and empathy, but its scope goes beyond that. To drive tangible results and make real progress with clients, you’ll need the assistance of top-notch resources. 

Career coaching templates, worksheets, and exercises can assist you in evaluating clients’ current careers, figuring out steps toward their dream job, and increasing their job satisfaction. So, without further ado, here are the best career coaching tools to help you guide clients in the right career direction.

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1. Career Coaching Toolkit

This done-for-you Career Coaching Toolkit is our absolute favorite resource as it will equip you with 9 powerful tools tailored to career coaching. You can use these career coaching tools to help your clients pinpoint workplace priorities, regain energy, identify strengths, secure promotions, and receive feedback. It’s an all-in-one solution that will be especially valuable to aspiring career coaches.

2. Career Discovery Questions 

When your clients are facing doubts about their career choice or they’re yet to decide which path to follow, these Career Discovery Questions can give them clues. The questionnaire consists of 21 questions that inspire reflection on past, present, and future aspirations. The answers can stimulate a thought-provoking discussion about potential careers that align with their values and qualities. 

3. Career Values Workbook

Here’s a tool you can use for clients who are seeking new roles or want to shift careers. The Career Values Workbook is a comprehensive, 5-page exercise that can help clients understand their motivators, choose fitting roles, and define their workplace preferences. By identifying their core career values, they’ll be able to get clarity on what type of career would make them feel happy and fulfilled and in alignment with their true selves. 

4. Personal SWOT Analysis 

A Personal SWOT Analysis is an essential tool for identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It can provide guidance to clients toward a desired career by leading them through a structured process to discover these aspects.

Business life coach with client using business coaching tools

In addition to recognizing clients’ unique skills, traits, talents, and strengths, you’ll be able to create strategies to manage their weaknesses and threats. The underlying benefits of this tool are setting tailored goals, boosting clients’ self-esteem by highlighting their strengths and reviewing the suitability of their careers.

5. Weakness Zapper! Coaching Exercise

This coaching exercise is the perfect follow-up after the Personal SWOT Analysis. Once you outline clients’ weaknesses, the Weakness Zapper! Coaching Exercise can help you assist clients in tackling them with five proven strategies. The tool was inspired by Marcus Buckingham’s book Now, Discover Your Strengths, and it provides a positive and alternative approach to managing flaws. Clients get to choose their top three weaknesses and use the given strategies to take positive actions toward change. 

6. My Achievements Exercise

For self-discovery, we recommend the My Achievements Exercise. For this exercise, clients need to reflect on their life events and achievements. There’s also the second part of the assignment which includes probing questions that reveal what activities bring the most enjoyment to clients and why. Based on these findings, clients will discover more about the direction in which they should be headed if they wish to pursue a career that brings them joy. 

7. Career Wheel 

The Career Wheel is a diverse tool that you can use with clients who are considering new roles, changing jobs, or aiming for promotion in their current position. It is adapted from the popular Wheel of Life, but this extended exercise is designed to coach clients through their next career steps. The Career Wheel helps your clients figure out the 8 key skills they need for their next job or to progress in their current role. It’s incredibly simple to use, but it uncovers life-changing insights.

8. Career or Job Change Exercise

This tool is aimed at clients who need to make a change in their professional lives. The Career or Job Change Exercise assesses the client’s reasons for wanting this transition and helps you and your clients discover whether they should pursue a new job or change their career altogether. Career and job changes can cause a lot of stress and introspection, so this exercise can tame the overthinking and provide clarity on what your clients truly need. 

9. Reclaim Your Power at Work Exercise

The Reclaim Your Power at Work Exercise is a career coaching exercise that emphasizes the importance of enjoying work for overall well-being. When your clients are feeling unhappy at work and they can’t identify why, this exercise will bring to light specific aspects they enjoy or dislike in the workplace. Once you know what is bringing them down, you can support them to break free and take action to reclaim their satisfaction from the position of strength. On top of that, you can use this tool to get a better understanding of clients’ future workplace needs. 

10. Simple 360 Feedback Exercise

Feedback provides people with valuable information about their performance, so they can improve their self-awareness, address blind spots, and make the right decisions for professional growth. Asking for feedback can be nerve-racking, but that can be overcome with the help of the Simple 360 Feedback Exercise. Clients can use this tool and a sample email template that is included to collect feedback from people around them about their strengths and weaknesses. Once they get a fuller picture of themselves, their hidden talents or shortcomings, they will know which steps to take toward professional development. 


The type of coaching tools you’ll use depends heavily on your coaching style and your clients. However, with this diversity of offerings, ranging from the Career Values Workbook to Weakness Zapper!, you’ll surely be able to find the resources that will support your coaching approach in the best way. So why wait? Take your pick and snag these career coaching exercises and worksheets to offer clients personalized guidance and clear insights for success in their professional lives.

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