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Top 5 Breathing Coach Certification Programs

Last updated on May 20, 2024

Breathing or breathwork coaches help people master breathing techniques to lower stress, sleep better, improve athletic performance, and more. 

If you’re thinking about becoming one, stick around to discover some of the best certification programs to consider. For now, here’s a quick summary:

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Does a breathwork coach really need to be certified?

The short answer is YES. 

The long answer is: you technically don’t need to be certifie to teach breathwork and be a breathing coach BUT to be a credible and responsible breathwork instructor, certification is 100% necessary.

Watching YouTube videos alone won’t give you the comprehensive knowledge needed to guide others safely through breathwork practices. 

Plus, with certification programs, you can gain the confidence to start your practice, along with a community of peers and mentors to support you on your journey.

How We Evaluated The Top Breathing Coach Training Programs

Here’s how we evaluated the top options to make sure you find a program that’s truly worth your time and investment:

  • Recognition: We focused on online programs recognized by international institutions and experts in the field. 
  • Trainer Credentials and Experience: We sought programs led by seasoned practitioners who have walked the path themselves and can offer actual wisdom. 
  • Curriculum Depth and Breadth: We made sure the course curriculums cover a broad spectrum of breathwork techniques.
  • Real-World Application and Success Stories: We looked at the success stories of past graduates to identify which programs best translate knowledge into practical coaching skills.
  • Support and Resources: We highlighted programs that offer resources beyond the classroom, such as mentorship, a supportive community, and career guidance. 

Want your program to be featured on this list?

The Best Online Breathwork Coach Certifications

Disclaimer: We’ve done our best to provide an accurate description of these programs at the time of publication. However, things can change quickly, so we suggest double-checking with the institutions directly for the latest details.

YOGABODY Breath Coach Training

The Breath Coach Training by YOGABODY is perfect for those who wish to combine breathwork with a broader wellness or yoga focus.


The program dives deep into breathing anatomy and physiology, autonomic nervous system responses, and the science behind popular breathing styles like Wim Hof, Yoga Pranayama, and Buteyko.

It also includes bonuses like yoga foundation training and coaching tools to help build and grow a business.

Once you graduate, you’ll receive a globally recognized certification through Yoga Alliance and ICF, which will allow you to work in studios, fitness centers, or corporate settings.

  • Course Length: 10 days (live classes + lifetime access to e-learning training)
  • Program Cost: $595
  • Accreditation: ACE
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Alchemy of BreathWork Facilitator Training

Alchemy of BreathWork Facilitator Training is one of the most comprehensive online breathwork training out there. 

Alchemy of Breath Logo

It combines some of the most effective breathwork patterns (like conscious connected breathwork and Pranayama) to help individuals improve their relationships, reduce anxiety, and live life with love and compassion.

The program is also known for its holistic and transformational approach. It is ideal for those who wish to facilitate personal growth and emotional healing and understand the psychological and spiritual dimensions of breathwork.

Graduates of AoB receive an accredited certification recognized by holistic therapy and breathwork associations. They’ll also be invited to join AoB’s Path to Mastery Program.

  • Course Length: 7-8 months / 400 hours 
  • Program Cost: $8,900
  • Accreditation: FHT, AADP, GPBA
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Instructor Training

If you’re interested in enhancing your physical performance or working with athletes, Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Instructor Training might be a good fit.

Oxygen Advantage Logo

Developed by Patrick McKeown, the course helps coaches, athletes, and trainers understand how breathwork can give people that extra advantage in sports and other physical activities. 

It discusses how adjusting one’s breathing patterns can increase stamina, reduce recovery times, optimize oxygen usage, and more. 

By learning how to control carbon dioxide levels and breathe through the diaphragm, you can teach individuals to better handle fatigue and stress, improve sleep quality, and deal with related illnesses.

  • Course Length: Self-paced, 100+ hours
  • Program Cost: $395
  • Accreditation: None as of the moment
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Loka Yoga School Breathwork Training

If you’re looking for a comprehensive internationally certified Breathwork Teacher Training, Loka Yoga School’s Online Breathwork Training is our recommendation and worth exploring.

Loka Yoga School Logo

In this program, you’ll learn 20+ breathing techniques (from ancient Pranayama techniques to the more modern patterns) and gain a solid understanding of the breath to help your clients have better physical and mental health.

Loka Yoga also offers bundle options that combine breathwork training with other related courses like meditation, yoga philosophy, and Yin Yoga for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Upon completion, you’ll immediately receive a downloadable certificate as an internationally qualified breathwork instructor. 

  • Course Length: Self-paced, 20 Continued Education hours with Yoga Alliance
  • Program Cost: $249
  • Accreditation: Yoga Alliance
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

The Whole Health Project Trauma Aware Breath Coach Training

If you’re looking for a well-rounded and trauma-sensitive approach to breathwork, The Whole Health Project’s Trauma Aware Breath Coach Training is the perfect program to take. 

The Whole Health Project Logo

The course will teach you not only breathwork techniques but also how to facilitate safe spaces for clients who may have experienced trauma.

This will allow you to spot and minimize the risk of triggering clients, which will help them be more open and feel more comfortable during sessions.

Once you successfully complete the course, you’ll receive a Trauma Aware Breath Coach certificate that recognizes your expertise in breathwork and trauma-informed facilitation.

  • Course Length: Self-paced, 25 hours (Breath Coach Training) + 10 hours (Trauma Aware Facilitation Training)
  • Program Cost: $429
  • Accreditation: YACEP, IBF
  • Mode of Delivery: Online

Want your program to be featured on this list?

So, What’s the Best Program Out of All of These?

The “best” really depends on what you’re looking for in breathwork training and the kind of breathwork you want to practice and teach.

Want to incorporate self-care and healing into your breathing coach practice? Check out Transformation Academy’s Master Healing & Self-Care Life Coach Certification. This program includes: 

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