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Functional Lab Testing Certification Course (Review + Discount)

Last updated on March 15, 2024

If you’re eager to expand your expertise in health coaching, get ready for some exciting news. The Primal Health Coach Institute is releasing a new course—the Functional Lab Testing for Health Coaches Specialist Certification

Set to launch on Monday, March 11th, this course promises to revolutionize how health coaches approach functional lab testing. 

Find out what the course is about, its price, and the available discounts for early birds.

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About Primal Health Coach Institute

Primal Health Coach Institute (PHCI) was established in 2014 by Mark Sisson and Aaron Fox, and it led the way in bringing ancestral health principles to coaching. 

Their goal was to build a worldwide community of well-trained health coaches skilled not only in Primal health but also in coaching methodologies and business strategies.

PHCI has a holistic approach, covering diet, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle choices, and stress management. 

All of their courses are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and some have additional endorsements from organizations like:

  • National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)
  • Health Coach Alliance (HCA)
  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

You can learn more about the institute in our detailed review.

Functional Lab Testing for Health Coaches Specialist Certification Course Overview

The Functional Lab Testing Specialist Certification is designed for health coaches at all levels of experience, from beginners to seasoned professionals. 

It aims to equip them with the knowledge to understand and guide clients through the process of consumer-directed lab testing. 

The program helps health coaches assist clients in selecting appropriate lab tests, making informed health decisions, and adopting preventive measures to monitor and enhance their well-being.

Two leading experts will guide you through the course—Jennifer Sweenie (a Certified Primal Health Coach and Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner) and Dr. Ken Berry M.D (a board-certified physician and bestselling author).

Here’s what the course covers:

  • Guiding clients in choosing and understanding lab tests
  • The legal boundaries of a health coach’s role in lab testing.
  • Basics of lab testing and how to apply this data in client consultations.
  • Different types of lab panels, including metabolic, cholesterol, thyroid, and sex hormones.
  • Advanced testing options like continuous glucose monitors and DNA genetic testing.
  • When to suggest certain tests and the process involved.
  • Pros and cons of various tests like nutritional panels and food sensitivity testing.

Plus, real-world examples of physician-interpreted results and more. 

Course Duration

The course is designed to fit your schedule. You’ll enjoy lifetime access to the material, so there’s no pressure to hurry through it.

There are 9 main chapters, and PHCI suggests spending about 4 to 5 hours on each (roughly 45 hours in total). 

After each chapter, there’s a quiz and, at the end, a final exam. If you score below 75%, don’t worry. You can review the material and retake the exam as many times as you need to achieve a passing score.

Launch Date

The Functional Lab Testing Certification will be available starting Monday, March 11th. After that, you can sign up for the course whenever it suits you.

Cost and Discounts

PHCI gives two payment options: pay the full amount of $995 upfront or choose three installments of $370.67 each.

Here’s the exciting part: for early birds, there’s a special pre-order discount of $300 available until Friday, March 8th, at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT. 

And don’t worry if you miss the pre-order window; you can still save $200 with a promo code LABS200 until March 29th at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT.


The Functional Lab Testing for Health Coaches Specialist Certification course is your chance to gain skills and expertise in guiding clients through the complexities of lab testing with confidence. 

To secure your spot at a discounted rate, sign up now and grab a $300 discount until March 8th. 

You can also take advantage of the promo code until March 29th to save $200.

If you’re looking for more certification programs by Primal Health Coach Institute, check out Functional Therapeutic Diets Specialist Certification, Health Coaching in Medical Practices Specialist Certification, and more in this article.

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