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15+ Best Health Coach Website Examples

Last updated on March 15, 2024

Looking for health coach website inspiration? We’ve handpicked over 15 health coaching website examples to get your creative juices flowing and set you on the path to digital greatness. 

Whether you’re starting from absolutely nothing or simply revamping your current website, these health and wellness coach websites can give you an idea of how to stand out.

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Top Health Coach Websites

A professional coaching website is essential in marketing yourself as a coach and building trust with clients. Here are some of the best examples to inspire you.

1. Be Well By Kelly

Kelly once worked with big healthcare companies, but her true passion lies in helping others thrive through health and nutrition coaching. 

Her site, Be Well by Kelly, grabs your eye with an engaging video that not only draws you in but keeps you browsing longer. 

Here, Kelly dishes out tasty recipes, insightful blog posts, and resources that aim to connect with her followers on a deeper level and support their journey to a healthier life.

2. Martina Fink

Looking for holistic health coach website ideas? Check out Martina Fink’s website. She presents her message with a fresh design and a clear focus on glow-up both inside and out. 

Besides being a holistic health coach, she’s also a professional makeup artist and the host of The Glow Life Podcast.

Right off the bat, her site welcomes you with a free weekly planner—a sweet touch for building trust. 

With a straightforward menu and a focus on personal touch, her site is inviting, showcasing her client transformations and glowing reviews without feeling cluttered.

3. Marisa Moon

Marisa Moon is a best-selling author and a leading figure in primal health and intermittent fasting. 

Her website is a sleek showcase of her accomplishments, designed to keep things simple yet impactful. 

You take this website as an example of how you can use your website to highlight what matters most to you. For Marisa, that’s her best seller on Amazon, Not So Fast

If you’re interested in becoming a primal health coach yourself, be sure to check out Primal Health Coachs plethora of certification programs

4. On a Heal

Ida has made a leap from psychotherapy to being a champion for women’s empowerment with On a Heal

Her website is a bright, energetic place where her dedication to wellness coaching shines through, aiming to help women find their strength and joy in life. 

It’s visually engaging, mixing bold fonts and colors with a captivating welcome video, perfectly mirroring her coaching style. 

The site is organized around her key themes: well-being, relationships, and productivity, each with a concise, compelling description to give visitors a clear snapshot of her services. 

To make a website similar to this one, use the Brine template.

5. Kirsten Oddy

Kirsten Oddy is a PCOS Nutritionist and women’s health expert who specializes in helping women manage Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes. 

Her website provides various coaching resources on her services as a Women’s Health Nutritionist. She focuses on conditions like PCOS, hormone balance, fertility, thyroid issues, gut health, and gynecological health.

She provides a free consultation call for those interested in her services. 

6. Maria Marlowe

Maria Marlowe is a certified Holistic Nutritionist who became known as the Acne Nutritionist. Since 2013, she has been helping thousands of women improve their skin and overall health.

She is the host of the top-rated The Glow Life Podcast and the author of The Real Food Grocery Guide and Be Healthy Everyday. Maria has gained recognition for her online program, The Clear Skin Plan, which has assisted many in clearing their skin naturally. 

Her website offers a wealth of health coaching resources, including delicious recipes and useful tips aimed at helping individuals achieve a healthy glow from within.

7. Dr. Jen Coaching

Dr. Jen is a health psychologist, a health coach, and the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. 

She welcomes visitors to her website with a video that directly addresses them, creating a more intimate feel and explaining what she can offer.

The site is simple, straightforward, and immediately showcases her services, including:

  • Master menopause program
  • Menopause support consultation
  • Health coaching packages
  • Health consultation
  • Workplace and menopause coaching

She emphasizes health coaching in the primary menu and lists other services in a secondary menu, to keep the content focused and easy to navigate.

8. Health Coach FX

Behind the Health Coach FX brand is a mother-daughter duo whose specialty is hormone testing and health coaching. 

Their message, “Hormone Health Made Simple,” is front and center, setting the tone for their elegant yet minimalist site. 

Free incentives like quizzes and initial calls engage visitors, while a brief mention of their Women Empowerment Coach Training & Certification adds depth to their offerings.

9. Loliya Harrison

Loliya is a licensed women’s life coach, as well as a registered nutritional therapist, personal trainer, and Pilates teacher based in North London. 

Her website showcases her commitment to supporting menopausal, perimenopausal, and postmenopausal women who wish to reclaim their confidence, feel amazing, and enjoy life more. 

Harrison takes a personalized approach with each woman, focusing on helping them manage the changes in their bodies, energy levels, and lives in general.

10. The Ladies That Lift

Anna Marsh’s website, The Ladies That Lift, offers a personalized approach to transforming your body through weight training and nutrition. 

Marsh emphasizes the importance of changing your eating, training, and thinking habits to achieve desired physical changes. 

Her program includes one-on-one consultations, personalized training plans, weekly coaching calls, and a wealth of resources on nutrition and mindset. 

She also reframes testimonials as “meet my ladies” to create a sense of closeness and camaraderie with her clients.

Here’s a running list of more stunning Squarespace coaching websites to inspire you. If you know of any others, drop us a comment and let us know!

What Is the Best Website Builder For Health Coaches? 

There are plenty of fantastic website builders that can help you create your website, but our top pick for coaches is Squarespace. The platform is user-friendly and offers features like scheduling, which is perfect for those looking to build a health and wellness coach website. 

Plus, it comes with a range of beautiful templates tailored to the needs of health coaches. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Sign up for a free trial today. 

You can also check out Lovely Impact, a web design studio with beautiful, easy-to-customize website templates for Showit.

Another great option is Go Live. They have many different Squarespace templates you can use or you can hire them for a custom website build. Use code LIFECOACHMAG to get 10% off.

But if you prefer WordPress and need help with it, Jennie Lakenan’s Website Kit for Coaches is an excellent step-by-step guide to creating your own website. 

Make sure to include essential pages like About Me, Services, and Contact. And don’t forget to add a Blog or Resources section for valuable insights. 

As for your website name, choose one that resonates with your brand and audience.

For instance, Anna March’s website, The Ladies That Lift, aligns with her focus on body toning and health coaching. 

Similarly, Carla’s Awakened Harmony perfectly showcases a holistic approach to coaching, emphasizing physical health along with mental and spiritual wellness.


We hope this variety of website design for health coaches has sparked your creativity and given you the motivation to build your own website today. 

For more resources related to health coaching, be sure to head to our list of top certification health coach certifications, the best books for health coaches, and the best health coaching software.

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