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10 Unconventional Law of Attraction Coaching Tools

Last updated on February 6, 2024

Coaching is similar to planting seeds in a garden. Just as a gardener needs a variety of tools to nurture and cultivate plants, coaches also need diverse coaching techniques, approaches, and tools to help clients create the life they want to live.

If your specialty lies in Law of Attraction coaching, you’ve probably already employed typical tools like vision boards, affirmations, and journaling. However, there are so many other tools you may not know of that can diversify and improve your clients’ coaching experiences. Let’s review some lesser-known Law of Attraction coaching tools that can lead to incredible breakthroughs and inspire transformation.

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1. Draw Out Your Gremlin Exercise

To manifest a life they envision, clients first need to let go of thoughts and beliefs that are holding them back. The Draw Out Your Gremlin coaching exercise is the perfect tool for helping clients face their doubts and limiting beliefs. For this exercise, clients need to get creative and draw their inner critic. In a fun and innovative way, this approach transforms self-judgment into something tangible and brings out the awareness of behaviors that block clients’ progress. The exercise comes with instructions, room for drawing, example images for ideas, and questions to think about when the inner critic appears and how life could change without it.

2. Letting Go Exercise

Here’s another exercise for breaking the old, limiting patterns and stepping into a life with no constraints. The Letting Go exercise is designed to identify and assist in letting go of values and beliefs that are blocking spiritual growth. You can use this tool to encourage clients to open up about energy-draining and mind-clogging aspects of their lives and raise awareness of what stops them from moving on. 

3. Vision and Goal-Setting Toolkit

If your clients need help with getting clarity about what they want out of life, this comprehensive Vision and Goal-Setting Toolkit can be of immense value. By combining various tools for envisioning the ideal future and setting SMART goals, you can equip them with everything they need to achieve their objectives. This toolkit comprises 11 distinct products, including the Annual Goal-Setting Workbook, Get Perspective Vision Worksheet, Wacky Wild Goal Brainstorming Tool, and Understand The Why of Your Goals Coaching Exercise. All of the tools are created in such a way to not only bring results but to make the process enjoyable as well.

4. Rocking Chair Visioning Exercise

Visioning exercises can be a great addition to your Law of Attraction toolbox, and one of our favorites is the Rocking Chair. This tool can be used for clarity and motivation and is a powerful addition to typical visualizing techniques. In this exercise, clients need to picture themselves at 90—happy and healthy. Once they’ve imagined their future, suggest they write or journal about their life and put focus on their achievements. This exercise helps reveal what they truly want and highlights their core values. If you like the concept of visioning exercises, we have more ideas in store in this article. 

5. Calming Guided Meditation Scripts & Toolkit

Meditation is important in the Law of Attraction because it improves focus for visualization, promotes the emission of positive energy and vibrations, and reduces resistance by calming the mind. When in need of guided meditation, turn to this Calming Guided Meditation Scripts and Toolkit.

Woman meditating with dog - Use Headspace to build a meditation habit

You’ll get everything you need, including scripts if you want to record a meditation with your own voice, and mp3 audio meditations. The toolkit features four water-themed meditations for reaching a state of calmness and relaxation. 

6. Troll Travels – Who Am I – Self-Discovery Exercise

Before they design the life they want, your clients will need clarity on their authentic selves. To ignite the power of the Law of Attraction, clients need to understand who they truly are and where their passions lie. Troll Travels – Who Am I is a self-discovery exercise that will help them discover who they are, boost their confidence, and increase their self-esteem.

7. Self-Discovery Toolkit

Here’s another self-discovery resource, but the distinction is that this is a one-stop-shop solution. The Self-Discovery Toolkit contains numerous tools, exercises, and worksheets for connecting to one’s authentic self. If you like to mix it up and tailor the exercises you assign to each individual, this diversified toolkit can be just what you need. You’ll get 9 exercises, workbooks, and templates in the package, such as the Personal Values Identification Workbook, Daily Gratitude Diary Template, Intuition and Dream Symbol Exercise, and Role Model Confidence Boosting Exercise.

8. Law of Attraction Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful technique in the Law of Attraction realms. If you’re on the lookout for a product that you can share with your clients, this Law of Attraction Hypnosis Album can save the day. You can purchase it in CD form or as an mp3 audio. This album creates a detailed and thought-provoking experience for the listeners, guiding them into the depths of their subconscious minds. Through guided vivid landscapes, it reveals the power within clients’ control to energize and mentally stimulate them.

9. Spheres of Influence Coaching Exercise

Trusting the process is one of the hardest parts of manifesting. That line that separates what’s within our control and what we need to let go of often gets blurred. When you recognize your clients’ need for absolute control, you can assign them this transformative exercise. Spheres of Influence is a simple but impactful exercise that only takes minutes to complete but leaves a lasting impression. The task is to identify and write down factors that are stressing and overwhelming you, and then to evaluate what’s within your control and what’s completely outside of your influence. 

10. Focus Wheel

Here’s an easy tool that’s proven to bring notable results. The purpose of the Focus Wheel is to help clients stay focused on positive thoughts and goals. You can craft this exercise on your own since you only need to draw a circle on cardboard and then add bigger circles around it. Ask the client to write their main focus in the center, such as financial freedom or a healthy relationship, and then jot down supportive beliefs and positive things they believe will happen in the outlying circles. This simple drawing will be an ever-lasting reminder to stay positive as they progress toward that ultimate goal in the center.


The worth of effective coaching tools is immeasurable. But even if you can’t splurge on expensive products, exercises such as Draw Out Your Gremlin and Self-Discovery Toolkit show that you don’t need to burn a hole in your wallet to put together a powerful set.

All of these tools are super affordable and incredibly effective, so don’t hesitate to give them a try. They can bring a fresh dynamic to your coaching approach, make the sessions more fun, and spark those riveting a-ha! moments.

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