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30+ Coaching Website Examples

Last updated on February 6, 2024

Need some inspiration for your life coaching website? We’ve searched high and low for the best life coach websites to inspire your own.

And if you’re looking for tips on how to create your own coach website, be sure to read our article on the best website builders for life coaches. We also recommend checking out the the Website Kit for Coaches course. It’s a comprehensive guide to creating your own website.

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Life Coach Website Examples

The websites in our list span a wide range, from small coaching practices to best-selling authors and keynote speakers. But whether or not you have a picture with Oprah, you can use all of the websites in this list to get ideas for the style, layout, and content of your own.

A professional website that clearly communicates your brand, mission, and value proposition is a really great way to build trust with potential clients. Add a clear call-to-action, and you have a powerful marketing tool for building your audience and finding new paying clients.

1. Mel Noakes

Life Coach Website Example - Mel Noakes

Built with: WordPress

Mel Noakes has done an excellent job branding herself as “the self-care coach.” We love the minimal, clean look of her website. She also has a very clear message and clearly defined call-to-action to “Take the Self Care Quiz.” The “Start Here” link in the header menu is also an effective way to direct visitors who don’t know where to look first.

This website was designed and built custom built using the Divi theme.

2. Christine Gutierrez


Built with: Squarespace

The branding of Christine Gutierrez’s website is thoughtful and beautiful, and it creates an atmosphere that makes you want to be a part of her community.

3. Marie Forleo

Life Coach Website Example - Marie Forleo

Built with: WordPress

Marie Forleo’s website is a beautiful, bold extension of her brand. The “Get Started” link in the header menu is another example of a clear, effective way to direct visitors to take specific action. This is a custom designed and built website, and we think it’s very well done.

4. Sonia Wright, MD

Life Coach Website Example - Sonia Wright, MD

Built with: WordPress

This website was custom designed using the Astra theme.

5. Melissa Ambrosini

Life Coach Website Example - Melissa Ambrosini

Built with: WordPress

Melissa Amrosini’s website is clean, minimal, and compelling. It features a photo, a simple question, and a call-to-action which leads you to a lead magnet quiz.

6. Kate Crocco

Kate Crocco - Mindset & Confidence Coach - Squarespace website

Built with: Squarespace

Kate Crocco’s website makes great use of photography, website copy, and consistent branding to create an effective website. She uses 2 free chapters of her book as a call-to-action and lead magnet.

7. Valorie Burton

Valorie Burton - Life Coach Website

Built with: WordPress

This website uses a customized version of the Avada theme.

8. Maya Elious

Life Coach Website screenshot - Maya Elious

Built with: WordPress

This website uses a customized DIVI theme.

9. Cynthia Santiago-Borbón


Built with: Squarespace

This website is simple, elegant, and well branded. You

10. Courtney McDermott

Life Coach Website screenshot - Courtney McDermott

Built with: WordPress

This website uses a customized Avada theme.

11. Kristin Webster

Life Coach website screenshot - Kristin Webster

Built with: Squarespace

Kristin Webster has a simple, beautiful coaching website built on Squarespace.

Note: The rest of this list of coaching website examples continues at the bottom of this post.

The Best Website Builder for Life Coaches

If you’re ready to create a coaching website yourself, there are several website builders on the market to help you do that.

Squarespace is our choice for the best website builder for coaches. Squarespace has several coaching templates and features like scheduling to help you create the perfect website for your coaching business.

Here are a few examples of Squarespace templates you can use for your coaching website.

Almar - Squarespace Coaching Website Template
Almar template from Squarespace
Myhra template from Squarespace
Lakshi - Personal Trainer & Health Coaching Squarespace Template
Lakshi template from Squarespace

Creating Your Own Coaching Website

To create your own coaching website, you can simply choose a template (pick any of the Squarespace templates above or choose another from the Professional Services category), start a free trial, and start adding your own content and photos in place of the default template content.

And if you want a little more help, here are some studios that can help you create a beautiful and effective website for your coaching business.

Step-by-Step Course: Website Kit for Coaches

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to DIY your website, the we recommend checking out the Website Kit for Coaches. Created by Jennie Lakenan, a Life Coach School certified coach and web designer, this course is designed to help you create easily create your own WordPress coaching website.

Lovely Impact

Lovely Impact is a web design studio run by two coaches, Cassandra Ewert and Tierra Wilson. They make beautiful, easy-to-customize website templates for Showit, a drag-and-drop website builder. You can shop their templates or schedule a consultation.

Visit to learn more.

Watch this in-depth video from Cassandra of Lovely Impact, explaining what makes an effective life coaching website.

Go Live

Go Live is a studio offering beautiful, easy-to-customize Squarespace templates for. You can shop their templates or hire them to build a custom website. P.S. Use code LIFECOACHMAG for 10% off!

Visit to learn more.

We’ll continue to add great coaching websites to the list below as we find them. If you know of others, let us know in the comments!

  16. – by Lovely Impact
  17. Lovely Impact
  18. – by Lovely Impact
  19. – by Lovely Impact
  20. – by Go Live (Influence template)
  21. – by Go Live (Influence template)
  22. by Go Live (Kira Reid template)

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