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Top 10 Life Purpose Coaching Tools

Last updated on February 6, 2024

What is your life purpose? Is there a more meaningful and intimidating quest than discovering who you are destined to be and what you are destined to do? That can put a lot of pressure on life purpose coaches, but insightful tools and tailored exercises can help fill in the gaps and identify the best process for helping clients find their purpose. 

In this article, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best life purpose coaching tools designed to mend the breach in self-awareness and help clients pinpoint their purpose with clarity. Browse through the resources below to find your favorite!

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1. Powerful Pondering Questions Worksheet

The Powerful Pondering Questions Worksheet can provide the perfect start to your collaboration with a client. This set of 22 profound questions reveals clients’ aspirations and what they really want from life. The answers can inspire goal-setting, and areas where clients struggle can open up opportunities for deeper exploration. Another benefit is that you can use their answers to provide more tailored coaching sessions from the very beginning of your work together. 

2. The Rocking Chair Exercise

Imagining the end of your life can bring to light your values and priorities. That’s why the Rocking Chair Exercise can do wonders in life purpose coaching. Instead of getting overwhelmed with immediate wants, your clients will be prompted to skip the stress of now and visualize what they want in the future. Realizing what they want the rest of their life to be about can clarify their purpose. Since life purpose coaches often use guided visualizations for introspective exercises, the Rocking Chair Exercise comes with two more visioning exercises, the Retirement Party Exercise and the Newspaper Article Writing Exercise. 

3. Personal Mission Statement Generator Workbook

We all know the importance of mission statements in business, but this creative exercise introduces the concept of personal mission statements. Yep, you heard it right. The Personal Mission Statement Generator Workbook helps to define what clients do, why they do it, and what they stand for to encapsulate their life purpose in a concise sentence. Once they define their personal mission statement, these “words to live by” can provide them with focus and clarity for their future endeavors and a sense of purpose. 

4. What Makes My Heart Sing? Exercise

Life’s purpose is often hidden among the little things that bring us joy and fulfillment, but we tend to disregard them in the endless pursuit of something bigger and better. But how to know what those little things are? What Makes My Heart Sing? is a coaching exercise that helps clients discover what makes them happy and encourages deep self-connection. This is a simple exercise, but it can lead to life-altering discoveries.

5. Peak Moment Exercise and Script

This is another exercise designed to inspire self-connection and clarify true values. The tool is rooted in Abraham Maslow’s concept of peak experiences or moments of highest happiness and fulfillment. Through the Peak Moment Exercise, you can spark clients’ positive reflection and personal development by encouraging them to recall and connect with “peak moments.” Based on their highlights in life, you can connect the pieces to make out what their purpose is. 

6. Build a Bridge Coaching Exercise

What if your client’s life purpose is on the other side of the daily challenges that currently hold them back from progress? The Build a Bridge Coaching Exercise can get your clients to move away from that stagnant position and make some changes in their lives. It helps them recognize that they don’t always need to see the other side before taking action. 

7. Motivation Quiz

When your clients need an extra push to start moving toward their life purpose, you can use this Motivation Quiz. The results and valuable tips included in this sheet help you understand their current motivation and provide insights for discussion.

This quiz isn’t designed for right or wrong answers, but it serves as a platform for discussion about your client’s motivation and how to boost it effectively.

8. Self-Discovery Toolkit

To find your purpose, you need to be aligned with who you are. That’s where the Self-Discovery Toolkit comes in handy. This is the ultimate set of tools for inspiring exploration and connection with authentic selves. You’ll receive 9 different but equally powerful tools, including the Personal Values Identification Workbook, Daily Gratitude Diary Template, Intuition and Dream Symbol Exercise, and Role Model Confidence Boosting Exercise. If you want diversity in your tools and aim to explore various facets of your client’s journey toward self-purpose, this toolkit will prove to be an invaluable resource.

9. Get Perspective Vision Worksheet

After clients figure out what matters to them and what they’re good at, you’ll be there to assist them in setting goals that match their purpose. For a more streamlined process, you can use the Get Perspective Vision Worksheet. It prompts clients to align short-term goals with the broader perspective of life. Clients need to envision what they want over the next decade and work backward to identify goals at various intervals until they reach the steps they need to take now. This exercise can tie well with the Rocking Chair Exercise, as they can outline specific goals to reach that dream life. 

10. Wacky Wild Goal Brainstorming Tool

Make goal-focused brainstorming fun and effective at the same time with the Wacky Wild Goal Brainstorming Tool. This tool addresses the challenge some clients face in starting or having uninspiring goals. The purpose of the Wacky Wild Goal Brainstorming Tool is to draw attention to meaningful goals. It encourages diverse and unconventional ideas, helps to assess the goals’ true value to clients’ lives, and identifies up to 10 focus areas.


The value of these tools lies in providing a structured approach to life purpose coaching and helping both you and your clients to identify and tackle any obstacles and limiting beliefs that are holding them back. With these proven tools and personalized exercises, you can have diversified techniques at hand for guiding different individuals. 

When it comes to coaching tools, more is always merrier, so consider the benefits of these tools and try out those that suit you best—whether that’s the Rocking Chair Exercise, the Get Perspective Vision Worksheet, or any other—and discover the tools that best suit your style of coaching.

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