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Simplero Review – Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know

Last updated on February 26, 2024

Do you want to spend more time coaching and accelerating your income and less time running a business? If you welcome coaching software onto your team, that wish can become a reality. The hardest part of this process is the search for the best coaching software, which leads us to this Simplero review. 

We’ve overviewed, summarized, and revised everything a life coach wants to know about an automation tool. Keep reading if you’d like to learn about Simplero reviews, features, pricing, pros and cons, and alternatives. 

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, and Life Coach Magazine may receive a commission on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. We appreciate your support!

About Simplero Coaching Software

As Simplero explains it, with their tool, you’ll get “all the features you need under one login.” This is an all-in-one software for website building, email marketing, sales funnels, content delivery, and payments. 

Simplero Homepage
Simplero home page

What’s unique about it is that it is designed for selling both digital and physical products (that means just one software for managing downloadable PDFs, audio recordings, online courses, and printed books). There’s also a lot of flexibility, allowing you to customize most features.

Their clients include teachers, trainers, and life coaches in various industries, such as business, wellness, nutrition, health, fitness, spirituality, and relationship coaches. Simplero focuses on helping you with three important goals: to educate, engage, and attract clients

If you want a quick run-down of what Simplero does, here’s a video overview:

Simplero Features 

Simplero has robust features that cover the whole business journey, from design to marketing to selling your services. Here’s what you’ll get from this tool:

Simplero integrates with Stripe, PayPal, and over 120 other gateways, so you can be sure your preferred tool is on the list. 

To support your growth, Simplero provides pre-loaded customizable templates based on proven-to-work launch strategies that are free to use and personalize for Simplero members. They also emphasize their responsive support team, who even sends video responses that walk you through a problem. 

Simplero offers support through emails, community posts, and video Q&A calls as well.

We’ll go a bit more in-depth to explain the unique features of Simplero.

Customer Insights

Simplero Customer Insights

Simplero will help you get to know your clients, so you can further personalize your approach to them. You’ll get reports on their email activity (who opened your email, clicked on a link, unsubscribed, and more) and how customers engage with your content (who completed a lesson, who visited which page, and other website activities). This can help you improve your content and optimize your website and emails. 

Upsell, Downsell, and Order Bump Features

Simplero Online Payment Management Feature

You can maximize your sales potential and improve the customer experience with strategic sales features like Upsell, Downsell, and Order Bump. Upsells and Downsells can be set up to appear automatically once an initial purchase has been completed. You can create as complex an upsell/downsell sequence as you want, complete with personalized pages tailored to your coaching brand. With the Order Bump feature, you can incentivize a customer who is making a purchase to add an additional item to their cart, thus increasing the average value of each order.

Affiliate System

Simplero Affiliate System

If you’re interested in earning passive income, you’ll appreciate one of the stand-out features of Simplero: its integrated affiliate system. Affiliates can even earn a portion of the commission when they recruit other affiliates that make a sale. What’s more, you can enable a leaderboard feature for big launches or special events, making it possible to offer prizes to your top-performing affiliates.

Simplero Pricing

The pricing plans come at three levels:

  • Starter – $70.80 per month starting at 500 contracts 
  • Scale – $178.80 per month starting at 1,000 contracts 
  • Skyrocker – $298.80 per month starting at 5,000 contracts 

The key difference is that Starter ​​allows you to market and sell up to 5 products, 5 courses, and 1 membership site, while with Scale and Skyrocket all of that is unlimited. The latter two options also offer more features. 

What’s important to mention is that your membership fee increases with the number of contracts you sign with the clients. The listed pricing refers to the base number of contracts. 

You can test out Simplero with a 14-day free trial allowing access to all the features. There’s also a 17% discount if you pay annually. 

Simplero Pros & Cons 

We’ve taken a look at some key arguments for and against Simplero to give you a summary of the main advantages and disadvantages.


  • Can be used for both physical and digital products
  • Unique set of features like affiliate management space, landing pages with high-converting templates, and Order Bump 
  • Customization of features
  • 14-day free trial
  • Integration with 120+ gateways


  • Page builder and course design can be too limited for some
  • Pricing can be confusing
  • Pricing increases as the number of client contracts grows
  • Doesn’t integrate with Google Calendar and many other useful tools like Mailchimp, Zapier, Gmail, and Slack

Simplero Reviews

Do you want to know what users have to say about Simplero? Here are a few reviews from trusted review websites. 

First up, some review from Simplero’s testimonials page:

Simplero has decreased my business costs by around 40% and opened up my business growth potential immeasurably. And my customers are loving the ease and simplicity of my course platform.

Claire Mitchell, CEO of Six Figure Business Coach

Then there are these from TrustPilot, G2, and GetApp:

It’s super easy to use and they have the greatest support team. Always quick answers and often with videos to explain how to solve your problem.

Mette Fuglsang

The biggest benefit I’ve found is that it saves me time. Time on setup. Time to make things work together. Time to manage. Time to collate data and analytics.

Robyn K.

I’m saving time and money, feeling more motivated, and enjoying the ease of use. Some software is clever but unpleasant to use whereas Simplero is so enjoyable to use, and I’m jut starting to realise that there are even more benefits than I’ve perhaps realised. I can run my business and focus on my clients and what I’m trying to achieve, without spending days in search of the right software systems. Every interaction with the Simplero support team is excellent, and the updates and new features feel like they’re mind-readers too.

Susan B.

Simplero Alternatives

Some coaches use general CRM software solutions like Keap (formerly Infusionsoft), but tools designed for life coaches are more personalized. 

If you’re looking for alternatives to compare to Simplero, our recommendation goes to Paperbell and Honeybook since they are both feature-rich all-in-one tools. To know more about the reasons behind our choices, you can check out our Paperbell review and Paperbell alternatives articles. You can also get a 50% discount on Honeybook during the first year with our code ‘lifecoachmag.’

Many also find that Coaches Console is a good fit, though its price isn’t as affordable as Paperbell. If you want to explore further, check out CoachAccountable, UpCoach, and Delenta.


With Simplero, you can keep your CRM, payments, courses, and communities in one handy place. You don’t need to mix and match different tools when you can have it all with this simple but powerful coaching software. 

Even if Simplero doesn’t meet all your needs, other tools like Paperbell and Honeybook might be just what you’ve been looking for.

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