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Top 10 Spiritual Life Coaching Tools

Last updated on February 6, 2024

Spiritual life coaching tools are such an important resource for gaining insight into clients’ challenges and aspirations. Combining your expert guidance with proven coaching forms, sheets, and exercises can help clients think outside their usual patterns and see things from a deeper perspective.

If you want to be prepared to navigate any coaching scenario and empower clients to awaken their inner spirit, you should take advantage of powerful spiritual life coaching tools. These resources are designed to accelerate breakthroughs and make your sessions more impactful. Let’s dive in!

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1. The Peak Moment Exercise and Script

The Peak Moment Exercise draws inspiration from Abraham Maslow’s idea of “peak experiences;” that is, moments of highest happiness and fulfillment. This motivational tool helps clients recall and connect to their own “peak moments.”

The exercise is designed to help clients create a positive anchor state for motivation. It encourages them to think and act on a larger scale, explore their values, build confidence, and nurture authenticity. This specific resource comes with an explanation of the idea behind this exercise, step-by-step directions, optional extra tasks, and a detailed script.

2. Are You Sitting Too Comfortably? Exercise

Spiritual growth doesn’t blossom within the confines of a comfort zone. To help your clients identify their areas of “comfort continuum,” you can assign them the Are You Sitting Too Comfortably? exercise. 

This tool is a great starting point for clients to take action. It can also inspire discussions about the importance of discomfort in spiritual growth, building confidence, and experiencing a more vibrant life.

3. Draw Out Your Gremlin Exercise

We absolutely love this exercise as it blends fun, inspiration, and revelation. The Draw Out Your Gremlin coaching exercise can help clients overcome limiting beliefs and self-judgments. It prompts them to literally draw their gremlin or inner critic to become aware of self-sabotaging behaviors. 

This resource features simple instructions and space for drawing, sample images to stimulate thinking, and thought-provoking questions like when the inner critic shows up and how life might be different without the gremlin. 

4. Intuition and Dream Symbol Exercise

Encourage clients to tap into their intuition and inner wisdom with this powerful exercise. The Intuition and Dream Symbol is a self-discovery tool that invites clients to understand themselves better through personal images or symbols. If they have recurring images in their dreams, this exercise will help them discover their deeper meanings.

What’s more, it also comes with a review section and a 5-minute relaxing visualization, so you’ll have a structured framework to guide clients into a receptive and open state of mind prior to giving them this exercise.

5. 3-Month Vision Worksheet

When your clients lose their focus or they need to revisit their goals, this 3-Month Vision Worksheet can serve as a guiding light toward their desired destination. This is a goal-setting tool that aims to identify short-term goals for a balanced and meaningful life. By envisioning their lives in various areas three months from now, clients can define what they want to achieve, and then you can work together to outline the steps toward those objectives.

6. Set Your Compass: Celebrate This Year & Prepare For The Next

As the year comes to a close, that innate need to make changes in the upcoming year begins to surface. If you practice setting New Year resolutions and commemorating achievements with your clients, the Set Your Compass Exercise can be a valuable tool for you. 

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The Set Your Compass tool is a special coaching exercise that celebrates your clients’ successes and reflects on what they learned and achieved in the year that’s about to end. The two pages of insightful questions will help clients celebrate their growth and prepare for the new year. 

7. Daily Gratitude Diary Template

Practicing gratitude is an important component of spiritual life coaching. It’s such a classic tool that can be employed in various ways, and this Daily Gratitude Diary Template can spruce up the traditional “write down a few things you’re grateful for” approach.

The Daily Gratitude Diary is a brandable and editable template that will especially come in handy for clients who need the help of prompts to get inspired. It contains questions about small successes, triggers, educational moments, appreciation, and kindness, so it’s quite diversified and fun.

8. Letting Go Exercise

Help your clients leave behind the thoughts, values, and beliefs that are weighing them down and blocking their spiritual growth with this Letting Go exercise. You can use it to raise awareness about the impact of holding onto issues and introduce the concept of “secondary gain,” or what clients gain by not letting go. This exercise is also useful for initiating discussions on forgiveness and the energy-draining effects of clinging to things that slow down progress.

9. Personal Values Identification Workbook

The purpose of the Personal Values Identification Workbook is to identify clients’ top ten values. Why is this relevant? Because recognizing their core values is how they’ll reconnect with their authentic selves. This comprehensive workbook includes 5 pages of activities designed to help clients understand what drives and motivates them to gain clarity on their values and what they want to avoid.

10. Mentor Magic Coaching Exercise

Learning to trust themselves and respect their own advice can be challenging for many people. In those situations, when you recognize that clients need help accessing their inner wisdom, you can put to use this Mentor Magic Coaching Exercise.

By using the power of imagination, this tool prompts clients to think of people they respect and admire and what advice they would share. It’s a simple but effective coaching resource for clients who need to develop self-reliance.


These resources can guide both you and your clients through the stormy waters of personal and spiritual growth. By expanding your repertoire of tools, you can open up more possibilities for spiritual transformation and meaningful breakthroughs.

You might not need all these tools right away, but you can bookmark this article for future reference and revisit it when you wish to expand your toolbox. If you want to cast a wider net and look into other useful tools, we recommend visiting The Coaching Tools Company‘s website, as they have a vast library of affordable life coaching tools.

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