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The Coaching Tools Company – Everything You Need to Know

Last updated on February 8, 2024

The diversity of tools and resources you use in your work with clients will be reflected in their growth and transformation. So, if you’ve decided to upgrade your toolbox, The Coaching Tools Company is the top-rated solution to that quest. 

In this review, we’ll break down what The Coaching Tools Company offers, how much their resources cost, and share informative reviews from coaches. Let’s dive in!

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About The Coaching Tools Company

The Coaching Tools Company was founded in 2009 by Emma-Louise Elsey, a professional coach with two decades of experience. In 2014, The Coaching Tools Company became an official ICF Business Solutions partner, and in 2020, it achieved membership status with the IAPC&M.

Their mission is to provide coaches with accessible, affordable resources to grow their businesses and coaching toolboxes. Some of their practical coaching tools include printable forms and documents, exercises, worksheets, eBooks, guides, and coach-specific social media graphics. 

The Coaching Tools Company Philosophy

The company values authenticity and mutual support within the coaching community. They aim to inspire coaches worldwide to make a positive change, and they lead by example by supporting mental health charities, running an ad-free platform, and dedicating 10% of their annual profits to charitable donations. Their dedication to helping clients grow is shown through their library of free tools and resources.

How Does The Coaching Tools Company Work?

If you want to get your hands on these invaluable resources, the process is as simple as it gets. You can browse through their library and even filter the products based on your niche (such as health coaching, career coaching, spiritual coaching, etc.)

Once you find the tool or material you’ve been looking for, you can purchase it with a couple of clicks. All the tools and materials are brandable, so you can align them with your coaching brand and start using them with your clients immediately. 

The Coaching Tools Company Tools and Resources

The Coaching Tools Company has an incredible diversity of tools, templates, and other coaching materials. Since it’s impossible to list them all, we’ll introduce you to some of their most popular resources. 

Coaching Tools & Exercises Megapack

This megapack is a one-stop-shop solution for coaches who want a full package of tools for their coaching programs, career development, time management, and more. It comprises 81 done-for-you career and life coaching tools in 8 themed toolkits. Each toolkit is brandable, and it comes with an instruction manual.

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Here’s what comes in the package:

  • Coaching Welcome Packet
  • Balance & Self-Care Toolkit
  • Career Coaching Toolkit
  • Vision & Goal Setting Toolkit
  • Life Coaching Toolkit
  • Productivity & Time Management Toolkit
  • Self-Discovery Toolkit
  • Spring Clean Your Life Toolkit
  • 21 1/2 Workshop Icebreakers & Exercises eBook
  • Personal Mission Statement Generator Workbook
  • Build a Bridge Coaching Exercise
  • Expand Your Mind – Cartesian Questions
  • Love Your Weaknesses – Reframe Exercise
  • Mentor Magic Coaching Exercise
  • Nail That Goal!
  • Proactive Friend Finder
  • Spheres of Influence Coaching Exercise

Done-for-You Life Coaching Program Template

This product can be a lifesaver for aspiring coaches. If you want to start working with clients and you don’t have a minute to waste, you can rely on this 3-month Renew You! Coaching Program template. The template works for both individual and group coaching sessions.

With this program-in-a-box, you’ll receive everything you need to put a life coaching course in motion. It packs a session-by-session user guide, social media graphics, exercises, and numerous other tools.

Business Growth Tools

Maybe you’ve completely set up your coaching practice and have all the tools you need, but you’re struggling with developing and marketing your business. The Coaching Tools Company has a solution for that as well. They offer a variety of business coaching tools like intake forms, goal planners, SWOT analyses, monthly action trackers, social media graphics, and more. 

Forms, Exercises, Worksheets

In addition to complete packages of tools, The Coaching Tools Company also provides individual tools for those who need a specific resource. You can purchase various forms, worksheets, and exercises, including a 3-month vision worksheet, a daily success habits exercise, a monthly client review and feedback form, and so on. 

Guided Meditations

Meditation is one of the most popular techniques in coaching, and The Coaching Tools Company knows it. If you want to skip the process of coming up with a calming guided meditation and recording it, you can get this meditation script and audio. What we like about this product is that it features four different meditations so you can use them in different coaching programs and sessions.

The Cost of The Coaching Tools Company Resources

The Coaching Tools Company is focused on making its resources accessible to everyone, so the prices are budget-friendly. Since there are so many different tools, we can’t list all the prices, but the costs range from $9.95 to around $300. For example, a single tool, such as a motivation quiz, costs $9.95, and their megapack is priced at $295.

The Coaching Tools Company Reviews

The feedback from coaches about The Coaching Tools Company is overwhelmingly positive, so let’s take a look at some of their reviews. 

We’ve found numerous glowing reviews on their website praising the diversified and practical resources as well as their ease of use.

I discovered The Coaching Tools about a year ago, and am very happy I did. The depth and breadth of available resources, combined with the ease with which you can brand these yourself, have made The Coaching Tools my number-one go-to site for inspiration. Thanks for what you do!

Marion Valster, The Workplace Engagement Coach

The depth and breadth of exercises and tools are fantastic, there is always something I can find to facilitate growth in my clients. I am very impressed with the 90-day program as this is something I have been pondering over. Well done, Emma Louise and your team. Fantastic resources, both free and paid.

Vicki Limb, Business and Mindset Coach for Women, She Evolves

I love The Coaching Tools Company! I began using some of the free resources in my workshops, and after I received such rave reviews on the exercises and activities I downloaded, I went ahead and made my first of many purchases from The Coaching Tools Company. The participants in my workshop love the activity and exercises, and what’s even better is that many of the attendees actually signed up for individual sessions with me!  How exciting, and it’s thanks to your amazing tools.

Collette Gee – Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner & Holistic Coach, Finding Happily

I absolutely love, love, love the tools! I’ve purchased two tool packs, and I love every single tool. They are all very high-quality (both in content and appearance) and easily customizable. They have saved me HOURS of work by having easy-to-access and easy-to-use tools that are very specific to my clients’  needs. Truly an invaluable resource that I am thankful and happy to have found. – Patrina M. Clark, HCS, SPHR

President Pivotal Practices Consulting LLC

Is the Coaching Tools Company the Right Choice For You?

The Coaching Tools Company is perfect for any coach in need of practical, ready-made materials that they can easily customize and adjust to their unique brand. 

They’ve got everything covered. Whether you need life coaching programs, quotes, forms, or meditations, The Coaching Tools Company has it. There’s a slim chance that you can find a better variety of coaching resources at a more affordable price.

We especially love that they’re not strictly focused on coaching tools, but they also support business development with done-for-you templates and social media graphics. That’s what we call a complete package!

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