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The Life Coaching Welcome Packet 101

Last updated on March 15, 2024

Welcoming a new client into your life coaching practice is always an exciting moment. However, it’s crucial to start their journey with clarity and direction.

That’s where the life coaching welcome packet comes in handy. It’s your toolkit for setting the stage for a productive coaching relationship, making sure your clients know what to expect and how to engage from day one.

In this article, we’ll go through the essentials of a life coaching welcome packet. You’ll learn about its purpose, what to include in it, and how it can make the onboarding process a breeze for both you and your clients. 

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What Is a Life Coaching Welcome Packet?

Think of the coaching welcome packet as a personalized introduction to your new clients where you:

  • Extend a warm welcome
  • Express gratitude for the confidence they’ve placed in you and your services
  • Provide a concise introduction to both yourself and your coaching business
  • Offer an overview of the services you provide
  • Explain the program at hand
  • Outline the financial information, relevant policies, and guidelines
  • Establish clear boundaries and set realistic expectations
Life coaching welcome packet documents

It ensures that clients are well-informed, comfortable, and ready to embark on their coaching journey with a clear understanding of how to make the most of their experience.

Here are a few more reasons why you should incorporate a coaching client welcome packet into your practice.

  • It streamlines the onboarding process.
  • The coaching experience becomes more professional, structured, and organized.
  • Clients will feel more confident in your coaching services when they see your dedication to transparency and their success.
  • Having all the info in one place cuts down on the back-and-forth communication.
  • The welcome packet brings together all important documents, guidelines, and program details, making it easy for clients to find what they need.
  • It’s a surefire way to boost excitement and interest in your coaching services.

Create a single, detailed welcome packet, and you’ll have a reusable tool for new clients in the future.

What To Include In Life Coaching Welcome Packet

There is a lot of flexibility in creating a welcome kit. You can include pretty much anything you believe is essential for getting started. 

Still, some elements are more important than others. Let’s break them down.

1. Welcome Message and Introduction

Begin with a simple and friendly welcome and introduction. 

You can express your gratitude for putting their trust in you and congratulate them on their decision to invest in themselves. 

Make sure to personalize the note, and you can even add a link to a recorded welcome video. 

Then, introduce yourself shortly—talk about your background, experience, certifications, and mission. If applicable, introduce key team members to give your client a glimpse of the faces behind the project.

2. Services Showcase

This is the perfect opportunity to mention your signature services, and there are two compelling reasons for doing so.

First, you can promote additional services that aren’t included in the package. This could be anything from one-on-one coaching sessions to e-books. 

Second, it allows you to inform your clients about the full range of offerings. They can then add what they need to their bundle, program, or session.

3. Program Description

A program description is a detailed overview of the service or program being offered. 

It’s where you can outline the program’s objectives, structure, duration, and the specific benefits or outcomes the client can expect. 

The description may also highlight key components of the program, such as modules or phases, and explain the methods or approaches used to achieve the program’s goals. 

This information helps clients understand what they are signing up for, how it will be delivered, and what they stand to gain from participating.

4. Preparatory work

If you want your clients to arrive at the first session ready, consider including a section in your welcome packet that outlines the preparation required of them. 

This section could cover tasks like:

To make it easier for clients to accomplish these tasks, you can create a checklist. 

You can even include deadlines to ensure they stay on track.

5. Testimonials

If you’ve been running the purchased program for some time, build trust by sharing testimonials from previous clients.

This can highlight your track record and your positive impact on others. A couple of glowing testimonials can also establish credibility and confidence in your brand.

welcome packet testimonials

6. Investment

This is where you can bring back the details on payment so your clients know their investment and financial duties.

Explain the available payment options, payment plans, benefits, discounts, or bonuses. 

You’ll want to specify the number of payments and their frequency, submission deadlines, and any refund or guarantee policies. 

Lastly, explain the post-purchase steps, such as confirmation emails, and receipts.

7. Expectations and Boundaries

By defining expectations and boundaries upfront, you create a space with open communication and mutual respect. 

You can outline: 

  • What you expect from them as the client (for example, punctuality and readiness for each session)
  • What they can expect from you (such as professionalism and adherence to ethical standards)

You can also set guidelines for response times, establish your business hours, and define policies for missed calls and rescheduling.

8. Coaching Contract

The contract outlines the scope of services, session frequencies, payment terms, confidentiality agreements, and any other terms of your coaching relationship. This clarity helps prevent misunderstandings later on.

You can either provide a link to the contract or attach it directly. Explain how to sign the contract, especially how to e-sign it, for those who may not be familiar with the process. 

If you haven’t created a contract yet or have no time to create one, consider using these coaching-specific contract templates and simply personalize it to your preference.

9. FAQs

To cut down on needless back-and-forth, include an FAQ section. 

Dedicate a page or two to answer common questions clients might have. This could cover how to cancel or reschedule sessions, ways to give feedback, the tools they’ll use, and where to find extra resources like blog posts or apps. 

Finish the FAQ by inviting them to reach out if they have more questions.

10. Thank You and Contact Information

Wrap it up with a recap of tasks for the client before the next call, such as signing the contract, paying the invoice, or scheduling the first call. 

You can also thank them for signing up and joining your community. 

Include your most relevant contact information so they feel comfortable getting in touch if they need extra support or guidance.

Simplify the Process: Done-fo-You Life Coach Welcome Packet

Creating a welcome packet takes work, but there’s a simple solution—a done-for-you life coaching welcome packet.

You can find these online, such as our favorite one from The Coaching Tools Company. It contains many different elements, including:

  • Action Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Client Action Sheet Template
  • Client Reminder List
  • Coaching Agreement Contract Template 
  • Coaching Goals Worksheet
  • Complimentary Session Vouchers Template
  • Intake Session Template Checklist
  • Invoice Sample Template
  • Monthly Client Review and Feedback Form
  • Powerful Pondering Questions Tool
  • Receipt Sample Template


And there you have it. You now have all the information you need to create a well-rounded, information-rich welcome packet.

This packet will not only help you build relationships but also prepare your clients for a smooth and stress-free start to their coaching journey.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you want to enhance your coaching even further, check out The Coaching Tools Company. They provide a huge selection of life coaching resources, including some available for free! Here’s a list of our favorites.

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