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An Introduction to Transformational Life Coaching

Last updated on August 3, 2020

Transformational coaching is a life coaching philosophy and practice championed by a vibrant and active community of coaches. In this article, we explore transformational life coaching–what it is, how it relates to traditional life coaching, and how to find (or become) an transformational coach.

What is Transformational Coaching?

A transformational life coach is someone who helps clients discover who they are instead of who they feel they should be or how they should act. A transformational life coach will use a combination of transformative coaching philosophy and coaching methods to determine how to best help clients let go of limiting beliefs. By reworking the way a client sees herself in the past and present, a transformational life coach can help them to discover who they are meant to become.

Transformational Life Coaching Methods

A transformative life coach will use many coaching methods to help their clients. Some of these methods include, 

Ontology Coaching

In short, ontology is the philosophy of existence, reality and being. When it comes to transformational life coaching, ontology is used to uncover the internal and external language or speech a client uses on a daily basis. Listening to what a client says reveals how they view themself, whether that view is based in reality or not. 

A transformational life coach trained in ontology will listen and identify things related to a client’s current state of being including,

  • Where and when a client stops themself from having or being what they want.
  • What truths the client understands about themself. 
  • Which actions the client takes.
  • What the client views as impossible.

A transformational life coach will then help the client develop their internal and external language to avoid limiting beliefs. Using defined goals, a client will discover who they truly are instead of who they think they should be.


We all have stories about our lives that we like to share with others. When a person tells a story about themself, that story often defines who they have been in the past. Stories also reveal who that person is in the present and who they will become in the future.

It is the transformative life coach’s job to show the client how their storytelling reinforces what was or is impossible. By focusing on the desired outcome in the present moment, a transformative life coach can use storytelling to shift a client’s attention to actions that will achieve positive results. 

The Transformational Life Coaching Process 

In general, transformative coaching sessions focus on four areas of development. Based on transformative coaching philosophy, a transformative life coach will aim to guide a client through each area using tools and techniques that suit their development. These four areas include,  

  1. Developing awareness and clarity to facilitate positive change.
  2. Identifying a vision of who the client is meant to become.
  3. Creating new habits that help the client build their new life. 
  4. Letting go of what no longer works and integrating new habits throughout daily life. 

The ultimate goal of a transformational life coach is to help clients let go of limiting beliefs. When a client lets go of what’s holding them back, they create room for growth and change.

Transformational Coaching vs Traditional Life Coaching vs Therapy

Let’s talk about some of the similarities and differences between transformational life coaching, and other coaching and therapy approaches.

Therapy vs Transformational Life Coaching

Therapy is different from transformational life coaching and life coaching. Therapists aim to help a client through self-led discovery. A client will express how they feel, and a therapist will ask questions to allow the client to have a moment of self-discovery. Therapy is also often an ongoing process. 

Transformational life coaching and life coaching focus more on achieving specific goals. Therefore, there is a set period of time where a coach will work with a client. A coach will also often lead the client and provide specific tools to assist in their growth and change.

Transformational Life Coach vs Life Coach

A life coach is someone dedicated to helping people achieve a specific goal. For example, a life coach could help someone improve their relationships with their partner, family and/or friends. A life coach could also help a client land the right job, move up in a company, or even change careers. 

A transformational life coach also helps people achieve specific goals. However, a transformational life coach will use transformational coaching philosophy to facilitate change. Transformational coaching philosophy targets a client’s beliefs about who they are and helps them to let go of past issues to take positive steps forward. 

In this sense, many traditional life coaches are also transformational coaches, even if they don’t self-identify as such.

Holistic Coaching and Transformational Life Coaching

Both transformational life coaching and holistic coaching help clients to achieve goals and focus on emotional healing and wellness. The difference between a transformational life coach and a holistic life coach is quite simple. A holistic life coach will help to heal a client’s mind, body and spirit to achieve whole wellness. A transformational life coach will help a client by addressing past and present self-limiting beliefs to help them become their true and authentic self. 

How to Find & Hire a Transformational Life Coach

Transformational life coaching is not for everyone. It requires a lot of patience, a dedicated work ethic and the right transformational coach. To find the right transformational coach near you, research is required. 

You can generate a list of top transformational coaches using an Internet search engine like Google. Narrowing down the names on your list will depend on what you’re looking for in a transformational life coach. For example, you will likely want to work with someone in your area. However, you might find someone who also offers coaching services online through video calls.

Once you have your short list of transformative life coaches, you will want to contact them and ask questions. The main reason you’ll want to ask questions is to make sure they have the right credentials and accreditations. You’ll also want to make sure that the coach’s rates work with your budget. Most importantly, before you hire a transformative life coach, you’ll want to make sure that you have a positive connection. If you don’t get along with, or don’t feel comfortable talking to a transformative life coach, you won’t achieve your goals.

How to Become a Transformational Life Coach

Before you sign up for a transformational life coach program to earn your certification, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why do you want to become a transformational life coach? 
  • Is transformative coaching the right field for you? Do you enjoy helping people discover who they will become? 
  • Can you set your ego aside and focus on bettering others? 
  • Are you willing to grow and change yourself as you practice transformative coaching? 

If you’ve answered these questions and believe you’ll make a great transformational life coach, it’s time to find the right program! Earning a transformational life coaching certification or diploma will help you to attract the right clients. 

What is your experience with transformational coaching? Let us know in the comments below!

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