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A Full List of Brooke Castillo Books

Last updated on February 20, 2024

If you’d like to learn the tricks of the trade from the best, look no further than Brooke Castillo. She is a renowned life coach, the founder of the esteemed Life Coach School, and the author of several impactful books. 

Whether you aspire to acquire new life coaching skills, overcome emotional obstacles, or achieve personal growth, Brooke Castillo’s books can help you reach your goals. Want to dig a little deeper into Brooke’s coaching approach before you sign up for her certification program? Her books are the embodiment of her coaching style and the mindset that led her to success.

Join us as we explore her diverse publications so you can select the perfect book to contribute to your personal and professional transformation.

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Who Is Brooke Castillo?

Brooke Castillo is a life coach and the founder of one of the most well-known schools for certified coaches, The Life Coach School. The waiting list speaks for the school’s exclusivity and demand for the certification programs. Brooke’s influence and success extend beyond coaching through her highly acclaimed podcast, The Life Coach School Podcast

As a life and weight loss coach, Brooke Castillo has guided and transformed the lives, careers, and weight loss journeys of thousands of clients. With almost two decades of life coaching experience, Brooke continues to inspire others and help them achieve their desired transformations.

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A Complete Rundown of Brooke Castillo’s Books

If you want to gain deeper insight into Brooke Castillo’s coaching approaches and perspectives, her books are an invaluable source of knowledge. These books aren’t meant for professional development only, but for personal ones as well. They can give you that much-needed motivation to make profound changes in your own life and unveil new truths. 

Without further ado, here is the complete collection of Brooke Castillo’s books for you to peruse.

1. If I Am So Smart, Why Can’t I Lose Weight? (2006)

This is Brooke’s first published book, and it addresses the intersection of intelligence and weight loss struggles. In this provocative read, Brooke delves into the psychological and emotional factors that often hinder successful weight loss efforts. 

With over fifteen years of dedicated study in weight loss, a background in psychology, and her personal struggles with weight loss, Brooke Castillo possesses a deep understanding of the subject. 

The valuable insights, practical tools, and mindset shifts shared in this book can help both coaches and individuals understand and overcome the underlying barriers to achieving sustainable weight loss. So, if you’re a life coach specializing in health, dieting, or wellness, you might find this book particularly useful.

2. Self Coaching 101 (2008)

Do you want to know the foundation of Brooke’s success and teachings? Then you’ll want to read this book.

In Self Coaching 101, Castillo shares a powerful model that she has been applying in both her personal life and her work with clients. The basis of the model is changing your thoughts to change your life, but Brooke has her unique ways of making it work. Through thought-provoking exercises, practical tools, and proven strategies, she will teach you how to apply the Self Coaching 101 model. 

You can leverage this book for personal transformation and self-discovery, as well as for deepening your understanding of self-coaching methods and expanding your toolkit for supporting clients.

3. It Was Always Meant to Happen That Way (2011)

It Was Always Meant to Happen That Way: Some Things I Have Taught and Learnt as a Life Coach is a book that explores the idea of embracing life’s challenges and finding meaning in unexpected circumstances. Through personal anecdotes and thought-provoking ideas, Brooke invites you to shift your perspective and see setbacks as opportunities for growth. 

You’ll learn how Brooke unraveled her struggles in life and with her self-coaching, which might resonate with your challenges and help you solve them more efficiently. Overall, this is the book you can turn to when you need a boost of motivation, or if you wish to embrace the belief that everything unfolds as it was meant to be. 

4. What’s Possible

Brooke generously shares numerous free resources, and the book What’s Possible is one of those gifts. Even though the book is primarily geared toward female entrepreneurs, everyone who’s striving for success can benefit from it.

In this book, Brooke shares the 10 truths extraordinarily successful women know. Through topics such as how to create phenomenal success, how to build wealth, and why you can have it all, Brooke aims to inspire and shift entrepreneurs’ mindsets and approaches. 

Since building a sustainable and thriving coaching business is the goal that all life coaches share, What’s Possible can help you understand how to make that happen. 

5. How To Have a Better Life 

How to Have a Better Life is packed with “a-ha” moments that can help you reach your full potential. Brooke shares her personal insights on overcoming self-doubt and provides practical techniques to conquer anxiety, boost confidence, eliminate negative thoughts, and tackle life’s challenges head-on.

This book can help you see life with a fresh lens and gain valuable inspiration from Brooke’s own experiences. The wealth of practical strategies can help you navigate and improve various aspects of your own life and adopt practices you can teach to your clients.


Brooke’s books provide a wealth of knowledge and open up new perspectives on coaching skills and emotional mastery. Whether you seek personal growth or aspire to learn from a life coaching expert, these books provide valuable lessons and guidance. 

Embrace the opportunity to broaden your horizons and tap into the wisdom of a true master in the field of life coaching. And, if you’ve read any of these books, we’d love to hear your impressions, so leave them in the comments below!

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