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Certified Coaches Federation Review

Last updated on February 24, 2024

The utility of life coaching certification programs makes this form of training a tempting option for building a coaching career. However, once you start to browse the available programs, you’ll see that the opportunities are endless. This is where our review series of best life coaching certifications steps in to help you ease the search and spot the right program for you.

Often mentioned as one of the leaders in the life coaching industry, the Certified Coaches Federation can be a tempting choice for earning your life coaching certification. In our Certified Coaches Federation reviews, you can find out all about this coaching school and whether it meets expectations. 

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About Certified Coaches Federation Coaching

The Certified Coaches Federation (CCF) is a global coaching organization that provides world-class coach training and certification programs. It was founded in 2006, and its work and contribution to the coaching industry have made CCF one of the most recognized certification programs in the world. Up to now, they have certified over 15,000 life and executive coaches. 

The Certified Coaches Federation Coaching Philosophy

Simplicity and succinctness are at the core of what CCF does. They believe that coaches bring their own unique experience to their coaching perspective and that courses shouldn’t be time-consuming. CCF has stripped its courses of all non-essential components to provide its students with a concise and information-filled learning path.

Their coaching philosophy also applies a form of coaching that “honors the client as the expert in their own life and work.” 

Certified Coaches Federation Coaching and Accreditation

CCF is an independent coaching organization, and it is not currently accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or any other accrediting body in the coaching industry. However, as a recognized leader in the coaching industry, their certification does carry reputability. 

(If ICF accreditation matters to you, our recommendation is the comprehensive Coach Training Alliance program. You can check out our CTA review if you want to know more.) 

Pros and Cons of a Certified Coaches Federation Coaching Certification

Weighing all the pertinent information before making a decision is how you’ll be certain that you’re choosing the best course for you. We’ve researched and summarized all the key factors of Certified Coaches Federation programs to make it easy for you. 

4 Coach Certification Options

Whether you want to lay the foundation for coaching or you’re already an experienced coach who wants to strengthen their expertise in certain areas, CCF provides multiple training options. Their offer includes several coaching certification options:

  • Certified Coach Practitioner (CCP)
  • Business of Coaching Certification (BCC) 
  • Certified Group Coach Practitioner (CGC)
  • Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner (CLCP)

Certified Coach Practitioner (CCP) is an intensive foundational course for anyone interested in receiving Life Coach and Business Coach Certification. CCP grads can continue their educational journey with the Business of Coaching Certification program (formerly known as the Certified Master Coach Practitioner Course). This is an advanced business development training course that equips you with strategies, systems, and revenue-generating tools for building a thriving coaching business. 

If you want to learn more about group training and how to establish a group coaching business, you can enroll in the Certified Group Coach Practitioner program. Lastly, they offer the Certified Leadership Coach Practitioner course that sets you up with the tools and skills to coach leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Self-Paced Online Learning with Ongoing Support

CCF certification programs are designed with a busy coaching lifestyle in mind. Their programs are self-paced so you can learn on your own time. 

However, they won’t leave you without guidance, as you’ll receive ongoing support throughout training and even after the program ends. You can get in touch with CCF via email whenever you wish, and you can also book a strategy coaching call with your trainer.

Supportive Community of Member Coaches

What’s unique about CCF is its strong sense of community. Once you board the train by enrolling in their program, you’ll become a CCF member which gives you access to their community of coaches.

You can meet your peers, network, learn from their experiences, and take advantage of other connection-building resources such as their monthly webinars and training and a private CCF Facebook group. 

How Long is the Certified Coaches Federation Program?

CCF programs come without time restrictions. You will get access to all lesson recordings and resources so you can learn whenever it suits you. Their well-structured courses, easy-to-use tools, and supportive instructors will make the self-study just as effective as immersive courses.

Note: If you like the self-study format, you might also like Transformation Academy, which offers complete learning freedom. Read our review to learn more.

How Much Does Certified Coaches Federation Coaching Training Cost?

CCF has several membership programs and individual trainings, so their pricing plans can seem complex at first. But don’t worry, as we’re going to make it as straightforward as possible. 

First, let’s break down their membership structure:

  • Bronze Memberships – This is the complimentary membership program that every course graduate gets after course completion. It gives you access to basic resources.
  • Gold Membership: $49/month or $547/year, plus applicable taxes – This option gives you access to additional tools, templates, and resources, and ensures you a 30% discount on selected CCF education programs.
  • Titanium Membership – This top-tier option gives you access to all CCF certifications at no additional charge, plus up-to-date training, group coaching, and much more. The fee is as follows:
    • New Titanium members (for the first 12 months): $4,997/year or $416/month
    • Renewing Titanium members (after the first 12 months): $3,497/year or $291/month 
    • Certified Coach Practitioners who want to purchase Titanium Membership: $3,497/year or $333/month

Here’s an overview of what each membership includes:

So, unless you’re a member of the Titanium membership program, you need to pay for the courses. The price for each individual certification is $1,179 (remember you’ll get 30% off if you’re a Gold program member).

Certified Coaches Federation Coaching Reviews

How can you know whether CCF is as great as it sounds? You can look into reviews from students and graduates for behind-the-scenes intel.

Reviews From Graduates

CCF has generously shared numerous written and video reviews on its website. Here are a few examples: 

CCF also has several reviews on, and students rave about the informative and engaging curriculum and experienced and skilled instructors:

Is Certified Coaches Federation Coaching the Life Coach Training Program For You?

If you want reputability, comprehensive training, and a robust curriculum, Certified Coach Federation hits all the marks. Their advantages also include leveled learning, self-paced training, and a tight-knit community. The only disadvantage we can find is the lack of ICF accreditation.

Do you want to explore more options? Follow these steps:

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