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Certified Life Coach Institute Review + Promo Code!

Last updated on February 24, 2024

Love for what you do, financial freedom, and flexible work hours are just some of the many benefits of working as a life coach. However, anyone who’s considering this rewarding career first needs to go through the training process, and the numerous coach training options can present a real challenge.

Are you considering Certified Life Coach Institute for your coach training? Are you wondering whether they’re legit? Our Certified Life Coach Institute reviews will break down their programs, accreditation, course duration, prices, and graduates’ experiences, so you can consider all the relevant information before making a decision. Let’s begin!

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About Certified Life Coach Institute Coaching

Certified Life Coach Institute (CLCI) was founded in 2009 by Bridget Horvath. CLCI’s list of facilitators boasts some impressive names, including Daniel Alexa, an experienced coach and the co-author of two Amazon number-one bestsellers (Practical Manifesting and a Pessimist’s Guide to Manifesting) and Sama Gozo, the founder/owner of Integrative Clarity Coaching.

Over the years, their list of trained coaches has grown to over 10,000. Several reputable magazines selected them as one of the best life coach certification programs, including Business Insider.

The Certified Life Coach Institute Coaching Philosophy

CLCI’s philosophy is rooted in empathy and understanding, and they strive to create a community that embraces differences and celebrates individuality. They believe that with the right guidance and support, anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. 

Through CLCI’s training, coaches can learn how to provide this guidance and empower individuals to tap into their own strengths and resources and to develop the skills and mindset for personal and professional growth. 

Certified Life Coach Institute Coaching and Accreditation

It’s only logical that before you start spending your money, you want to make sure that you’ll be receiving top-notch training. With Certified Life Coach Institute, you don’t have to worry about credibility, as they hold ICF accreditation.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the most recognized organization for trained coaches. This prestigious accreditation ensures that the curriculum meets the highest standards for coach training, and it provides coaches certification that boosts their credentials and recognition.

If ICF accreditation is one of your top priorities, you can check out Coach Training Alliance, another reputable online coaching certification program.

Pros and Cons of a Certified Life Coach Institute Coaching Certification

Choosing life coach training is a big decision, so you don’t want to make it recklessly. The best way to assess whether CLCI is the right fit for you is to learn more about their program, cost, course duration, and their main benefits. So, let’s break that down!

Leveled Learning

CLCI offers two coaching programs: Coaching 101: Certified Life Coach® and Coaching 102: Master Certified Life Coach®. The two-tiered learning allows you to set a strong foundation and later upgrade your expertise if you wish.

Coaching 101 is a 3-day online immersive life coach training that sets you up with knowledge and tools for professional life coaching. Besides coaching fundamentals, it also includes peer-to-peer coaching practice sessions and extremely useful step-by-step marketing, business plan, and training guidance.

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To be eligible to enroll in Coaching 102, you need to complete Coaching 101 or have 30 hours of ICF-accredited training. The Master Certified Life Coach program goes more deeply into the intricacies of coaching and tackles more advanced subjects such as modalities of learning, neuroscience of coaching, and progressive coaching tools. 

Mentor Coaching

ICF demands that you complete 10 hours of Mentor Coaching over the course of 3 months if you want to graduate with an ICF credential. CLCI has partnered with reliable and experienced coaches who meet ICF’s standards for Mentor Coaching to provide their graduates with this service at a lower cost.

They offer two Mentor Coaching options to meet different learning styles: group and one-on-one coaching.

Performance Evaluation

This is the final step in CLCI’s Level 1 program and is essential before applying for the ICF’s ACC credential. It includes submitting a prerecorded client session and transcript for review. Upon successful completion, participants receive a Performance Evaluation Certificate of Completion, CLCI’s Level 1 Certificate, and a Digital Badge.

A Lifetime of Support

Now get ready for this. Once you pay for a CLCI program, you can return to class whenever you want without paying anything extra. So, if at any point in life, you decide that you want to freshen up your knowledge, you can enroll in the class again for free. 

CLCI’s support to graduates is unparalleled. They host an alumni group, give you access to their exclusive Slack channels where you can network with coaches, and have an open-door policy so you can get in touch with real-life successful coaches for assistance at any time.

How Long is the Certified Life Coach Institute Program?

The CLCI’s approach to coaching is immersive and comprehensive. Both of their programs last only 3 days but they are jam-packed with information for a full life coach training experience.

Courses are virtual and held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can check out their calendar and availability here.  

How Much Does Certified Life Coach Institute Coaching Training Cost?

You can purchase the programs individually or in a bundle.

Coaching 101 costs $1,295 (33 accredited training hours) and Coaching 102 is $1,595 (37 accredited training hours). Their package deal includes both programs for $2,595 (70 accredited training hours) which saves you $295.

On the other hand, Mentor Coaching costs $1,895 and Performance Evaluation is available at $500.

For those seeking a bundled option, the Mentor/Performance Evaluation Package is priced at $2,195, providing a $200 discount for alumni who have completed their Coaching 101 and 102 classes.

There is also a complete Level 1 package that includes both coaching courses, Mentor Coaching, and Performance Evaluation, which costs $4,595. This saves you $690 in total.

If you don’t want to pay right away, you can make a deposit, register for the class, and you won’t be charged for 3 weeks. CLCI also offers payment plans if that suits you more. 

Military, medical, and first responders students get $100 off. There’s also a referral program, so if you bring a friend to class, you can save $100. 

Do you want to save even more? Get $50 off with our code CLCIREF-89.

Certified Life Coach Institute Coaching Reviews

Gathering feedback from former students can give you a glimpse into CLCI’s coaching experience.  To help with this process, we’ve compiled a list of informative reviews from CLCI graduates, giving you a chance to get a better understanding of the program.

Reviews From Graduates

The testimonials on CLCI’s website are full of praise, particularly for the well-designed and powerful 3-day training. Here are a few examples:

The reviews on Indeed are dominantly positive:

We have also found some insightful reviews on Yelp. Here’s a small sample highlighting students’ appreciation for the tremendous support from the instructors and the ongoing connection to the CLCI community:

Is Certified Life Coach Institute Coaching the Life Coach Training Program For You?

If you like fast-paced, immersive learning, CLCI can be just the program for you. Their continual support and great reputation are just a couple of benefits that set them apart from other life coaching programs. This can be the perfect program for coaches who want an ICF-accredited certification program that will get them trained in a couple of days. 

Still not ready to commit to a course? Take our quiz to find the best life coach certification program for you, or read our reviews about our top picks for life coaching training, Transformation Academy and Coach Training Alliance. TA is our best budget option and CTA is our selection for the most comprehensive program.

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