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Coach Training Academy Review

Last updated on February 24, 2024

If you have a genuine interest in pursuing a career as a life coach, the best way to earn credibility is through a reputable certification program. However, with so many certifications available, choosing the right one can be a real challenge. For that reason, we have started a series that breaks down the top life coaching training and certification programs

In this article, we’ll dive deep into Coach Training Academy reviews to examine the program’s offerings, course pricing, and duration. We’ll also consider what graduates say about their experience with Coach Training Academy. Read on to find out!

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About the Coach Training Academy Coaching

Founders Brian Radomski and Steven H. Kiges have used over 25 years of experience in the coaching industry to design a comprehensive certification program, now known as the Coach Training Academy. The curriculum covers everything from hands-on training to mentor coaching to business development skills.

The Coach Training Academy Coaching Philosophy

Coach Training Academy’s philosophy is centered around the idea that coaching is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth. They believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals and that, with the proper guidance, anyone can create the life they desire. 

Their approach to coaching is grounded in the principles of transformational coaching, which emphasizes making a long-lasting change in addition to achieving short-term goals. The Coach Training Academy combines an advanced behavior science curriculum and lessons from real coaching practices to prepare you for the coaching world.  

The Coach Training Academy Coaching and Accreditation

When it comes to quality, you can rest assured that you’ll receive top-notch training from an accredited program. Their coach training is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). If this name doesn’t ring a bell, ICF is the leading global organization for professional coaching—so the Coach Training Academy’s program meets the highest standards for coaching education and training. 

Do you want to check their accreditation yourself? ​​Head to the Accredited Coach Training Program Search Service and just type “The Coach Training Academy” in the “Training Organization” search box. You’ll find it all there!

Besides the ICF accreditation, the Coach Training Academy is also backed by the Certified Coaches Alliance. This independent and international organization represents the highest degree of coaching professionalism and standards.

If accreditation matters to you, Coach Training Alliance is another certification program with ICF accreditation. Or, if you want to get Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation, we suggest Transformation Academy

Pros and Cons of the Coach Training Academy Coaching Certification

Don’t get swooned by the Coach Training Academy just yet, as you should also take note of some other important factors, such as the certification cost, what their programs cover, and what the main benefits are. Let’s dive in!

2-Day Intensive Training and 24-Week Comprehensive Training

Whether you want to get your certification as fast as possible or you want to be immersed in a longer program, the Coach Training Academy provides you with a solution. They offer a 2-Day Fast Track Certification Program and a 24-Week Comprehensive Success Coach Certified Training Program—and both are ICF-accredited!

The 2-day intensive training is a fast-paced, turn-key certified coaching model that will set you up with the tools and knowledge for life coaching. It is delivered via teleconference classes or webinars, and it covers the basics of coaching and provides hands-on experience and feedback from experienced coaches.

The 24-week program provides more comprehensive education and dives into 24 independent modules along with their Success Conversion Coaching Model (SCCM). The courses take place weekly through interactive web/teleconference classes.  

Niche Certifications for Advanced Coaching Expertise

The 24-week life coaching course includes specialized training in the top three coaching niches—wellness, emotional intelligence, and career transitions. Once you finish this life coaching program, you can also enroll in the add-on Master Spiritual Life Coach Program if you wish to specialize in this field.

With niche certifications, you can gain advanced expertise in specific areas of coaching, making your certification more marketable and attractive to a particular audience. Since the certifications are recognized by the ICF, you’ll get an extra layer of credibility and professionalism.

Comprehensive Curriculum with Real-World Experience

The curriculum is comprehensive and covers all aspects of coaching, including core competencies, ethics, and business development. The program also includes hands-on training and mentor coaching (from the founders themselves), so you’ll get that much-valued real-world experience shared by experienced coaches and practical skills you can apply right away. 

Top 5 High-Performance Coach Certification Programs

As a graduate, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the coaching industry and make a positive impact (both short-term and long-term) in your clients’ lives.

How Long Is the Coach Training Academy Program?

The learning options are flexible, all with the purpose of accommodating a variety of schedules and lifestyles. Whether you prefer a rapid 2-day program or a lengthy 24-week program, the flexible options allow you to choose the learning format that works best for you.

One more thing to note about the program duration is that the additional Master Spiritual Life Coach Certification lasts 2 months, and you can enroll in it after graduating from the 24-week life coach certification training.

How Much Does the Coach Training Academy Coaching Training Cost?

The cost of the Coach Training Academy coaching training depends on your chosen program. The 2-Day Intensive program is priced at $797, while the 24-Week Success program costs $1,797. 

However, the Coach Training Academy offers various payment plans to make the programs more accessible to those who can’t pay the full price upfront. The payment plans include monthly payments over 9 months, but in this case, the total price is $2,000. So, those who pay in full get a 10% discount.

For the Master Spiritual Life Coach Certification Program, the extra fee is $250. 

What amazed us about the Coach Training Academy is that they offer a Coaching Scholarships Assistance Program for those who are passionate about becoming coaches but may not have the resources to pay for their training. The number of scholarships is limited, and applicants are selected based on their financial need, commitment to coaching, and work history or background.

The Coach Training Academy Coaching Reviews

Before saying “yes” to a life coach training program, it’s helpful to find out more about what students and graduates have to say about their experience. That’s why we gathered the most informative reviews about the Coach Training Academy for you to read.

Reviews From Graduates

On the Coach Training Academy’s website, there are numerous positive and inspiring reviews that explain what this program has to offer.

There are also reviews on Indeed, and graduates seem pretty satisfied with this program. Here’s an example:

On TrustPilot, they have almost 600 reviews, the majority being satisfactory. Let’s take a glimpse:

It’s clear that Coach Training Academy grads are pleased with their selection of a life coach certification program.

Is the Coach Training Academy Coaching the Life Coach Training Program For You?

If you want affordable training, practical experience, and real-world skills, Coach Training Academy can offer you all of that. Whether you’re just starting or looking to take your coaching to the next level, and whether you want a fast-paced program or a comprehensive one, they have everything you need.

Do you want to explore other best life coaching certifications? Our top pick for value and price is Coach Training Alliance, and our top budget pick is Transformation Academy. You can read both TA and CTA reviews on our website. Another tip is to take our quiz to see what best life coach certification program is perfect for you.

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