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Top 10 Free Life Coaching Forms in 2024

Last updated on March 15, 2024

Coaching forms can help you simplify the admin process of your practice and set your coaching business up for success.

Today, we’ve got the lowdown on the top 10 free life coaching forms you can get your hands on right away. These can help you with everything your coaching practice needs—from organizing contracts to managing new clients, and more!

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1. Coaching Intake Session Checklist & Template

This coaching intake session checklist and template are designed to boost your confidence and make sure you’re fully prepared for your first coaching session with a new client.

It’s got everything covered, from the basics like admin tasks (think payment and scheduling the next session) to critical parts of the coaching journey, including:

  • The coaching process itself
  • Homework review
  • Client history
  • Reminder to ask for your client’s session “win”

The form is customizable and can help you better understand your client’s needs. 

Plus, it’s a fantastic tool for setting clear expectations right from the start.

2. Welcome Letter

Looking for a way to greet your new clients that are both professional and heartfelt? A welcome letter is the way to go. 

And there’s no need to wrestle with writing the perfect welcome letter from scratch when you can use this ready-made template. You can use it as it is or customize it to your preference.

And if you’re putting together a welcome packet for your clients, this letter makes a lovely touch. We’ve even shared tips on how to craft one in this article.

3. Newsletter Sign-Up Sheet

Are you working on building your coaching business’s email list? Check out this free newsletter sign-up sheet. It is designed for collecting newsletter sign-ups in compliance with GDPR. 

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation protects personal data and promotes transparency. So, clients can be at peace knowing that you respect their privacy and safeguard their info.

Why should you bother with newsletters? Well, they can help you nurture your connections with the audience. 

They’re a great way to run surveys and gather feedback to help you fine-tune your services to meet clients’ needs and preferences.

4. Client Action Sheet Coaching Template

The SMART Action Recording Coaching Template can be your go-to tool for tracking and documenting actions and commitments made during coaching sessions. 

This form simplifies the process of holding clients accountable for their actions and helps everyone stay organized. 

You can use it to write down clients’ actions and help them stay on track. 

Clients can log their SMART actions, rate their importance, note the kind of support they need, and tick off their progress.

5. Client Info Sheet

You probably keep your clients’ data on your computer, maybe in an Excel sheet or some coaching software

But having an offline record can be super useful, too. If you’re a physical-record-type-of-person or are interested in switching to print, check out this Client Info Sheet.

With this sheet, you can easily gather all the key details about your clients, including their names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, employer information, family names, and important dates. 

Because physical records have no digital footprint, it can alleviate some privacy concerns clients might have, provided they are correctly stored and access is controlled.

6. Complimentary Session Vouchers

Complimentary session vouchers are essentially a marketing and relationship-building tool.  

The strategic use of these vouchers can serve multiple purposes. 

  • For attracting new clients: it’s an excellent way to introduce them to the benefits of coaching without any initial investment.
  • For existing clients: it can act as a token of appreciation or an incentive to explore other coaching services. 

These vouchers detail what the session entails, such as its duration, specific focus areas, and terms and conditions like expiration dates or eligibility criteria. 

7. Workshop, Event & Seminar Feedback Form

Feedback Form will prompt your clients (and potential clients) to:

  • Rate your workshop, event, or seminar
  • Tell you about which strategy was most helpful to them
  • Share what can be improved
  • Express whether they would recommend your services to others

This process helps enhance the quality and impact of future workshops, events, and seminars and shows participants that their opinions are valued and considered. This helps foster a positive relationship between organizers and their audience.

Team having a coaching workshop

8. Life Coaching Invoice

A Life Coaching Invoice Template is a customizable document life coaches use to bill their clients for coaching services provided. 

This template streamlines the billing process and makes sure that all charges are clearly communicated and professionally presented. 

It has a clean, professional layout that can be customized to your business needs.

9. Receipt Sample

receipt sample is used by coaches to provide proof of payment for services rendered.

This includes several key components: 

  • Business information: Your name, address, contact, and maybe logo for branding. 
  • Date and receipt number: This info helps you keep track of payments and organize the receipts.
  • Client information: Client’s name and other important information.
  • Description of services: The services you’re charging for, including details like session dates, the number of sessions or products, and everything else you find relevant for transparency.
  • Amount paid: Breakdown of total cost, including taxes, discounts, and payment method.
  • Terms and conditions: Service-related policies like refund policies or privacy statements.
  • Signature or verification: Your signature or a digital verification to confirm identity.

10. Create Your Referral Team

If you’re working on growing your clientele, the “My 50 Referral Team” can help your business a great deal. 

This form can assist you in establishing a trusted network of up to 50 individuals from diverse fields and professions. 

It features columns about the referrer’s:

  • Name
  • Ideal client
  • Phone
  • Email
  • A note on whether or not they’d like to meet or if you’ve already met in person

The collected information can help you learn about each referrer to reciprocate and create a two-way referral funnel. This means that you can both refer clients or customers to each other.

You can refer to it to track your progress as you make new friends and build new connections.


With these forms, you can cut the monotony of admin tasks and get the job done twice as fast. Let these coaching tools do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best—coaching.

To save even more time, you can also use templates for coaching exercises and worksheets. Here’s a list of our favorite tools and resources to get you started.

And if you’re looking for a more comprehensive selection of resources, check out The Coaching Tools Company‘s library. They’ve got a ton of life coaching tools you can take advantage of today!

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